El Gonzo Ladro

And now this.


Sorry, he wasn’t taken out of context. He was making a crack about “people” invoking their Second Amendment rights to do something about her getting elected. The context and delivery says everything about his meaning.






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6 responses to “El Gonzo Ladro

  1. Anonymous

    Seriously, he has got to be a shill. This is a grand corporate cabal scheme to reduce American politics to a one party system. Effectively destroy the Republican body and “move forward” with an in-the-pocket, just-for-show Electoral College guaranteed coronation system. Somewhat similar to the Burbank “mail only” model.

  2. chad

    I think the Donald needs some Quizno’s.

  3. Anonymous

    Give it a rest Semichorus , in some ways you are so politically correct.

  4. Terri

    OMG watching the council meeting and Dr Gordon aaked a question of that city attorney and the city attorney went in and on and never said anything intelligible. What is wrong with her ?

    • Tim

      Hey Chad I did get quiznos tonight. I love my quiznos but watching the council show I have to be carefull or i start laughing and choking on my quiznos. Everyone should get Quiznos.

    • Judie

      That hits it on the head, Terri.
      Babble, babble, Brown Act, babble some more.
      Never says I don’t know and will look into it.
      Doesn’t seem to prepare on most Agenda items.
      Too many trips to the bathroom, also.

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