BPD saved Burbank residents from an autistic 15 year old!


If you’ve ever wondered why the BPD refuses to mount dashboard cameras on its vehicles, consider what would be happening right now if there was a tape of this recent seatbelt incident sitting around. The macing of that sister shot alone would have been international news by now, regardless of whether it was justified or not.

If you’ve also wondered why Burbank has always had such a bad social reputation around the state — and why so many people in the outside world absolutely cheered the idea of the FBI coming in on the police mess** —  just check out some of the comments on that “The City of Burbank is So Wonderful!” Facebook page. If the BPD was into carrying around a portable gallows in the trunks of their patrol cars they’d all be complaining right now about why it wasn’t used in preference to a taser.

A wonderfully cheery and charitable crowd you got there, Burbank. Let’s see it all on TV if it’s so great. Let’s get those video cameras installed.


** It’s because everyone in Southern California has some kind of old BPD horror story about what happened to them when they were caught driving through one night. Burbank has a bad reputation, and it’s not something to celebrate.



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14 responses to “BPD saved Burbank residents from an autistic 15 year old!

  1. Anonymous

    The comments on the Leader fb page alone are disgusting. A bunch of flabby, bloodthirsty moronic hicks–in other words, vintage Burbankana. Pathetic . . .

  2. Anonymous 3

    The majority are sitcking up for the kid.

    • Anonymous 241

      This is absolutely untrue. There are numerous threads now slamming the mother, the boy and praising the BPD (and Talamantes for removing her posts). These threads include several BPD cheerleader mothers of autistic, Down syndrome and other disability possessing children shaming this mother and accusing her of attempting to fleece the city.

      After nearly 40 years here, I am very familiar with the hillbilly mob authority-loving burbank resident perspective but they are out in force over this. The conversation is turning into “she’s trying to make us good citizens pay for her lawsuit.” Nobody is contributing any defense or compassionate remarks about the kid in any of the threads.

      • semichorus

        I know. A3 is a kneejerk troll, who I only leave on here for laughs. He also makes a good scratching pole for continuing the discussions, at best.

        I love the idea that that Facebook page is dedicated to the real Burbank, and not that sordid and sick one over at The Blog That Shall Not Be Named.

        It’s certainly proven to be. I hear there’s been a lot of censoring going on over there lately too.

  3. The City Attorney only filed charges to try and mitigate the damages that the City will pay. Something like in a settlement where the City will drop all charges and pay a settlement fee that will not be made public.

    This kind of incident would never happen to well trained officers who don’t have an ego the size of Mt. Rushmore. Some times u get officers that r very badge heavy and if anyone looks at them wrong or challenges their authority the fight is on. This incident was very easy to handle properly for any rookie or officer who has common sense. This never needed to take place but these type of incidents are common with officers that have less the 5-6 years of experience.

    • semichorus

      Here’s the rule:

      Whenever you see a City Attorney filing charges in serious incidents — and not the DA — it means that the DA laughed them out of the office, or completely off the phone.

      There’s no case. And so the CA is doing it instead to both save face and keep the other side from suing the same city for misconduct– for at least as long as possible.

      This is especially true of that kid at the pool with the supposed spy camera a few weeks ago. A true case like this as described would be clearly DA worthy.

      This one ain’t. It also smacks of a serious conflict of interest, because the City attorney is also representing the kid’s employer at the pool — while prosecuting him at the same time. In effect, the City of Burbank is prosecuting a city employee who could very easily have a GREAT lawsuit against his City of Burbank boss for invasion of privacy and committing a warrantless search.

      Which means of course that the CA is going to have the same boss lie through their teeth about actually “witnessing” the alleged misdeeds, because that’s the only legal grounds they had for seizing and searching his phone.

      Or, they’ll lie and claim they obtained “consent.”

  4. chad

    I wouldn’t know since I can’t access the page. It’s closed.

    • CornFused

      Same here. I can access the page, but not the comments. Not a Facebook user myself, but my wife has an account…so, not sure of their procedures to access all content.

  5. donkeypunch

    Her post was an incoherent ESL mess. She probably took it down herself after the backlash/comments seemed to be less than in her favor. I doubt anyone else deleted it, because if the Burbank page is slanted as you constantly rail, it made the mother look foolish… and also somehow was a funding pitch for a home for boys that don’t behave so good.

    If her post was any indication, I doubt she had the capacity to clearly communicate with the officer.

    • semichorus

      They take down anything they think is political. I don’t think it was hers, it was some supporter.

      What does ESL have to do with it?

      • Anonymous

        What does ESL have to do with it? The implications are clear

        It’s her own fault for

        (a being a shitty mom

        (b giving birth to a disabled child

        (c not being white.

        Ethnic cleansing AND eugenics–Burbank 2035

        • semichorus

          Yes. I hate Burbank more than ever. It was NEVER this bad when I was growing up.

        • Anonymous 241


          And it was deleted by the admin Scott Talamantes, who I believe even creates a new post to acknowledge having removed it.

          The group is a cesspool of lowest common denominator reactionary bigots afraid of any POC and their own shadows. At least a half dozen times now someone suggests shooting or pulling a gun on someone for offenses such as tagging and leaf blower noise.

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