He’s always been a stupid ass

He of the “We Love Burbank!” Facebook page that censors anything they don’t like about Burbank:

“My primary goal was to take care of the residents of Burbank,” Mayor Jess Talamantes said. “I wanted to give them protection — look them in the eye and say that we’ve got a great deal here. It’s not perfect, but you have to remember that perfect is the enemy of the good.”

As Elaine in Seinfeld once said regarding that other stupid cliche about the forest for the trees, “What does that even mean anyway?

And here’s another lie directly following:

The airport authority has been looking to replace the current terminal, which was built in the 1930s, because it does not meet current seismic standards or modern Federal Aviation Administration standards.

Not so. The current facility is perfectly safe.

But whatever works. Right guys?







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27 responses to “He’s always been a stupid ass

  1. DixieFlyer

    The Burbank Follower caught all of his words as expressed.

    For those who don’t recognize the value of Dr. Gordon’s questions and comments, last night was a CLASSIC.

    Meeting after meeting, the Official “reason” for holding Closed Sessions was clearly stated to be “easements”.

    After all of that lying, meeting after meeting, to “discuss easements”,
    you got it, Dr. Gordon was the ONLY one that noticed the documents
    were “silent” about the “easements”!!!!

    God Bless Dr. Gordon.

    Why are we paying the lawyers?

  2. Burbank IMHO

    Hey gang, how about that Conga line of establishment hacks at the podium during public comment at the Monday council meeting pushing for the new terminal? One after the other providing political cover to a council that couldn’t negotiate its way out of a paper bag. The problem is the council didn’t want to be out of the paper bag.

    The bottom line is we have been sold out by our elected officials. They steamrolled over Measure B requirements and dared anybody to contest their actions.

    What we witnessed is the collapse of representative government. Disgusting!

    • Anonymous

      I would agree. It’s a false choice. Either we vote for something in November, not knowing what it will look like, or the authority will just go ahead and build anyway on the other corner, funny. Rogers has said that he lives on pepper street , in the flight path,yet he is one of the biggest proponents of building a busier airport.. And telemoron must have a financial stake, he keeps praising the whole process, he must think they will name it after him…heck, what is another name change anyway.

  3. Charles Brown

    What kind of Self Serving Idiots have we elected on the Dias?
    Back biting, fire spitting Coucil members against Dr. Gordon.
    He watches our backs and stands up for the truth regarding
    The Airport, Easements, Etc.,

    Facts regarding the Airport Dr. Gordon feels necessary for the
    Public to know. From Burbank’s Mayor, INSULTS not only to
    Dr. Gordon, Also to Mr. Navarro who took the time on behalf of
    his Neighbors to come to the Council and speak.

    SHOCKING !!!

  4. Josh

    I agree as well. What our council and the airport are saying is that we get a vote and the voters matter but then out of the other side of their mouth they say we will build it either way so your vote doesn’t matter. Watching the talk from Frutos and Talamantes on how important it is for people to vote have been saying they will build it regardless at the same time. So what gives here ? I am of the mind that we vote no and then we be prepared to do what we need to do to stop them from doing whatever they want anyway by changing the council in this next election.

    The irony I see here is that due to the fact they are handing us double talk right now there is no reason to trust them to protect our community into the future.

    This is one more example, but on the local level of just how badly the establishment is treating the citizens. You don’t get more establishment than what I saw on this, Talamantes, Frutos, Rogers, Luddy , the big developers in town and that chamber of commerce who resurrected some old guy from the past just to promote the establishment agenda and force it down the throats of the people.

  5. chad

    Listening to the back and forth among the Council Members, I couldn’t help feel that they often were referring to discussions they had in closed session they never reported out on. It was like this structuring absence determining a lot of underlying assumptions of what was being deliberated. At certain points, it would have been much clearer had CC members simply started sentences with, “Well, as we discussed in closed session a year ago…..”

