It’s Hillary’s fault!




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38 responses to “It’s Hillary’s fault!

  1. Anonymous 3

    Of course it HRC’s fault. Including when it’s Obama’s fault.

  2. Give me a break

    So how about biden can we use the same standard and say it was not malevolent or does that only work as an excuse when one is a liberal ?

    • Anonymous 3

      The whole take away of this is how amazingly incompetent the Trump campaign is.

      • anonymous

        and anon 3 I am guessing you will agree that the take away from Benghazzi and the email scandal just shows how inept Hillary Clinton really is ?

  3. Theresa

    Hillary as secretary of state allowed Americans to die and allowed isis to take control of areas in the middle east. Hillary for prison

    • Anonymous 3

      That was the Republican Congress that refused to give more money for security.

      Plus Chris Stevens refused more security when offered by the military.

      None of it was Hillary’s fault.

      • Anonymous

        You should try listening to the survivors of Benghazi anonomous 3 your story varies from theirs and so sorry but when people who serve under you die un-neccesairly you have a large part in the blame

        • Anonymous 3

          And when Obama kills bin Laden you say he gets none of the credit, yes?

        • Anonymous 3

          The “survivors” are in no better position than you and me to know what Congre4ss did or did not do, nor how Chris Stevens reacted to an offer by the local US general to give him more troops.

      • Screen Name

        “That was the Republican Congress that refused to give more money for security.” “Plus Chris Stevens refused more security when offered by the military.” “None of it was Hillary’s fault.”

        Interesting Anon3. Hey Semi do you agree with Anon3’s assertions?

        • Anonymous 3

          Just the facts, ma’am.

          As revealed by the Congressional Benghazi investigation.

          Just not trumpeted by the Rethuglicans.

  4. Theresa


  5. Anonymous 3

    HRC helped Obama kill bin Laden.

    She will be an excellent president.

    • Karen

      She did what exactly anonymous 3 ? Was that all part of her private server and a part of the many msny emails she deleted ? Maybe Hillary helped get Ben Laden rwhile she was busy sending help to the Americsns servibg under her in Benghazi ?

      • semichorus

        She did help get Bin Laden.

      • Anonymous 3

        She asked Congress for more money; it was not forthcoming.

        Chris Stevens had an offer of more security from the Army general in the area, and he turned it down.

        The Rethuglicans on the Benghazi hysteria committee don’t bother to tell you that when they are interviewed on Faux Noise.

        And just what do you think she was doing that was so dark and criminal with her private email server? Do you think she is a spy for the Russians and Chinese?


        • Matilda

          You are spot on! The administration asked for more money from congress to secure the post….AND they took a pass.

          • anonymous

            Amazing stupidity here do you really believe that having security at embassies is based on a one by one more money situation ? That is the most foolish thought I have heard in years. The government has a very big budget and they pick what they want to make a priority so face it instead of security at an embassy they chose to build federal grant funded bike lanes. There is no need for specific money when they make determinations on how to waste money everyday. Look at the zika research money Obama wants more but he has failed to spend what he has.

          • semichorus

            The Republican Congress, btw.

            Which the media ignores. They always try to falsely spread the blame– the old BothSidesDoIt false equivalency.

      • Anonymous 3

        The SofS is a member of the Nat Sec Council and as such she was expected to give advise and opinions on how the proposed hit would go down.

        Now I’m not saying that she equaled Obama, who, btw, ordered the military to add helicopters in reserve in the chance that one of the main choppers got downed, which is EXACTLY what happened.

        If it were not for Obama half the detail would have been left behind to be captured by the Pakistanis. Admittedly they would have been released after months of embarrassing negotiations.

        Thank god Obama was the CinC for the operation.

  6. chad

    How many Americans that died at Benghazi were working for a private company?

  7. Anonymous 3

    Apparently the Trump campaign knew two days ago that Cruz was not going to endorse, yet they gave him time up on the podium to shit all over the Donald.

    What a blazingly inept campaign. Who in their right mind wants those clowns to be running the country?

  8. anonymous

    Don’t see that as inept at all see it as letting Ted Cruz open up and show who he really is and it shows respect for free speech

  9. Citizen Cane

    Elizabeth Dole used the same lines in 96, Michelle used them in 08 or 10, and Milania in 2016. Somebody needs to take credit for writing that speech.

    Of course, Liberals will disqualify the entire campaign when Hillary stands for nothing that Socialist care about. Forget her change of view on traditional marriage in 08 and now she is all over same sex marriage. Forget that to the average blue collar worker that Hillary can rake in $300 K for a 20 minute speech, more than most people make in 5 years. Forget the war on women stuff, the fact that in 08 both Obama and Hillary used the unfair wage earning as a issue, but nothing has changed. The fact is, the Democrats need those issues to campaign on even though nothing ever changes. Ignore Bill Clinton and his trashing of Democrat women but Hillary says that abuse victims should be heard. Then there is the BLM bullshit!

  10. Citizen Cane

    Semi: Trump earns his billiions. Hillary is a whore who rakes in money for political access. Trump won the GOP primary spending just $50 million of his own. Opponents spent $60 million in one state running negative Trump adds, and he still won. Hillary a populist?

  11. Citizen Cane

    British musicians upset because Trump uses their music at the conventions. Musicians doing their part to voice an opinion. They sometimes ” demand” politicians stop using their music. So, if I buy a CD, I own it that CD. I a politician purchased a CD and owns that CD, don’t they have the right to play it? You would think a musician would be honored to have their music played before 1000’s of people. Is that not what artists want? Their work viewed and heard by 1000’s?

    • semichorus

      No, because performance implies endorsement. The first thing people think is that, “Oh, Bruce Springsteen likes Trump. And so must Neil Young.”

      This work has already been heard by thousands, and so the GOP is trying to hijack the longtime good feelings attached to it. Just like TV commercials.

      • Anonymous

        Neil Young did go kiss Trump’s ass while seeking funding for his ludicrous Pono music download scam. Like Young doesn’t have enough of his money already. Hypocritical phony.

        • semichorus

          I didn’t know that. I know he did support Bush.

          That Pono idea was absurd. Seeking sound quality equivalent to a nice Linn turntable circa 1978. You’d be better off with the Linn if this is such a concern.

  12. Citizen Cane

    Weak Semi, weak! An endorsement, really! How come music is played at sporting events all over the world. These musicians by no means, know who is playing their music, and their music is played, it is what they want, to be heard, enjoyed, and noticed. Trump has 1000’s at the arena and millions watching on TV and listening on the radio. A huge way to get your music noticed, free advertising, and the honor of your music being used. The Pretenders, Limbaugh has used their music for 28 years, 15 million people a day hear that music and I don’t hear the Pretenders complaining. I don’t think people associate the Pretenders see themselves at Ditto-Heads. The truth is, they could never sue in court to have that music from being played. Like I said, if I buy s CD, I can use it because I own it. If I tried making money holding concerts where I was using the CDs to make money off of their names, then they may have a case in court, but not from mere playing of a portion of music.

    • semichorus

      When I hear the Stones being played at a GOP convention I get the first impression that Mick has endorsed its use. That’s not good for Mick. Same with Queen.

      Owning a CD does not grant performance rights. And I don’t think Queen needs more exposure.

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