In response to BlackLivesMatter, BPD to arm up even more


Talk about insensitivity.

Notice that there’s nothing here about how — in light of Baton Rouge and Minnesota –the Burbank Police Department is going to be more sensitive and responsive to the people?

Nope. And no effort to address the underlying problem of police overreaction, either. That’s being ignored.

The Burbank Police Department mourns the Dallas Police Department’s tragic losses last night, and has communicated our thoughts and prayers to them and the community they protect and serve.

This event has significant implications for our profession.  As a result, we are in the process of evaluating our policies, procedures, and practices as they relate to officer safety.  The evaluation includes, but is not limited to, weapons systems, protective equipment, call-taking protocols, training, the collection and distribution of intelligence, and our deployment protocols.  Consequently, effective today, I am authorizing that all of our shotguns’ primary load to be slug rounds; that is, five slug rounds in the weapon and four buckshot rounds on the side saddle.  It is important that you know that your feedback from recent events is something we prioritize to ensure that you are mission ready during your daily deployments.

Mission ready? What is this, the Burbank military?

Please be assured that our community is solidly supportive of this Department and our mission.  This is underscored by the receipt of scores of communications supporting our delivery of police service and your untiring work to protect the community of Burbank.  The communications we have received collectively expressed concern for your personal safety.

Here is an example of an email received today:

“Just a note 2 thank the Burbank Police Dept., 4 all their efforts in keeping and enforcing rules in this town that continue 2 keep it safe regardless what is going on in the world.  They do not get enough credit 4 what they do.  We all need 2 support our local Police Dept., as well as every other Police Dept., in the U.S.  We wouldn’t continue 2 b the great nation that we r without them.  Thank u again.”

Be safe, stay safe, and be assured that you are our primary concern and that you have the public’s support.  And please keep the community of Dallas and their victims and families in your thoughts and prayers.

Burbank Police Chief Scott LaChasse

Chief Scott LaChasse

Deputy Chief Mike Albanese

Captain Ron Caruso


What in the world do the events in Dallas have to do with Burbank? Nothing at all — except to be used as an excuse for them to become even more authoritarian and arrogant than ever.

How is the BPD in any harm now? Are they expecting a sudden new war with the schvartzes or something?

Is there any responsible civilian leadership in this town? Where are the adults in charge here? Rogers of all people should know better.

Yes, here they come, Burbank…




Btw, there’s some absolutely hilarious stuff going on right now at the We Love Burbank! Facebook page.

The administrators there are desperately trying to hide the fact that so many fans of that particular version of Burbank have a big, big problem with BlackLivesMatter and criticism of the police. But it’s not working too well.




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7 responses to “In response to BlackLivesMatter, BPD to arm up even more

  1. Anonymous

    The fucking chief really talks like that?
    🌭 2 🐝 🍃

  2. Anonymous

    For all of you that get tingly in your butt holes when police are being shot here is your video:

  3. Jay

    I think by being prepared we avoid incidents

    • 33

      I think the people on the We Love Burbank page should call it the We Love To Talk About Ourselves page. That page reminds me of Stepford.

  4. chad

    The arms race starts at home.

  5. Citizen Cane

    Semi, you are the expert!

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