Here’s why the BPD (and the city council) don’t want to install cameras in their police cars


If only Austin was run as well as Burbank — we wouldn’t have any sort of visual evidence that could cause problems like this here. Just the officers’ statements in court.



So when is Burbank going to release the audio tape of that autistic kid causing so much trouble a few weeks ago? What kind of privacy concerns are involved with a mere audio recording?

No one’s interested in the kid’s actions anyway, it’s the BPD officer who is of concern. Just bleep the kid out.






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23 responses to “Here’s why the BPD (and the city council) don’t want to install cameras in their police cars

  1. Anonymous

    It really is incredible–just think of all those dozens of “Caught on Camera” & “Wildest Pursuits” reality TV shows that feature dash cam footage from tiny peckerwood agencies in Arkansas and Oklahoma, that were shot back in the 20th century.

    Somehow these backwards hillbillies were able to fund and install the equipment. Decades ago.

    But in Burbank?

    The Media Capital of the World?

    What, me worry?

    Release the recording, LaChasse. BPD already admitted it exists.

  2. Cricket

    What is wrong with you Jim? In the other thread you admitted Burbank could NOT release the tape. At least not at this point. You said a judge could order it released as part of a case, but without that it can’t happen. Why do you keep suggesting “Burbank” can simply release the tape because it wants to? I am telling you they want to, but can’t. Understand?

    • semichorus

      They can release a redacted version. They could even ask a judge to permit release.

      No on down there wants to. When has Burbank ever released videos? It’s for the same reason they don’t want on-board cameras.

  3. Rex

    While they’re at it, how about ‘splaining how the “taking a dump” video is no longer in the BPD possession.
    Who has been lying all of this time?
    Are civilians being used to cover stupid pet tricks by sworn personnel?
    Or are civilians improperly supervised?

  4. Cricket

    And on another note. What happened on this case? Remember the one where the PD had no chance of obtaining a conviction. Seems the man is going to prison. So much for no case huh?

    • semichorus

      He pled out. Which is what they always do.

      These guys have no money to mount a defense, and jurors these days are nuts. Ask any defense attorney. They all think they’re God’s avenging angels.

      No one ever said that he was innocent, just that he was a young guy who had a high school girlfriend. And who was NOT a teacher. Big triumph there for the Man.

  5. Anonymous

    Where is the tape for the guy who was falsely accused of defecating in Romancing the Bean? Why didn’t the police make an announcement to clear that guy?
    So, it’s alright in Burbank to make false police reports and the person accused is left hanging with made up evidence?
    I hear the audio of the police report being made is full of lies. Is anyone accountable for this?
    Poop Gate for sure on this one. Retaliatory lies and the big cover up.

    • Anonymous

      Who knows maybe the guy who ” took a poop” will be convicted any day now. It seems these events make news, go quiet and next you hear guy is in prison. Who knows. Can you go to prison for pooping ? I bet there is a law and prison term for pooping things are that crazy today.

      • Anonymous

        Anonymous? Maybe they will complete their investigation ? Then , send Scary Kerry to jail for blatantly lying and filing a false police report? That would be “TRUE JUSTICE!” Unheard of in Burbank!!!

