Modernization’s a good thing


People, you can’t be afraid of change!






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4 responses to “Modernization’s a good thing

  1. Anonymous

    Everything in Burbank needs modernizing. Except our police force–imagine them being forced to use those ridiculous dash and body cams. “Good job, cops!”

    • semichorus

      Yes– love the institutional hypocrisy there.

      It’s like their use of the consolidated ballot for the Measure B vote. Expanding the electorate is such a WONDERFUL thing, and it’s outrageous to be against such a noble move to enfranchise as many people as possible to vote…

      …except that we don’t want to do this with our REGULAR Burbank elections. Or any — say — future rent control or anti-development voter initiatives


      • Mike

        I say gather signatures and force rent control on the Burbank ballot. Can we also do the same to force cheaper parking and ticket prices at the airport ? Rent and travel are over priced and unaffordable let’s lower the prices.

        • semichorus

          I’d love to see a rent control initiative go on the ballot. It will be inevitable some day.

          And when one does qualify, there is no way in hell that these sack of shit council hypocrites and their friends in the Chamber will allow it to go on a consolidated state and federal ballot.

          You know, “in an election where it will be considered by significantly more voters than the average municipal election turn-out.”

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