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Kids, remember something very important: your parents are not supposed to be your best friends. It’s terrifically unhealthy.



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  1. Bryan

    So say what you want but I watched Trumps speech at the convention and it was awesome. So at one point he brongs up Orlando and says folks we will protect thr LGBTQ community and the crowd cheared loud and Trump leaned forward and said I am so proud as a Republican to hear that response and we will protect the LGBTQ community. That rocks and Trump is uniting people already and now I am decided I am voting for Trump. We have to unite against terrorism for sure.

    • semichorus

      Trump vows to overturn gay marriage “when” he’s elected.

      He loves the gay people!

      • Bryan

        He will not outlaw gay marriage but I am not so sure that Hillary won’t. I have seen her former ansolute protection stand to protect marriage and I can’t firvget her husbsnd signed DOMA into law. I don’t trust Hillary

  2. chad

    Yeah, and Trump will “take care” of the poor little LGTBQ community. Kind of patronizing don’t you think?

  3. Bryan

    patronizing is what liberals have done, Trump promised to do what Government is suppose to do and that is protect us from terrorism that seeks to kill us for being gay. To protect us from events like Orlando. Some people like Hillary are funny they want to make sure we can not be armed to protect ourselves but they fail to protect us.

  4. chad

    Bryan, that’s a rather cherry-picked role for the government don’t you think? Also, there’s simply no way any security plan can protect us from “one motivated marine.” It’s impossible. Israel has been in a heightened state of security since 1967. They’ve been decades ahead of everybody else in terms of securing public spaces, airport, etc…Like us, they even routinely violate human rights in the name of security. Yet, their system has never been nor will ever be completely successful. They know that. They look at the percentages and weigh that against probabilities, etc..Since Bush completely destabilized a vast politically volatile region of the world, this new type of Islamic-terror violence has emerged. Put yourself in the shoes of an average Muslim who has seen his country been torn apart by outsiders. If that were you, would you be pissed off? Remember one of Bush’s follow up reasons for invading Iraq after he realized he had completely shit the bed? He said we either fight them over there or they will be coming to our shores. In the words of that great statesperson, Sarah Palin, “How’s that workin’ for ya?”

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