It’s because people in Burbank had more brains back then

And a much more highly developed political sense. They knew their local history as well, and — unlike today — the council members received constant pushback from the citizenry, and on everything. It was an age of great dissent, and it also kept a new 27-gate airport terminal out of our front yards.

We even had a real newspaper that kept in touch with conflict. The young staff reporters and editors often encouraged it.

Imagine that, and compare it to this current assemblage of corporate and local press releases they call “community news.” Political conflict is now considered to be creepy, on par with some older guy in a Hawaiian shirt hitting on the baristas at Starbucks.

Like get a life, creepsters. It’s the 21st century.

This golden age of dissent and local political activism all ended about 10 years ago — about the same time the police mess got rolling. No coincidence.

Board Vice President Terry Tornek said both the Authority and the city have evolved to a point where they can work with one another on the replacement terminal project, noting that the relationship between the two agencies was more contentious in the past.

There was more practical sense going around, too. What use is a new airport terminal when the old one is working out fine? Who really needs it?

Fix it up, sure. But why mess with a good thing and hazard the possibility of allowing in something far more invasive?






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6 responses to “It’s because people in Burbank had more brains back then

  1. Anonymous

    Our civic leaders thought the Golden Mall on San Fernando was a great idea. Fortunately, they were able to back out of that one. However, with pedestrians crossing wherever and whenever they please now, it really doesn’t make much of a difference one way or the other. I wish I had a photo of the Golden Mall to post … for the younguns.

  2. Battery Charger

    Bob Frutos certainly has changed our views. So many believed
    in him when he ran for City Coucil. He earned my trust in the
    beginning. He now deserves our complete disrespect. He has
    shown his true colors (He is Evil). It’s hard to tell if he
    and Talamontes are one in the same.

    When I think his Ardor appeared truthful, how fooled we were.
    His attack on Gordon, siding with the others on the dais is
    Abhorrent Idiocy. Remarkably his suave, slick approach covered
    his real personality.

    You have lost our Vote, You should ALL be RUN OUT OF TOWN.

    • Dale

      Feel the same Battery Charger on Fruitos

    • semichorus

      Approving this “replacement” terminal is such an obviously bad idea that it makes you wonder what’s going on here. The Authority has never been serious about a cumbersome SW Quadrant project (if so it’d already be there); people like the Airport they’ve got; and there are clear plans for a 27-gate terminal.

      Gordon’s right too about something else:

      There will be no Measure B on any expansion. This is the only application of Measure B. From here on in the Authority can meet in smoke filled rooms and — poof — Burbank has a 27-gate terminal. And this WILL happen.

  3. BF

    Burbank should be restored not destroyed but it seems that we have a few elected council members that are out to destroy it. Talking to you Rogers, Luddy and Frutos

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