That whip keeps coming down


Aside from the sheer nuttiness of kids not having their own library cards to begin with (like where the hell are their obviously useless parents), why do school children need something called an “identification card”?

Identification cards for Burbank Unified students may soon be usable at public libraries in the city.

Mayor Jess Talamantes said the idea was a “no-brainer,” while board member Roberta Reynolds said it would be a “tremendous benefit” for students.

The goal of the concept, brought forward by school board Vice President Steve Ferguson, is to have the identification cards of the nearly 15,000 students in the district double as their library card at local public libraries, said Elizabeth Goldman, library services director for the city.

You mean all 15,000 school kids in Burbank have ID cards? What’s the purpose of that? To teach them how to be happy little minions?

We’ve heard of using ASB cards at the high school level, for admission to various events etc. They always made some money on those things too.

But there’s no need for the littler kids to have to be carrying around Achtung-like identity cards in order to prove their worth; nor is there a good reason for anyone in power to actively get rid of one of the greatest moments of young childhood: going down to the library with your parents to get your own library card.

And then that day when it finally comes in the mail.

What other little fascisms are being inflicted on these kids today? Identification cards — Jesus Christ, what kind of society is this now.

And what the hell?

Goldman explained a possible way to implement the program.

Before the start of the school year, the district would notify parents that their child’s identification card can grant them access to all the branches of the Burbank Public Library if parents choose include their child in the program.

“The school district would then need to share its data with the library so that we can have all those records in our system,” Goldman said. “We then create a library identification number for each student. It could be the same as their student identification number; it could be a library bar-code number. Each institution has its system, but as long as it’s unique, it’ll work.”

Talk about a privacy nightmare.

Why not just go down to the damned library and get a real library card?






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9 responses to “That whip keeps coming down

  1. Anonymous 3

    The things you choose to get upset about….

    • semichorus

      This plan is overly complicated, completely unnecessary, and a potential nightmare when it comes to privacy rights.

      Which in Burbank means that the school administrators and cops will soon be using this “partnership” to tap into private student behavior and interests. I give it about 6 months before they do.

      Watch too the schools being used as enforcement agents for the fines. And btw, were you forced to have an ID card when you were in school?

      Didn’t think so. No school administrator back then would have even thought to be so officious and bureaucratic.

      But it’s what happens when we now allow coaches, MBAs, and lawyers to run school districts.

  2. Virgil

    BTW, has anyone else noticed that today’s Follower dedicated ONE WHOLE page to NEWS?
    Subtract the pictures, look for the words.
    Sports and entertainment are “covered”.
    The rest is filler crap.

    • Ade Banks

      It’s getting worse, each edition.
      The editor’s are not responsive to Burbank anymore, except to attack our Police Department.
      What ever happens at the Planning Board? Park Board? and what about the Water & Power Board?????
      What Coverage?

      • semichorus

        It’s all features now. Or puff pieces.

        The political articles all end up being cheerleader blurbs for the status quo, or whomever’s in charge. There’s never ANY mention of dissent, and no interviews or personal mention of critics.

  3. Anonymous

    Why don’t they just hand out library card applications at school?

    • semichorus

      Or send them home with the kids?

      Too easy. Too obvious. And it wouldn’t give the six-figure staff employees enough to do.

      How necessary is this anyway? Do that many kids NOT have library cards in Burbank?

      Maybe this town’s gotten trashier than I think….

      • Anonymous 3

        “Maybe this town’s gotten trashier than I think….”

        There is no way Burbank sinks lower than your estimation of it.

        I don’t know how you can stand to live here.

        • semichorus

          I don’t know what to say about a place where the parents apparently don’t even have the wherewithal to take their kids to the library at a young age. It didn’t use to be this way.

          Presuming that this scheme is even necessary.

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