Yes, because all the Blacks here might suddenly rise up

Concerned, sure. But “high alert”?

In white-ass Burbank?

Deadly shooting in Dallas puts Glendale, Burbank police on high alert

Glendale and Burbank patrol officers were ordered to pair up on Thursday night in the wake of a deadly shooting in Dallas that claimed the lives of five police officers.

The redeployments were ordered as a precaution, as there were no known threats to the Glendale or Burbank police departments, where officers routinely ride solo. Crescenta Valley sheriff’s deputies were also doubling up in patrol cars…

Burbank patrol officers doubled up on Thursday evening and Friday, and police officials planned to reevaluate the deployment for Friday’s night shift.

“We believe it is safer when you have somebody in the car with you…being your eyes and ears where you’re not looking,” said Burbank Police Sgt. Claudio Losacco.


Any excuse to feel like victims — and to change the dialog. Now it’s the residents who are being placed on the defensive.

This isn’t just silliness for a place like Burbank. It’s blatant political reaction. Remember this?

Ohhh yes. Here they come….


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11 responses to “Yes, because all the Blacks here might suddenly rise up

  1. Chad

    Hmm…well trained veteran with easy access to assault weapons. And still, we need to have these weapons, why?

  2. Chad

    Again…why don’t police unions demand stronger gun laws? It’s a work place issue if nothing else.

    • semichorus

      Yes. They certainly don’t like the idea of open carry, or all these semi-automatic weapons in people’s hands.

  3. Anonymous

    Chad, They defend your constitutional rights not take them away!

  4. Metro Monitor

    Beverly Hills just today. Not much has changed since Thursday night. Heck, this could be BURBANK. Lol

    • semichorus

      Isn’t there an old Oscar Levant joke about getting caught walking in Beverly Hills?

      Maybe it was Fred Allen. Nothing’s changed. I’ll bet it was a residential call. He’s actually lucky he was south of Wilshire.

      I used to get stopped all the time by Alvarez when he’d see me walking in Burbank back in the 70s and 80s. Usually I just had library books with me.

  5. Chad

    Actually, the NRA and their attorneys do most of that.

  6. Edwin

    Chad gun control laws do nothing. Remember 9-11 airplanes were used, Boston Marathon bombs were used. McVey used a truck and fertilizer. When people want to kill they will kill. We have many gun control laws right now how’s that working for you ?

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