How does this work?


Maybe “working it” is the best explanation.


Screenshot 2016-08-06 at 8.42.01 PM



Screenshot 2016-08-06 at 8.39.36 PM

Screenshot 2016-08-06 at 8.48.39 PM


Why do you need to crowdsource for a new computer when you’re living in a nice house over on Evergreen? You just suddenly go from not being able to afford a computer to living in an R-1 neighborhood?

Apparently we’ve been missing the boat on this Burbank thing.





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22 responses to “How does this work?

  1. Claudio

    Skarry Kerry at Romancing the Bean would’ve been a good source before the fiasco over the truck parking thing.
    Taking a trip to WalMart would save plenty,also.
    She could shake a can at the newest bar in MagnoliaPark—-
    The New Deal—also operated by Skarry Kerry.
    Wonderin’ when Fronnie is doing a “newest bar review”?

  2. Anonymous

    The bigger question is, why on earth does her computer cost north of 1200 these days??? I get it if this were the old radio shack or commodore days. But c’mon, cupola hundred for a basic computer for her stupid mommy blog. Jeez.

  3. chad

    A bar named The New Deal. What next? Romancing the Bean changes its name to Hooverville?

  4. Irwin Fletcher

    Buy a super cheap Windows/Chrome laptop by cutting back on the latte budget. Or, buy a MacBook refurbished, zero percent financing, and pay it off in a year. As a caucasian suburbanite, this story is f’ing embarrassing.

    • semichorus

      She went from living in her inlaw’s back house to a nice little R-1 place over near Mingay.

      I’m obviously not playing this Burbank game right. And she’s not even from Burbank.

      • Sue

        The Public money for trash pick-up wasn’t enough.
        She NEEDS that computer to fit-in at Romancing the Bean.
        Now she can be styling.
        Kickbacks from catering trucks were just not enough for Ashley.

  5. Anonymous

    Maybe she should ask the Burbank airport to spot her a new computer. They buy elections survey guesses they buy votes to so when you are as rich as that aurport what’s the cost of a computer ?

  6. Mike

    Maybe I should try this to help pay my monthly apartment rent ?

  7. Irwin Fletcher

    This whole thing feels like an episode of Portlandia.

  8. chad

    Friends don’t let friends by PCs.

  9. Anonymous

    Ashley is a greedy , self centered disgusting pig!
    If you donate to get her a new Apple lap top ?Your an idiot! All she had to do is ask Ftuit-O’s for it and I’m sure he would have gifted it to her with city Money!
    What nerve she has! No conscience, just so very privileged , with city favoritism & entitlement !
    So far she has found “34 suckers!”

  10. Bryce

    Poor little Ashley Erikson founder of Magnolia Park Merchants Association. According to her? Before her (20+K) grant from FRUTO’S with an under the table,back door deal ,hidden in the new city budget and never brought up for public comment ? At the time when the city council denied Burbank kids and families “THE ROLLER DERBY RINK ! ” Instead for a grant to Ashley for trash pick-up? She boasted that all was good and things were improving in her ORGANIZATION.
    And now Ashley’s asking for a brand new APPLE P.C.for free?
    What an arrogant ,selfish & disgraceful act on her part !
    Why can’t Ashley step up and buy her own laptop computer? like everybody else with self respect ?
    She’s asking for $2000.00 that’s ludicrous!
    Everybody that I know who owns a small business , would buy their own.
    If your business is tight? You buy what you can afford!
    there are many (NEW) P.C.”s out there under $500.00 that would function perfectly for a small business!
    Isn’t Ashley in her own words the successful patriarch of the .M.P.M.A.?
    Are you telling me with all her advertising on her Magnolia Park website with 80 members,that Ashley can’t afford to buy her own computer??
    Ashley is ( I will say it again) Selfish , arrogant and despicable for even asking for donations! Wheres her pride and self respect?
    Ashley is an embarrassment to the “City Council” and all of Burbank!
    Whats up Semi ? is this now a fund raiser site for unworthy causes?

    • semichorus

      She was asking for it last fall. About the time yes that she was going to the council.

      Not sure where the $2,000 idea came from– it was to replace a broken one they said, all her many friends that she’s done so much for. You’re right– extravagant.

  11. Out of business

    Ashley, Magnolia Park Merchants Association is over your head!
    Asking for an Apple Lap Top Computer to be gifted to you is disgusting!
    Magnolia Park is in a major struggle.
    You’ve allied with people that have given you a bad name.You have stuck with them while they were not being appropriate adults.
    It’s really time for you to move aside!
    Your technique in the long run has caused many stores to go under.
    It’s time for new blood! It’s really time for you to move aside!
    Magnolia needs new leadership . Somebody who at the very least can afford to buy and maintain their own personal computer!
    Ashley, when people hear your name they either love you or dislike you immensely ?
    Too many people are in opposition of your business techniques.
    I personally feel that you were part of my business demise by tapping a new market with low in funds!
    From a failed business merchant!

  12. Rick K

    Ashley,it must be nice getting your needs met learning everything you know from Romancing The Bean.
    At the cost of many businesses that you have hung out to dry!
    By changing the complete business landscape!
    Now with millennial’s who are the new privileged generation who thinks they’re owed everything (like you) . You are a blithe to the district!!!!!

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