  6. George

    Talamantes and the rest of the city council members should try to keep our beautiful city of Burbank the size it is right now. Doesn’t the city get enough revenue from the movie / entertainment industry?
    With the new Walmart and the super sized Ikea stores in Burbank without making a huge footprint is plenty !
    Why expand the airport ?
    It’s fine just the size it is .It’s not too small,and not too large!
    A perfect size for it’s location.
    Talamantes should pull his over inflated head out of his ass! And do his job!
    He should be tunneling some of his wasted energy to work with the many small mom & pop businesses struggling in “Beautiful Downtown Burbank and the Magnolia Park District ! Without any Favoritism !
    These small mom and pop businesses makes our city a great place to shop!
    If the airport terminal meets seismic standards “The wheel is not broken and doesn’t need to be fixed! Talamantes, think about all the filming revenue for a mid century terminal just the way it is???
    We need fresh views and ideas in our stagnated current city council.
    The ‘ONLY ‘ current member of this terrible city council , that actually cares about our city beyond the almighty dollar is Dr. Gordon, our ONE and only city council member who believes in conservatism and moderation!

    • semichorus

      I agree. Even though he doesn’t like to frame it this way, Gordon is Burbank’s only current “slow growth” council member. I’d place Rogers at a much farther away No 2.

      Burbank though is seen as an old-fashioned white ass profit center by outsiders. Guess who wins now?

      And guess who most of our revolving door staff members favor? Joy Forbes didn’t get where she is in the private sector by worrying about what was going to happen to some piddly neighborhood if that huge R-3 project goes in.

      And so the struggle continues.

      We definitely need to keep things small.

  7. Anonymous

    If there is a grant or freebie of any kind presented to Burbank, Talamantes is in.
    Rude as the day is long to Dr. Gordon. It’s purely disgusting.
    Ms. Luddy is also very rude.
    What percentage of Burbank voters watch city council? If a large percentage of voters watched, I believe these two would never be reelected.
    We don’t need arrogant know it alls to treat people like they are idiots.

  8. chad

    The Clippers owner is looking for a new location. I say just north of the airport.

    • Jan

      Chad maybe send the clippers to see Tellamonty and Fruitoes i am sure those two will give the clippers half if the city for free especially if they let Cusamano build their facility and let the Burbank Chamber put some little logo on it. Wait im sure Frutoe wull find a way to give them the land and raise our electeic bills so he can help them pay to build it too.

      • DixieFlyer

        How many remember the LAST TIME the Clippers were looking at the area above the airport?

        In those days the Burbank Follower reported on proposed developments.

        Make sure you attend the next Gala for “local” coverage.

  9. Anonymous

    Most of the residents are clueless don’t pay attention and will fall for the council majority song and dance.

    • No Fan of Anonymous Three.

      We need to give the residents more credit than that.
      All of us collectively, need to stand fast for more disclosure.
      Six or eight months after the fact, just doesn’t work.
      This Shitty Attorney has served as quite the enabler for those wishing to hide material facts from the Public.
      Luggage Lady and Telamoron, and recently Fruitloops have found it very convenient to hide behind her skirts.
      Demand they do the Public’s business in PUBLIC.

      The residents will rally when informed, and this phony “election” provides just the opportunity.

  10. S.D.

    What we all need is protection from Tell the moron. Two word for him ignorant, rude.

  11. Anonymous 3

    I gotta say, I must have missed a good show when Telemontes gave that gas bag Gordon some what for.

    Too busy watching the Dem Convention, I guess.

    • semichorus

      Whatever works, eh?

      That’s why Trump is going to win in November.

      • Chelsea

        anon 3 just gave us one more reason for the City Council & staff to STOP working their cell phones and computers during the meetings,
        No texting, just City Agenda pages and attachments.

  12. George

    Can you enlighten me on who’s coming up for re-election for the Burbank city council? I hope it’s Talamantes & Fruto’s
    The TWO most arrogant and pompous Morons! they need to be removed from city hall for being so Rude and arrogant while in office!
    They’re BOTH legends in their own

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