Sorry, it’s plagiarism



We’re pretty liberal around here when it comes the free exchange of words and ideas, and we certainly don’t subscribe to this modern academic belief that even mere ideas and speculation need full and proper literary attribution, or else.

But that second citation of Melania’s speech tonight is clearly plagiarized from Michelle Obama, and almost word for word. Even the cadence and comma are the same. You can also tell that several of the words in this passage were consciously altered in order to avoid the appearance of a copy and make it sound like an original yet slightly different idea.

How glorious this is. God is obviously on Hillary’s side, isn’t she?





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6 responses to “Sorry, it’s plagiarism

  1. Anonymous

    Yes and God also made Satan so seems to me like He also made Hillary, she too is perfectly evil.

  2. Anonymous 3

    I did not watch it. Nothing she does with her clothes on interests me.

  3. Anonymous

    She’s not that pretty her naked pics are not sexy. But next to what most of us marry what’s to compare.

  4. Anonymous 3

    It just goes to show what an amateur hour Trump’s campaign is.

    She did now write any of that speech, she just read the teleprompter.

  5. Slim

    None of them write their own material they just have a better hack working for them.

    • Anonymous 3

      Funny thing is that she did indeed write that speech. She dumped what the pros produced for her.

      I never would have believed it. It makes the Trump campaign even more incompetent having the spouse read an unvetted speech.

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