People, it needs to be replaced!




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Messing with things that already work for you is always a bad thing. What ever pathology is going on here to want to cause these airport boosters to use such consistently bad judgment needs to be exposed.

It’s gotten to be even worse than them just being sincere about their holding of a number of dumb ideas. Picking Gordon to write the opposition response is classic cynicism, and you can see Rogers’ fingerprints all over the scheme. This is where you can just feel the bad faith floating out of all of those secret closed sessions.

Besides being able to turn it into an instant election issue against him in next spring’s runoff, the hope of the majority here is that Gordon will end up writing some kind of rant about the United Nations plotting against Patrick Henry and Area 51, or whatever the latest worry is. They want to turn airport opposition into another weak “Oh Dr. Gordon!” issue, and the fact that they have no legal right to “designate” who writes what ballot argument for the paperwork makes no difference to them.

Anyone can see what’s going on here with this crowd, and for what purpose? Better Yelp?

What other goal is there but consumer satisfaction? What else are they working from?






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8 responses to “People, it needs to be replaced!

  1. Fran

    I always chose Burbank Airport and the reason I do is the quick in and out convenience. These extras as they refer to them good Lord they mean more time and they mean more walking. Last week I flew to Las Vegas from Burbank. Leaving Burbank was a snap. Getting out of Las Vegas Airport forced me to walk past stores and slot machines and it took my time and delayed my arrival at the casino where I wanted to be.

  2. Anonymous 3

    It’s gonna happen.

    • semichorus

      It’d never pass in a real city election. It may not pass in this one.

      Lots of bad karma going on here with this crowd. Nothing good ever comes of it.

  3. chad

    I’ve seen it time and time again. Managers and “key leadership” changing things that aren’t broken. What will happen after the minimum 400 million is spent to build the new terminal? After the ribbon cutting and dust settles a grim reality will emerge. Those managers and key leaders, if they are still around, will realize they are going to need to make more money to pay for all the new bills. And I think there’s a minimum amount of ways that can be achieved. More people, more flights, higher prices for everything, etc…None of these are good for the average consumer/Burbank citizen but the managers’ resume looks great!!! Same crap. Please, anyone, tell me I’m wrong.

  4. Anonymous 3

    Yes. Yes it does.

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