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  1. Anonymous

    No no no the one vote gained is from Emily Luddy, Luddy loves this kaine guy.

  2. Disappointed

    I feel progressives have been sold out we needed Sanders.

  3. Pat

    My grandmother says the red sky and smoke is a sign. She says after Mrs Hillary announced her VP pick God began to speak with the fire and red sky. She says its a sign of duspleasure from God.

  4. chad

    The thinking is pretty obvious. It’s all an electoral votes strategy at this point. They figure Hillary has the West Coast and the Northeast. They are hoping Kaine will bring the VA, and some of the midwest battle sates with Ohio being the first and maybe Michigan. I’m going to give this guy a chance as he has a Catholic missions background and worked in Central America. I detect a little bit of revolutionary theologist here.

    • B.F.

      Um chad central americs is a mess with a high daily death rate. Revolitionary theology has not done much good there, sorry psl but it has helped aid the undtability and death toll.

    • Anonymous

      Pro-TPP and cozy with Wall Street? Totally rad, Chad….

  5. chad

    Well, Kaine got familiar with dictatorships as well and saw its devastation. That’s good training. I actually truly believe that Rev. Theology is one of the best things to emerge from Catholicism in a long time.

  6. chad

    Well considering that the “Sainted” Pope John Paul essentially cut them loose because of their socialist leanings, Revolutionary Theology, of the type I’m talking about, couldn’t really fight against armed thugs that raped and murdered and were directly or indirectly backed by the US Government. However, many local communities were helped by missionaries who did risk their lives to help those victimized by the Yankee Capitalists. I like those values.

  7. chad

    Oh yeah, Ratzinger was maybe even worse. We finally have a Jesuit in Rome who at least has a conscience and was well aware of the Liberation Theology (I like Rev. Theology- sounds more radical.)

  8. Citizen Cane

    Funny how Michelle O mentioned in her speech Barak’s birth certificate. It was the Clintons who first looked into Barak being born in Kenya during the 2008 campaign.

    The best thing about Hillary’s VP pick is his last name has a nice sound to it. Other than that, he is a political hack who can be bought off.

  9. chad

    Kaine “is a political hack who can be bought off.” Can you provide any evidence that he is a “hack” (someone who is mediocre and mercenary) and that he can be “bought off?” What is in his CV that would lead you to conclude either of these points?

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