Death Wish 2016: Once again the Democrats shit on their base


A base that only constitutes about 60 to 70 percent of the Party, btw. No problem there, eh? Why energize your own majority when you can go after that imaginary “Magic Middle” instead.

This of course is making the corporate news media figures very happy, all those million-dollar+ employees who think they’re a part of the real world and never cease boasting about it. They’re all clucking about the choice right now.

This also makes Donald Trump very happy as well, because now he can solidly go after the perfect TPP political Establishment guy. And with great success, too. What a target Kaine is — just watch what happens.

TPP Tim. TPP Tim!

Democrats are such idiots. Bring on the impending demise. She’s going to fucking lose, and deservedly.







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28 responses to “Death Wish 2016: Once again the Democrats shit on their base

  1. Steve

    Isn’t Hillary more or less running her campaign or is she just a puppet like Trump said last night ? If you think her campaign is run bad thats on her just like its on her for deleting her emails.

  2. Anonymous 3

    It’s gonna be fine. He will deliver VA and possibly NC. Plus he is fluent in Spanish and when you talk about turning out a vote, getting the Hispanic vote out is key to victory.

    Kaine will be fine and HRC is going to be the next president.

  3. Anonymous 3

    It has been said that you can’t help yourself with a VP choice, but you can hurt yourself.

    If you buy into that, Clinton has chosen well. Kaine is ten times or perhaps 100 times more qualified to be pres than is Trump. What more to say>

    • Anonymous

      First high profile female to seek Democratic nomination picks anti-abortion Veep. Classic. She IS going to lose.

      • semichorus

        He’s not anti-abortion. He’s just a helluva nice guy who, well shucks, only has a personal problem with the idea of abortion itself.

        But, he’s a progressive who can get things done!

        Which means that he’s not going to be asking any rude and fundamental questions about anything — like the system in general. And so those candyass liberals can just eat it this time — again and again and again.

    • Ray

      Just how many jobs has created and just how many people does Kaine employ ? Did he build and run a succesfull mission or just what companies did he run or has he just been a vote how super pacs tell you to politician ?

  4. Anonymous 3

    “As Governor, Tim Kaine Once Stopped The Execution Of A Mentally Incompetent Man”

    Yeah yeah. He is a terrible reactionary. Who scored an F with the NRA.

    Meaning he is also a cowardly politician. Snerk.

  5. Citizen Cane

    The Democrats have been shitting on their base for decades. How many campaigns have Democrats, including Obama and Hillary, been using the issue of equal pay for women? Both ran on that issue in 08 and Obama in 2012. Civil Rights for blacks but nothing ever changes. About the only people benefiting from Democratic leadership are the LGBTQ community who can now marry and people can use the restroom of their choice depending on how their hormones change from day to day. Ebola and Zika Virus supporters have also benefited under Democrats. Illegal aliens too. The Democrat Party also boasting a 4.79 unemployment rate, like that is true. Muslims have benefited tremendously with free travel around the world to carry out Jihad !

  6. Dove

    Right on Citizen Cane as a reformed Democrat I see the pandering and the empty promise from them. I see how they keep things as they are so they can once again tell us this is what we will change when in reality they created it the way it is in the first place. I am off their plantation and everyone needs to step off of it so they reform their actions or lack there of. So long as people stay with the party they will never keep promise or work for anyone because as their emails recently released show, they take us for granted and they laugh behind our backs.

    • semichorus

      Just like if we get a big new Burbank airport, you Trump supporters deserve everything you’re going to get if he wins.

      He’s an extremely dangerous liar and incompetent. Prepare to see your life shortened by quite a bit after November.

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