This is what happens when you criticize Burbank institutions


And especially — now — the Airport and its big money interests.

From the comedy file today, someone from somewhere just posted this charming little “comment” to an ancient old article that we had written about the BUSD…

Jim was fired for the reasons stated above. He then went after the school with a lawsuit due to his anger. Jim is a pervert and he is a peeping tom. He is a danger to all young girls and boys. I cringe at the thought of what else lays under the deep Layers he only chooses for you to see. Where’s his picture you ask? He does not want you to see it, because he is guilty of what is said of him. Because he is a chicken, he is a hermit! He hides behind his walls of Anger and there is plenty of it! He prefers to lash out in writing were no one can hold him accountable. I’m writing this post as I was a friend of his and I became very grossed out and angry when I found out the truth about him. That I had been deceived by the person he lead me to believe he was. Once this truth came out I could not get away from him fast enough. Sadly his dangerous anger followed me to the point that I considered a restraining order but ended up movie instead.

Needless to say, we’ve never had friends anywhere who were this inarticulate.

This town really has become just chock full of pigfuckers, hasn’t it? What the hell has happened to this place during the last 30 years?







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10 responses to “This is what happens when you criticize Burbank institutions

  1. donkeypunch

    I have to admit wanting to visually behold the pathetic grandeur that is James Carlile, just to see how accurate my mental picture is of this oxygen thief.
    Maybe someone could upload one to his special Facebook page for us all to see? Please, not near breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

    This article does not surprise me at all.

  2. Anonymous

    dangerous anger!

  3. chad

    Mr. Gorbachov, “Tear down this wall of Anger!”

  4. Slim

    ‎Eric Rosoff‎ to City of Burbank
    1 hr ·
    I had hoped this meeting was going to be an honest effort at obtaining facts. It seemed like the perfect time. A Police Commissioner wanted more information on a high level email scandal and the agency is clearly reeling based on the recent survey of rank and file officers.
    Unfortunately I could not attend but based on this article there appears to have been very little if any meaningful conversation about either of these troubling matters.
    I did see that the agency’s outside expert weighed in with quotes about veteran officers yearning to “retain the good old days” and simply, “chase the bad guys and take them to jail.” I don’t know Mr. Gennaco but as some one who did chase bad guys and take them to jail I can say there is nothing “simple” about it.
    It is accurate that officers have an amount of angst about some changes in operational policies but the pushback I’ve have heard from officers is not about the policies. The officers I have talked to are concerned (rightfully so) that the agency was in such a rush to get the accreditation mentioned in the article that important policies were pushed out too quickly and with little or no meaningful associated training.
    While it may have checked a box on the Chief’s to do list, it left hard working rank and file officers in a very bad situation. Also, in offering his opinion about pushback, I wonder how many rank and file officers Mr. Gennaco talked to? I guessing none. Im guessing he is offering his opinion based on what the Chief has told him. For that matter, apparently so is the Council.
    All this leads me to this question.. Why isn’t anyone asking the hard questions? Im not suggesting conspiracy, I’m claiming complacency! This meeting should’ve been serious and uncomfortable because these are serious and uncomfortable matters. Instead I read about a fan club meeting.
    It is absolutely time for the Council to empower the Police Commission to investigate and report the current status of the agency. This is a difficult call for some Council members because they have been vocal in their support of the Chief.
    I believe any such report will uncover moderate to significant gaps between some of what we’re being told and what is really happening. Then, and only then can we as a community tell the Council, and through them the City Manager, what we expect.

  5. Fan of Channel Six.

    Fact: Police Commission HAD item on Agenda re: E-mails.
    Fact: Mike Nolan brought up, and displayed the BPOA letter during Oral Communications.
    Fact: He further reminded the Commission about State Law on treatment of Oral Communication topics.
    Fact: Sterns-Nessen moved to TABLE item.

    Then discussion ensued re: Joint City Council/Commission meet.

    BPOA, nor Eric approached the Podium.
    The opportunity to speak and discuss the E-mails was thwarted by the
    favorite gal/pal of the BPOA:

    Losing City Council candidate Sterns-Nessen.

  6. Burbanker

    Not sure if the subject of this story was a post up here or from the Burbank official face book page but it sure tells us that this blog is spot on about just how dirty the airport deal is. Why you ask ?

    For years in Burbank when the out of control upper class who profits off the rest of us is challenged and the challenge is correct this type of attack appears, so since it did let’s think about this for a minute.

    They can say what they want about the writer of this blog but then they need to explain to us just how it is if these things are so important to them that they voted for Mr Rogers.

    The writer of this blog to my knowledge and from what they say has not been convicted of anything and has not served jail time for a conviction yet the man they voted for named Rogers is a convicted criminal.

    So now it is time to hear from them that we should not listen to Mr Carlile because well look at this yet we should listen to the convicted criminal Rogers tell us to support the deal ?

    Let me remind everyone here that Rogers was convicted of theft and of drug dealing so are those the type of deals you support ?

    The out for the money always have the most to hide and the most to lose in Burbank so once again they are showing their true colors and the criminals are all banding together to rip the rest of us off it looks like they are really feeling the pressure this time so let’s talk about Mr Rogers who really is a convicted criminal

    • semichorus

      Yes, Rogers did have a record back when he was young that I believe was expunged in time.

      His mea culpa webpiece during the campaign though left out some of the most interesting tidbits of that “Broadway” story he related — such as the fact that you don’t just suddenly decide to import cheap marijuana in from the Midwest to sell dear in California unless you ALREADY have an extensive history of drug dealing; and that the big discovery inside his apartment was not the idle ball of socks or underwear that he said he was in the habit of periodically stealing from his employer, but rather the large cache of merchandise that the investigators suspected he (or his friends) were regularly fencing back to the store for cash.

      I recommended that people vote for Rogers, but that was only to keep the much worse Rizzotti out of the place. I also thought it would be fun to see Will have to perform in the spotlight for once, and perhaps even pull “a McConkey” or two. As to my own history in Burbank, these stories being related about me from supposed “friends” and insiders speak for themselves. The more desperately absurd and libelous they become the more anyone can see what’s going on.

      I actually know a bit more about these things than I’ve been letting on. I’ve never told this story before publicly (as far as I can remember), but about 20 years ago I had enough money to be able to hire a private investigator and poke around town to allay or confirm some of the suspicions I’d been having about the BUSD regarding defamation and retaliation. There were also a couple of other things going on that I wanted to get to the bottom of.

      You can learn a lot about life and people by hiring a PI to do a deep background search on you. I had the guy go WAY back in time, and the results were illuminating. About 70 percent of the contacts gave me rave reviews – like he’s the best person in the world, a saint on earth, the smartest person I’ve ever known, he’s had nothing but assholes in his life, he’ll give you the shirt off his back — that kind of thing.

      But 30 percent had me down as literally evil incarnate, and the PI was able to trace these impressions back to some pretty nasty and intentional doings on the part of others. So that’s where these oddball stories come from. He said the profile he got from this segment was the worst he’s ever seen on someone who didn’t have a prison record, and he knew it was bullshit. It was completely out of whack with the others.

      My suggestion to people is to stick with the 70 percent positive — although somebody might have gotten to them by now too!

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