Republicans have long been a menace to this country


It must have something to do with the ideological stress on self-gain, and the expedience of business. That party always attracts these types.

They just can’t help themselves.





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12 responses to “Republicans have long been a menace to this country

  1. Steven

    Yeah and the Democrats are just so angelic and pure so among other things just how about something current like the official Democratic Party establishment putting in place project TACO BOWL where in the Democratic leadership calls Hispanics taco bowls. Current and relevant and not ancient history right here.

    • semichorus

      You people just make this stuff up. Either that or you watch too much insane TV.

      The thought too that REPUBLICANS are more attuned to the needs of Hispanics is even more nuts.

  2. Ben

    Funny how the truth just gets buried because of partisan robots. Just like Burbank, who controls the city council its democrats and we all know they are crooked and selling us all out. It is time for change and its time to just look at reality. The news media hides what the democrats do and the truth is Hillary is a hot mess and not good for America

  3. chad

    LBJ was one of a kind.

    • semichorus

      Yes he was.

      Someday I’ll tell a kind of family story about what he helped to do for an old relative back during WWII, when he was a leading member of the House. The extraordinary power he had, and in the service of great beneficence.

      The backstory to this video is that he had FBI wiretaps on these Republican operatives right in front of him. He should have gone public.

      • DixieFlyer

        Carefully check the dates of these occurances.

        Your first hand knowledge of the circumstances in Vietnam, Paris and other locales could be helpful in following your drift.

        Many families could tell many heart wrenching stories of those times.

  4. Citizen Cane

    Saw the Hillary movie. Even liberals might learn something about the Democrat Party.

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