    • Barrett

      RE: POOP GATE!
      All I hear is that Kerry Krull owner of Romancing The Bean totally fabricated the whole incident.
      Kerry called the police , made a false police report and lied to the responding police officer big time!
      The police officer who documented her report was officer Ashley Johnson. while writing up the report Kerry & her manager lied through their teeth.
      After listening to all the countless lies ,” several” that were told to officer Johnson that had nothing to do with the poop gate incident.
      Officer Ashley Johnson fell for her lies hook, line &sinker!
      Kerry pretends to be the little miss goody good shoes.
      Kerry is a little self centered tyrant that bullies the whole block!
      The WORTHLESS city council members who allowed her to open her successful business, with disregard for all the other merchants on the block knowing that there was already a major parking problem on the block. Parking problems were (already saturated) and documented there before she had opened her doors for business .Then the city council approved outside seating?Talk about having it all your way? I guess it boils down to who you know in this unfair city.
      When officer Ashley Johnson went down to the antique store owner and introduced herself and stated, being recorded on the police audio CD that she is investigating a complaint from Kerry Krull (the shameless owner of R.T.B.) about the “POOP INCIDENT” that occurred at her coffee shop.
      Officer Ashley Johnson’s first words to Ralph the store owner were that she knows he’s guilty of the despicable act .She hasn’t seen the DVD yet!
      ASHLEYS conduct to both sides of the investigation could be used for an educational police tape on how an officer can be swayed to make her mind up before hearing both sides!!!
      This whole deal ,.KERRY , THE POLICE & CITY COUNCIL
      are all Disgusting.
      Kerry Krull is the epitome of favoritism & privilege!

  6. Anonymous

    Barrett, you seem to have a lot of insider knowledge. Are you on her block?
    About a year ago, one policeman told us that almost every single merchant on the block verbalized fear or anger for Ms. Krull. Apparently, her past locations have the same history.
    What’s the story? What makes her so ruthless? Why?

  7. Barrett

    No! I’m not on the block as a dealer. But, I’m a regular on the block as a “picker & buyer!’
    I’ve seen the entire situation of Romancing The Bean Vs. the 3400 block over the past couple of years.
    With Kerry’s gun sight set on my friends Ralph & Kim the owners of Burbank Antiques.

    I used to sell a lot to Adrian the owner of Burbank Books & Antiques.
    Adrian was a pretty voice full guy. But, no parking on the block put him under!
    Adrian used to brag about being on a Magnolia council. He bragged that he was going to clean up all the bull shit on Magnolia Park!
    After voicing his views and opinions to the Magnolia Council to no avail , he realized that he was dealing with a bunch of idiots. Too stupid to do anything right!
    Adrian could not believe that Kerry Krull was allowed to remain on the Magnolia council while she was terrorizing her neighbors.
    Anyone who says there is not a parking problem on that street is crazy.
    Now I have to park at the ” CHASE BANK ” and walk back.
    I was lucky to hear the official police report on the CD provided to Ralph from the B.P.D.
    All i can say is that Kerry lies, lies & fabricates outrageous lies that were made up to create a “WEIRDO” to substantiate her false claims!
    KERRY does not have a conscience!

  8. Anonymous

    You mean the DVD not the audio CD? That was brought up At the last Burbank City Council meeting the past Tuesday night . Mike Nolan asked why did the BPD return the infamous sought after DVD. That supposedly showed Mr Persinger entering Romancing The Bean and then enter their bathroom and do the unthinkable! The response to the return of the DVD to Kerry Krull was that the DVD was taking up too much space in the “Evidence Room!” Again! Favoritism & Special treatment to Kerry ! The B. P. D. Letting a relative of Kerry oversee the investigation is disgraceful & disgusting ! The B.P.D. And the City Council members are all corrupt! Unless your well connected with the city ? You don’t have a chance for fair play!

    • Kevin

      You have to be kidding?
      That the Burbank P.D sent a (blood relative) of Kerry Krull’s to try and clean up a messy botched police report investigation? That had been reported earlier in the day.
      The rookie cop was so mesmerized with Kerry Krull, listening to all the fabricated lies ,there were several whoppers that Kerry said that led her to call in the police report?.
      Later that afternoon after Mike Nolan called the BPD. They sent out a second officer who said to Mr. Persinger that he would get to the bottom of the reported incident. He also promised to go back to the station ,view the DVD ,and get to the bottom of the incident. That he would call him back the next day. I’ve been told the callback never happened.
      Kerry’s fabricated &, outrageous lies seem similar to Hillary Clinton and just like Hillary who got a free pass with the FBI. Kerry Krull is getting a free pass from the BPD !
      It could have been so easily worked out , if the second officer Krull’s relative had just picked up the dropped ball and made it right!

