Hey, the East San Fernando Valley Boys and Girls Club wants a new airport terminal too!


Well count us in! (Don’t they also want one of our parks?)

Screenshot 2016-08-02 at 12.50.15 AM


Now how this is a B & C issue beats us. Next Marv’s Toys will be weighing in on the support side as well.

Must be the quid pro quo element that they were actually dumb enough to admit there in writing. They get money and donations from the Airport.

Btw … you really think many of their parents work at or use that airport?

We don’t either.






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15 responses to “Hey, the East San Fernando Valley Boys and Girls Club wants a new airport terminal too!

  1. For sure

    Of course the boys and girls club will come out, along with all of the other leeches in town. Really amazing how everyone who jumps up and down supporting a new expanded airport in Burbank gets money from the airport. Mix that with the city wanting 200 thousand for the selling of an election and a starting price of 400 million for their bigger airport building and the poor traveler will be paying big bucks to catch a plane in Burbank and for what ?

    Not for safety but for these leeches to get their hands on wads of cash. Boys and Girls Club we all know many of the kids served are in neighborhoods that are and will be impacted victims of the expansion, but hey nothing that a little cash can’t hide right council people and how about a little for the city and their pals to. Talk about yet another bunch of corrupt individuals.

  2. Ernie

    I actually feel sorry for people in Sun Valley and what this big airport will do to their neighborhoods. I saw the two people speak tonight from the other side of the airport in Sun Valley and the way most of our Burbank Council treated them was really bad. What neighborhood near an airport gets no impacts from an airport ? Not one anywhere in the country.

  3. 91505

    Well I heard that Conroys Flowers sent in a letter supporting a bigger airport and Sports Authority wants a bigger airport and so does Sport Chalet . Oh wait they left town to avoid the noise, traffic and pollution a bigger airport will cause so maybe their letters were forgeries. Lol

  4. 91506

    What I don’t like:

    Rogers’ condescending attitude

    Talamantes’ inflated ego

    Luddy’s forked tongue

    Frutoads’ lies

    Worst of all

    That city attorney’s bitchy attitude

    These people are making the council meetings almost unbearable to watch.

    We NEED to vote them all out people !!!!!!

    • Anonymous 3

      You just jump right on that, sparkie.

      My bet is that Bob and Jess get reelected with ease next spring.


      • semichorus

        You really are an asshole, aren’t you? Those two are about as smart as a box of rocks. As astute as a sign pole.

        Your vision of Burbank deserves such representation.

  5. Angry Resident

    Yeah really ? So message to boys $ girls club, people in hell want ice water. Think about that while you sit in your taxpayer paid building with your buses and traffic clogging up Buena Vista Street during rush hour you turkeys. We might start complaining about your double parking nightmare you create. Maybe the airport can buy you a parking lot which you need badly you idiots.

  6. Burbank Voter

    Let’s remember who Mr Rogers is and how irrational he is and how he just does not listen to people

  7. Burbank Voter

    Then there is the Will Rogers standard of reading, asking and the complication in understanding and expressing a rational thought. Know your Rogers

  8. Burbank Voter

    So they ask where are the residents ? The residents have given up on you IDIOTS and we are waiting to vote you out and replace you with people who will listen to the residents. Remember this night and all the speakers and you just ignored them plain and simple. Know these council members: LUDDY, TALAMANTES,FRUTOS AND ROGERS the four who favor special interests over residents and voters every single time.


  9. Zip

    Funny how council people who always say they want to hear from everybody spend all their time trying to shut everyone up . Best moment last night was them telling the people next to the airport in Los Angeles to go talk to the Los Angeles city council. the dumb asses forgot they were voting on it not the Los Angeles City Council.

    • Cynthia

      That was Telemoron.
      “We may be doing it, but go talk to Los Angeles.”
      “I’ll call for you.”
      He left out–“You don’t count because you can’t vote for ME.”
      Check their address, THEY will be more impacted than Jess-the-less.

  10. Cynthia

    Dog Days of August, FUNNY night for Council to meet.
    The audience was filled with Airport staff and Chamber types.
    Rubber Stampers aided and abetted by the runt attorney
    Telemoron in control.
    His little buddy fruitloops doing “due diligence” for him.

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