What’s good for the Newt…



Newt Gingrich just told us right now that if someone threatens the life of the President of the United States, the Secret Service will “be on them in an instant!”  He adds that for that same reason we should have a similar law for anyone who threatens the police.

Ok, well then…





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2 responses to “What’s good for the Newt…

  1. Anonymous 3

    Newt is a freak.

    • semichorus

      There is something obviously mentally ill about him, isn’t there?

      I’d forgotten about how delusionally confident he gets when he speaks in public. That kind of glib “intellectuality” is always a dead giveaway that there’s something wrong there.

      What was that great old quote about Gingrich? Something about how he’s a junior high version of a great intellect.

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