La-di-da, la-di-da


Hello, Burbank!

Burbank police leaders were praised this month for implementing a series of reforms in recent years that one City Council member said averted the Burbank Police Department from federal oversight.

During a series of presentations during a recent joint meeting of the Burbank City Council and Police Commission, police officials pointed to several achievements reached since Burbank Police Chief Scott LaChasse took the helm six years ago, including a more detailed internal review of uses of force, a more accessible complaint procedure for the public and increased diversity on the police force…

The joint meeting was put on the books after a police commissioner sought the authority to investigate an email scandal involving the agency’s former deputy chief Tom Angel, who forwarded emails from his work account in 2012 and 2013 that mocked Muslims, Latinos and others.

The Burbank Police Officers’ Assn. board of directors criticized the agency’s response to the discovery of the emails, raising concerns that Angel’s emails weren’t properly investigated, as the offenses apparently were not reported to the management services director, nor to [the Office of Independent Review’s Michael] Genacco.

And so, of course…

At the meeting, the emails were only briefly mentioned, with LaChasse noting that a lieutenant recently met with representatives of the Burbank Islamic Center.




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8 responses to “La-di-da, la-di-da

  1. Anonymous 3

    Anyone watching the convention? Bill is doing well.

  2. Tom

    If only the city council would put half the efforr in fixing problems as they put into trying to hide and cover up every problem. Stop being Bell-Bank

  3. burroughs alumni

    Someone posted on this blog a few months ago that Burbank is over. I did not quite know what that meant at the time, but after last night’s council/airport meeting and tonight’s council meeting I agree.

    Our local government has become completely detached from us. There are clearly other interests (local and beyond) that seem to impress the council more than the people that elected them.

    I might monitor this blog from time to time, but I’m checking out.

    All the best to you Semichorus, Nolan, Piroli, Gordon you are a fighters for Burbank unlike any others.

  4. Anonymous

    What does the We love Burbank blog have to say about this ? They are always good for a laugh over there.

  5. Anonymous

    Reinstate Tom Angel!

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