Airport boosters use imaginary language to push through a project that only they want


From the “ordinance” being adopted tonight by a 4-1 council vote:


Screenshot 2016-08-01 at 10.28.58 PM


Sorry, but BMC 2-3-112 does not “require” the voters to “ratify” a previous council adoption of another “ordinance” that pertains to “if the Council approves” a replacement terminal project.

We challenge the city attorney to show us this language in the original Measure B ordinance. It doesn’t exist.

Quite the opposite applies — there is no place in Measure B for the council to approve anything previous to the community vote.

Hate to break it to the CA, but Measure B does not call for a referendum on a previous council action. Nowhere is that language used in either the ordinance or the original ballot statement. Barlow doesn’t use it either.








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24 responses to “Airport boosters use imaginary language to push through a project that only they want

  1. Anonymous

    Meeting tonight chamber of commerce in full attendance.

    • semichorus

      Of course. It’s probably a Leadership Burbank field trip as well.

      Chamber people think there’s big money to be made. That’s why there will then soon be a push for an even BIGGER terminal.

  2. HF

    What is up with Fruties tonight ? What is with all the false sincerity ? He acts so pure and honest but the key word is acts. I think Fruties is a bad actor and gains something from all these big projects like the big new airport he wants for God knows why. How did i ever maje the mistake of voting for Fruties ?

  3. Anon

    How do you think it would work according to your reading of Measure B? Airport negotiating with everyone at a town hall meeting?

    • semichorus

      You put the ALREADY NEGOTIATED plan up for a vote. Council stays out of the approval phase. It’s more like an initiative — the RESIDENTS pass the controlling ordinance.

      Nobody’s complaining about the negotiations — except their failure to report out.

    • Tom

      I think it should work all in public. The airport is owned by the public and so is the city owned by the public. Nothing private in airport or city so no secret closed meetings ever. This secret closed meeting thing is only to hide stuff from the public who own both airport and city. Why hide whats going on from the owners ? Because what they are doing is crooked.

  4. Juan G

    I really did not like how Rogers treated the two Hispanic people from Los Angeles didn’t listen him to them last week and seriously implied they are stupid so he would tell them again like that would do any good. No Rogers, maybe they didn’t believe you, don’t trust you, or you just didn’t understand what they were saying. The looked intelligent to me and it was so wrong for rogers to imply they came again and did not accept his dribble last week. So Rogers is either so full of himself he is an arrogant person who can not even listen to people or he is a racist or both.

    • Anonymous

      You are right, Juan. Also, Gabel Luddy kept saying they notified everyone within 1000 feet, like that was such a big deal. Don’t they do that for a new 7-11 or Taco Bell? Totally different scope of impact here. I can hear the airport from the hillside at night!

      • Anonymous 4

        Just how many people live within 1,000 feet from the airport ? That airport impacts miles around it, it’s way different from a taco bell. Are these council people serious in that ?

      • Anonymous

        1000 feet? They probably measured with Councilman Few toes measuring stick so it’s not even accurate.
        Time to vote out a few incumbents. The city council needs new blood and energy to break up the phony baloney stuff going on.

  5. Kyle

    Councilman Frutos is acting like a guilty little kid after getting caught with his fingers in the neighbors cookie jar. Looking guilfy there Councilman Frutios so just what are you hiding councilman ?

  6. TLR

    All I can say is watching this all play out I will so enjoy voting no on this thing and I am guessing I am voting no on this mayor and Frutos . Frutos is like watching jekyl and hyde. He is changing before my eyes. I talked to him at some meet the candidates thibg when he ran for council and that was hyde now i see the hyde coming out. Don’t like what I am watching.

  7. Sam

    Just why is the airport paying for what they want in an election ? Why us the mayir acting like that is ok ?

  8. Doug

    Why does Luddy say you disenfranchise voters if you put something on the city election ? Do they not send everyone the ballot like they do in a president election ? I do not understand why she says disenfranchise voters what is going in with Burbank elections that disenfranchises people ?

    • semichorus

      The day the citizenry gets — let’s say — a strong rent control initiative on the ballot, let’s see how excited she and the others will get about making sure it goes on a consolidated county ballot for a national election turnout, and not some “disenfranchising” little city election.

      That’ll be the day.

      Which means that Gabel-Luddy is SO full of crap. This has nothing to do with wanting to increase voter turnout because you’re concerned about the fortunes of the electorate. No, it’s about gaming the system in order to better craft a desired result. It’s about turning out what they think will be a different sort of voter.

      It’s also extremely odd for a city council person to say that voters are somehow disenfranchised by a “city” election. If anything, more actual ballots are distributed to voters in Burbank’s all-mail system than this upcoming polling place event in November.

  9. Jan

    Imaginary ? Mr Rogers gets so imaginary on everything its like he is in a very bad acid trip. Does he have a hearing problem or selective hearing ? I just want to smack him. I listen to the same thing he listens to but when he responds he responds to the most obscure thing and even then gets the obscure thing wrong. He does it every time. What us his problem. A six year old comprehends better than Rogers does.

  10. Brian

    Why do I suspect that many if the aurport boosters actually don’t live in Burbank and if they do they live far from the airport like in the hills or the rancho area ? Flatlands get the most trouble from the airport so sure guys dump on your neighbors. I know Frutos lives in the flatland and he abandoned us all. He should have been our voice but no he could care less about us.

    • Burbank Bill

      The irony is Rogers lives closest to the Aiport on Pepper Street, just under a flight path. But yes Telamonte lives in the hills and Luddy over in Rancho, far from any airport noise , etc . And Telemoron was SO angry last night .. Dude , chill, the camera doesnt lie.

      • Anonymous

        Toward the end of the meeting, Talamantes was egging Dr. Gordon on. If the cameras weren’t on, I’m sure he would have been more aggressive. He needs to enroll in an anger management course.

  11. Disgusted

    Sickening display of human behavior. Talamantes actually bullies Dr. Gordon. He commented to Dr. Gordon, “You’ve been saying the same things for two years. I’m listening to hear if you will say anything new”. Then his body language was out of line.
    Very rude! Ms. Luddy is also very rude to Dr. Gordon. She really makes herself look bad behaving in such a manner. Who votes these guys in?
    I like when Ms. Luddy asked Dr. Gordon if it was his work? She is very rude and insulting.

    • Anonymous

      The way Dr. Gordon is treated by his fellow councilmen is appalling.
      The way that the guy was treated on Magnolia Blvd.
      Still blows my mind.
      No wonder the council blows that off too!

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