Burbank “Young Life” group now hiding its community sponsor names

After that debacle with Rizzotti last year, it’s no wonder they don’t want to give anyone else the adverse publicity…

(click to enlarge)


Screenshot 2016-07-28 at 1.23.13 AM



They’re regrouping now, too. The alumni association has reactivated its Facebook page, but still left intact its old Anglo-loving photo…

Screenshot 2016-07-28 at 1.25.41 AM
The good old days.

It looks too that they’re starting to quietly infest several BUSD student service departments. It goes back to the politically right wing hiring agents who’ve been brought in recently by design.

Now check this out:

Screenshot 2016-07-28 at 1.51.22 AM
Ok, so no connection with our public schools. That’s good.

But when the “school administrator” clicks on the link for more info, what they get is not more info about the separation of church and state:
Screenshot 2016-07-28 at 1.51.54 AM


They get a plug to become religiously involved with Young Life!



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9 responses to “Burbank “Young Life” group now hiding its community sponsor names

  1. Anonymous4

    Not so sure I would call any group taking Rizzotti input and direction right wing, to me its more nut wing when the Rizzottis get involved. Does young life save dogs ? Just a matter of time if they don’t yet.

  2. anti media and anti establishment

    An emergency broadcast to interrupt the media lies and bias, to let you know we exist and we are strong. Time to retire the liars.

  3. Liber-al Reality Check

    Let’s face it guys, the young folks of today have been “programmed ” since birth to think and live “Lib-eral Minded.” Once in school they begin the lifelong formal process of learning the “It takes a village” mentality and that individual success is not possible unless one has unfairly “taken” that which belongs to all! That’s why children today ALL receive “participation” trophies regardless of how much they “suck” at something! This is especially true in youth sports where individual success and talent is frowned upon by coaches and those with natural born abilities must be suppressed! So they bench their most talented players to give the “less” able “equal” playing time! And once they get to college, WATCH OUT! That’s when these “Delicate Butterflies” take to their wings to stamp out/silence ANYTHING that “offends” them regardless of that outdated thing we call the “Constitution!” LOL!!!!

    • semichorus

      I’m a liberal, and I HATE all of that phony reward stuff as well. As well as “trigger alerts” and all that other censorship/intolerance crap. I also hate this new 25 step process (or whatever it is now) that kids have to go through in order to garner “consent” for sex. It’s the new 21st-century Victorianism, promulgated by people who consciously don’t like the act, especially if it involves males and ideological male “dominance.”

      None of this has anything to do with being “liberal.” It’s about power and authoritarianism. Conservatives are just as repressive, and probably more so.

      • Anonymous

        Your nuts Semichorus just look in Burbank school liberals push this junk and conservatives oppose it.

        • James

          I agree with anonymous on this look at all the “bully” nonsense pushed by grand poo bah liberal Democrat Golonski. Sadly dor us Demicrats we are infested with little would be ductators that call themselves liberals and democrats. Worst of all many of them will outright tell you they support communism and or socialism. I believe John F Kennedy would disavow many of todays so called liberal Democrats.

  4. Dolf

    someone ‘splain it to me, Lucy! ‘splain it to me!!! the dmz always tout themselves as the party of the young ‘n hip yet their entire dnc convention had nothing but old tired commie outta touch with the times and reality slobs from 50yrs ago AT LEAST….using words that haven’t been used since the 30’s at best! like that senile old joe @#$%&when he said ‘malarkey’ how many of you queens EVER used that word, OR heard of it?! I’m guessing 99% of you never have either way…and this is what you want to represent you?? how many of you have listened to paul simon? ever? hmmmm? LMAO!

    oh let me stop, gotta go and laugh this off!!!!

  5. Pat

    Young Life and the Rizotti’s training the next generation of bigots and dog fanatics how nice.

  6. chad

    They don’t have anything against pure bred dogs but they won’t allow them to take leadership roles in the organization. How hypocritical is that?

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