Everything goes!


This is sadder than sad. As seen on Craigslist:


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Additional Pictures:
http://dakotarosefilm.com/p893467783Due to unfortunate circumstances I am having to sell the entirety of my B/W Darkroom. Going to college while working in addition to this passion project proved overbearing. What you see listed is a complete, functional darkroom for small, medium, and large format black and white printing in addition to full-size mural printing. Looking to sell as a lot, not individual items. The original intention of this Darkroom was to be a communal printing space for several photographic societies I helped found in the Bay area while attending UC Berkeley (#Cinebears-Filmmaking at UC Berkeley, and Delta Kappa Alpha Cinematic Fraternity).Some of the highlights of this darkroom are: three 8×10 enlargers (Saltzman-with 12×12 aristo cold light, Elwood, and Omega XL with a Pavelle 403 color head), Durst Laborator 1000 (CLS450 color head), Beseler, Illford, and Omega enlargers along with a few dozen 35mm Canon cameras with lenses, and a rotating darkroom door. All enlargers come with negative carriers, light sources, and contrast filters. I’m also selling three darkroom sinks with temperature control valves (one of which has drying racks built into it). I also have print washers 16×20 and film washers. I’ve got as many dunk tanks as you’d ever need for every format plumbed for nitrogen burst agitation. A restaurant ventilation system is also included to suck the fumes away from your printing sink.In addition to the larger items I have dozens of safe lights, enlarging easels, contact printers, grain finders, printing trays (4×5-20×24), expired B/W and color paper, dodging and burning tools–enough stuff here to start an entire school or community project. I even have fluorescent shop lights for sale. I had a mini gaming station at the darkroom with a commodore 64 set up (monitor, joysticks, a few hundred games included)- this of course is also for sale. I have two 4×8 tables I made as well as two 4×8 pieces of tempered glass I was using as work space. I was eventually going to paint one of them matte black so I could use it as the Saltzman easel, but never got the chance. For specific items please see the photos on my website. I apologize in advance for the quality of photos, but I simply do not have the time to take individual studio shots of every item.

If you have friends in the area that would like to inspect the lab don’t hesitate to contact me; we are based in Chico,ca. Will offer delivery to L.A. area if Uhaul costs are covered. The 8X10 enlargers are incredibly large and the Saltzman will require a larger truck. I fabricated the steel legs and table for it and made them bolt-ons, making it more ‘portable’. Included with the Saltzman are original blueprints for the enlarger, catalogs, and WWII era instruction manual for it’s operation.

If you have any questions feel free to PM me for individual prices or to make an offer on the entire lot.

Additional Pictures:

Thanks for looking everyone, and happy printing!

Dakota Rose

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers


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4 responses to “Everything goes!

  1. chad

    That, my friends, is one solid individual.

    • semichorus

      Yes. It’s too bad that the handicraft nature of analog technology and the idea of communal interaction are both completely obsolete.

  2. chad

    Interesting point. Digital technology creates a more individual process? No pun intended.

    • semichorus

      I think digital makes it easy for people to work alone and not have to be communal. Their product of course shows that.

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