Still no Negroes in the Crown visualizations; and they aren’t “new” anyway


Wanna see how big developers use PR firms to plant hyped-up stories in the media in order to keep the artificial momentum going? Check out these exciting new headlines from today:


Screenshot 2016-07-21 at 6.14.42 PM



Screenshot 2016-07-21 at 6.15.19 PM



If you look closely at the details you’ll quickly see that there’s no new anything. It’s the same old promotional junk.

But these newly planted stories do give us another opportunity to point out how racist the corporate imagery here is:


Screenshot 2016-07-21 at 6.13.26 PM


Screenshot 2016-07-21 at 6.12.18 PM

Asians, OK. They’re everyone’s favorite ethnicity because they don’t cause trouble. But Black People?

Not in Burbank. No friggin’ way.

Also, where is all the dedicated Green Space for these newly arrived Burbank residents? Where’s the park space?

Oh yeah. It’s right next to Five Guys.

Like we said before, if you really want to make staff nervous about these new Downtown projects, just ask them about all of the “Green Space” requirements they’re planning to impose on their developer friends.

It’s the one dreamy New Age buzz term in the redevelopment world that they don’t want to talk about in this Boosterland we still call Burbank.










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9 responses to “Still no Negroes in the Crown visualizations; and they aren’t “new” anyway

  1. Janet

    I do not see any handicapped people either and it looks like no seniors either

  2. Herusaltos

    Surprised they didn’t stick Nolan into the pictures that would show they welcome the indigent for free food

  3. 91502

    No dogs in the pictures Rizodi will loose it on these people remember put dogs first

  4. Ernie

    USA is a mess today, you can hop on the Trump train he is anti establishment and what you want to bet Talamantes, Luddies and Rogers are not supporting Trump. Why ? They are establishment and they stand with her while Trump stands with us.

    • semichorus

      I love this self-made stuff. It’s such cant.

      I say take it all away, GOP. Then watch these same people blame the Democrats for it!

  5. Irwin Fletcher

    Look at the pictures of the Macy’s side- how many lanes of traffic do they show (in each direction)? That’s not remotely possible unless they widen SF road by quite a bit. If anything, that section should be pedestrian only, no cars. I think they just shrunk the cars to make it seem more roomy in the drawing. Are they tearing down or building above the Chevy’s building and the Barnes and Noble parking structure? This drawing looks great to an outsider but is absolute BS to anyone who knows this area.

  6. Burbank Bill

    Already that side ,Chevys/Barnes Noble is a nightmare to drive thru. And that right turn lane by Crunch gym is confusing. All these condos, etc will make it worse. It’s a friggin fortress as those other pix show (semi, plz post those too) it is way bigger than the Americana , with their condos, and on a smaller footprint. At least Caruso gets the high end stores and restaurants. The BURBANK mall is something out of an 80s movie.

    • semichorus

      At last the 80s malls had lots of stores.

      Burbank built its indoor mall as soon as indoor malls started going out of style. Figures. And during the 90s, it was the “Village” that bolstered attendance, not the other way around.

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