      But , instead after one year later, the CITY and BPD are still engaged in a cover up that is still playing out!
      For the BPD to send a “blood relative to the scene is outrageous!
      It’s Just totally unbelievable!

      • semichorus

        Kerry Krull is one thing, Hillary Clinton is another. There’s no comparison.

        I’m curious what the BPD should do with Krull. They obviously dropped her charge for lack of evidence. No one was falsely arrested over this either — as far as I know — and so what more is there to the story?

        She had a suspicion as to a culprit and it didn’t pan out. It’s not an arrestable offense.

        It’s been a year. Being a jerk or a hothead isn’t illegal. Let her play her games, or whatever they are. I’d just stay away from her and not give her any unnecessary attention.

        I understand there’s some kind of SLAPP or anti-SLAPP suit going on now. Either one’s ridiculous.

        • DixieFlyer

          Mr. semi you stepped in this one.

          Check your shoes, quickly.

          The recording taken at Romancing occurred TWO weeks before the call to the BPD.

          It was “booked” into Evidence.

          After the accused followed the “advice” of Scary’s relative to wait until after the weekend to view the “evidence” he was told in writing that he could not have access without a Court Order.

          The voice tapes also disclosed that the rookie officer claimed that she “knew” he “did it”.

          After telling Mr. Persinger to get a Court Order,, why was the evidence returned to the one filing the False Report?

          The voice recordings were kept, the “video” was returned to Scary.

          Either the depiction shows the man or not.

          Why hide it?

          Does it show the man or not.

          Does it show DOG SHIT?????

          • semichorus

            I don’t think it shows anything. I think she’s a vindictive hothead, with longtime personal ties to the BPD.

            With that in mind, the police apparently dropped the case. They saw that there was no merit to the charges. The tape belongs to her, and so that’s why she got it back. Cops are allowed to lie to get a confession and I suspect that’s what happened as well.

            I know what’s being said — that there probably isn’t any tape and that this was all a retaliatory move on her part for something, and with the help of the BPD — but if it didn’t result in a charge then I don’t know what he can do about it.

            In other words, I’m not sure what legal recourse he has, simply because nothing came of her complaint. What loss did he suffer? They can’t arrest her for making a false report because she can just turn around and claim that she thought what she thought. There’s no law against being wrong.

            And if they colluded, how could we ever know so absent a court hearing to produce the imaginary tape? Which could only happen if there was an action against him in some way.

            Now if she’s suing him under false grounds later on, like with a SLAPP or phony anti-SLAPP action, that’s something else. I understand she is, no?

  9. So glad we sold our business and left this place. When police officers are so overtly criminal they feel they can come to your home and issue death threats we knew that after three generations it was time for us to leave.

  10. chad

    Mr. Salerno could you elaborate?

  11. Barrett

    Ralph is suing Kerry for a false police report being filed.
    Kerry’s lawyers put a slap order on the lawsuit so Ralph’s lawyer could not obtain a copy of the the stored DVD in the evidence room that was not provided after being served a subpoena !
    Ralph’s lawyer was only able to obtain the detailed audio disc of the police report being filed.
    Kerry told extensive lies (not only about the made up poop incident ) but about many other things that she said Ralph did.
    They were outrageous and all lies to make her accusation believable.

    • semichorus

      I would think the actual video would be key evidence in any SLAPP or anti-SLAPP action. It goes to the validity of the original charge.

      My suspicion is that there was never any video. Has anyone seen it besides the “BPD”? If there is NOT one, the City of Burbank has much to answer for here.

      I would think that any reasonable judge — in the absence of any available or refuse-to-provide-for video evidence — would rule in Ralph’s favor. Either there was no evidence for the original police report or they failed/refused to provide it.

      But because he really didn’t suffer any loss here, the judge will probably toss both cases. What was he suing for? What kind of recovery do you get for someone complaining to the police about you?

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