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14 responses to “Yuuck

  1. Anonymous

    Oh so what is it not politically correct enough or what ??

  2. Anonymous 3

    Not to worry, Trump is going to be a joke a year from now.

    And the Rethugs will BLAME HRC for winning, rather than Trump for losing.

    As predictable as the sunrise, are the rethugs.

    • semichorus

      No, Trump’s going to win. And when everything immediately falls apart the media will blame it on Clinton for losing.

  3. donkeypunch

    What’s an empire without a little inbreeding.

    Careful with those stones Jimbo, I’m not so sure your family tree branches the way they’re supposed to…

  4. chad

    That’s pretty creepy DonkeyP. Michael Moore says Trump is going to win as well. I do think if you break it down HRC needs to win Ohio and maybe one or two other swing states. What a friggin’, pathetic country. Semi, it ain’t just Burbank.

  5. J.

    Anonymous 3 should host the comedy hour, after all she is such a joke and so dilusional

    • Barbara

      Chad most of America is really suffering after the last 8 years and thanks to Hillary we are also unsafe. They want to ban guns like terrorists follow laws and tell us climate change is the big threat but we see the big threat is terrorism. Many of us in Burbank are suffering too Chad so look around.

  6. Anonymous

    Obama blamed Bush for everything, even in he’s second term. Should we still blame Bush now ?

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