Media bias? More like media lies


Fruition? That’s a pretty strong word they’re using now in this race of theirs to the finish.

These guys are all really, really sure of this thing, aren’t they? It’s getting to be wearying how wrong this is:

Airport terminal project moves closer to fruition

Plans to build a 14-gate replacement terminal at Hollywood Burbank Airport took another step closer to fruition on Monday after the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority decided to move forward with the project.

Authority members voted 8-0, with commissioner Steve Madison absent, to approve the project’s environmental-impact report, which analyzed the possible impacts of building a 355,000-square-foot terminal on the northeast portion of the airfield known as the B-6 parcel…

Commissioners also approved a development agreement with Burbank, which lays out the responsibilities and powers each agency will have during the construction process and after the terminal is completed.

One of the conditions authority members said they are proud of is establishing a super-majority voting requirement among the authority’s nine commissioners on major issues, such as increasing the number of gates, expansion of the terminal, acquiring land or entering into a long-term contract.

While only a simple majority is currently required on those issues, the super-majority mandates that two of the three representatives from each of the cities that make up the authority must give their approval.

A “protection” that’s incredibly easy to circumvent, because it’s really no protection at all — just get in another Bowman/Flavin Burbank City Council in the future and watch what happens.

Or a couple of “Leadership Burbank” grads who’re now being trained to become a part of the local big growth booster crowd.

The agreement, if approved by the City Council, would also establish an alternative review process for the terminal’s design. The process would have no less than six public design workshops and every Burbank resident must be notified of any community meeting relating to the design of the facility.

What review?

You mean PR sell-job? The public will be provided no further opportunity to alter or amend these plans, because they’ve already been agreed upon by the two parties. There’s no “alternative” anything — the council’s not going to be changing the DA just because some people might gripe at the “workshops.”

Frank Quintero, authority board president, said that Monday was the day that current and past commissioners have been waiting for as they have spent decades trying to develop a project that would become a reality.

“It’s not going to be a huge Taj Mahal that is not in any way going to bring us more traffic or even more flights, but it will be a safe terminal in an excellent location,” he said. “I think it’s going to be a wonderful experience for all of the travelers.”

Ha! It’ll create lots more traffic and lots more flights. That’s the whole idea — if cosmetic convenience was the point of it all then they’d just be remodeling their current site.

As to safety, that’s a canard as well. Scare tactic is probably the better term.

Now that the authority has given the project a green light, the replacement terminal project just needs two more critical approvals. At 6 p.m. on July 25 and 26, the City Council will hold a public hearing for the development agreement, and members will decide if they should approve the first reading of the ordinance.

On Aug. 1, council members are expected to decide whether to approve the second reading of the development-agreement ordinance and call for a Measure B election.

Any act to actually “approve” this development agreement (and in a formal ordinance no less) prior to the Measure B vote automatically makes the approval invalid. All the council can do is just put it on the ballot for the voters to decide.

Not only is this what Measure B requires in its specifics, but a formal council action to approve the DA which occurs before the vote can only be reversed by another citizens referendum afterwards, a process that is not contained within Measure B. What if the November vote is “No”?

That’s why the “prior voter approval” language in the Measure B ballot statement was so precise. It can’t work any other way. The council has no approval rights in the matter of any new or expanded airport terminal within the City of Burbank.

That’s the law. The Burbank voters decided in 2001 that they have sole and exclusive authority under Measure B when it comes to approving the expansion or relocation of the airport terminal.


And like we’ve said many times before, even Golonski agrees with us on this one. And he helped write Measure B!

Under Measure B, Burbank residents must approve any project on the B-6 parcel. Should the City Council call for an election, the issue will appear on the Nov. 8 ballot.

Should the ballot measure fail, airport officials have said that they will forgo constructing the terminal on the B-6 parcel and instead build the new facility on the southwest section of the airfield, which they say does not require voter approval because the airport owns the property.

Not so. Under Measure B, any discretionary approvals for facility needs that are above and beyond what the Authority is already allowed at their current site must also be approved by the voters prior to the city entering into any additional agreement with them.

Now the Authority might not need very many approvals on their current property, but whatever they do need must go to a public Burbank vote before the city grants them any. This means CUPs, AUPs, whatever.

The law is so clear and compelling here that we can only wonder one thing. What is this council crowd trying to pull? Do they realize that this official pre-vote approval ordinance they’re planning on will make the entire decision invalid?

Btw … notice how in these many news articles there’s been a total refusal on the part of the Leader to cover any kind of dissent or opposition?






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11 responses to “Media bias? More like media lies

  1. 91505

    The whole airport “deal” is nothing but a PR snow job.

  2. Doug

    I feel that the council wants this new bigger airport and they know this will all be a disaster so they hope we vote for it so they can say well the public approved it so the blame is not on us. For that reason alone I will vote no because they (the council) are bringing us a disaster and not a good deal.

    • semichorus

      I think the boosters are doing everything they can to turn this into a default check-off decision on the part of the voters. For the council to approve it first creates a sense of momentum and inevitability.

      Unfortunately, it also completely violates both the spirit and letter of Measure B. Golonski was getting at the first; we’ve proven the latter.

  3. Jessica

    Where’s Fronnie Lewis?
    She is reported to be Missing.
    Her Blog, Media City Groove has posted NO Comments for a long time.

    Is she busy baking muffins and peanut brittle or is she Hiding?

    Last seen leaving doorway of Romancing the Bean.

    • Rosie

      You’re right Jessica, no comments on Media City Groove since last month that would be June.
      Has anyone heard if Fronnie Lewis is OK and on vacation?

      • Judie

        Nothing posted since July 8th.
        No comments since last month.
        “Someone’s in the Kitchen with……..”
        SOLD in Magnolia Park.

        • semichorus

          I’m sure you’ll make friends with our Black population with that one, Judie. All three of them.

          • Judie

            That’s just the problem.
            One’s missing, and apparently no one noticed.
            Seriously, there has been no activity for awhile and one starts to wonder if anyone has checked on her well being.
            Any info please post, thanks.

  4. Stan

    I just read this measure B and you are right about what it says. Any approvals of a replacement terminal must be approved by voters so no building permits approved unless the voters say yes to it. Sounds like the airport is full of shit. They would need building approvals no matter where they build a new terminal.

    • semichorus

      It applies to the B-6 property for a number of legal reasons established years ago.

      But Measure B also applies to anything discretionary at their current property. There may not be much the Authority needs above and beyond what they’re already allowed there, but if they need more — like an AUP or CUP here or there– it falls under Measure B.

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