The BPD has nothing to worry about from angry Black people

Nor does anyone else; and if some of the White people in Burbank had any idea what Black life is really all about they wouldn’t be acting so stupid about the situation. If anything, angry Black people have a lot more to worry about from the BPD.

Or aggrieved White people. Apparently there’s some brou ha ha going on right now over at that City of Burbank Facebook page because the site administrators supposedly took down one of those race-baiting “prayers to our police” that always get passed around among the FOX News fans whenever the politics starts to go against them.

If so, good for the administrators, because the last thing the BPD needs is to be associated with a bunch of reactionary kooks. Burbank’s also not going to be soon invaded by a Black Lives anything.

Now of course, if they build all those thousands of new apartments that the developers want Downtown…

Which in our view might turn out to be a good thing if it included this:


04metjnl_600 (1)

It’d certainly be good for Burbank, and for the white-ass ignoramuses that infest the place.




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9 responses to “The BPD has nothing to worry about from angry Black people

  1. Anonymous 3

    So the moderators over at CofB did their job and removed a hateful comment?

    Unlike YOU, Jimmy.

    • semichorus

      No one here has yet published prayers about saving White people from the schvartzes.

      Give it up. That place is more vile than the biggest Rogerian fantasies about what goes on over here. It’s Burbank’s Id.

      • Anonymous 3

        It got pulled. 9000 members and one posts some hysteria. Nothing like this swamp of insults and childish abuse.

        • semichorus

          Don’t like that low class Gustav Mahler either, eh?

          Keep trying A3. I can’t wait until some of that crowd starts shooting at each other.

  2. Anonymous

    In order to quell the whimsical assumptions and fantastical accusations surrounding the removal of a prayer/post yesterday… Despite the original poster stating that her post was “not Political” and then posting a warning today to all Republican and non-Democrat residents that their posts will be removed… Which kind of contradicts or rather- throws the “not political” statement right out the window- please know:

    The post was removed not because of political slant (one way or the other), racial bias, credibility, religious bias or any other reason that one’s imagination is able to contrive, other than it was causing inappropriately political/racial, name calling, and insult slinging comments to be made between members of this online Burbank community(similar to the comments I’m reading under your post from today!)… And that is not ok. So to be clear, it had nothing to do with the prayer or post, but rather the string of comments that were following it!
    I have no doubt that the original post was well intentioned, honest and in complete support for the safety of the men and women who protect us and our community. I will be the first to say that posting in support of the well being of our fire/police personnel after an ambush style sniper attack is not only acceptable but welcome and encouraged!
    I regret not making this clear to you earlier and I wholeheartedly Thank You for expressing your concern for the safety of our BFD and BPD personnel!! Thank you again for staying involved and for your contributions to this group!

  3. chad

    Is this the City of Burbank page administered by Jess and Scott Talamantes?

  4. John

    Anonymous 3 get off your step ladder, there have been more than one insulting comment on City of Burbank. People can only talk about how perfect everything is for so long before they begin to wake up and smell the coffee there buddy

  5. JR

    and Anon 3 speaks again

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