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10 responses to “

  1. Anonymous

    Poor kid should run

  2. Don

    Trump Train all the way baby

  3. Anonomous

    Crooked Hillary

  4. Carlos A

    How about the leaked democratic national committee emails calling latino voters who are democrats Taco Bowls ? Yeah so glad they aren’t very racist at the DNC. Crooked Hillary now wants the DNC chair who resigned over the emails on her campaign. Nice ! Crooked Hillary.

  5. Jeff

    Hillary is just pure evil, sorry I am not woth her. It is time to say No more Bushes and no more Clintons

  6. Anonymous

    poor Hillary she was so broke she was paying thousands a week to rent summer homes and everything just such a poor thing maybe we should all make donations to her self serving foundation that takes money from countries that wants to kill gays and enslave women ? Poor crooked hillary

  7. Citizen Cane

    Hillary is bringing Bill a little snack!

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