Talk about breaking the law


Meanwhile, the future Republican nominee is actively soliciting campaign contributions from foreigners — which is blatantly illegal.

He got called on the carpet for this last month, and is still at it:


What does the corporate media say about this?

“Hillary Hillary!”

This was the Scottish MP’s response last month:


And he did it again on July 7!



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21 responses to “Talk about breaking the law

  1. Gary

    oh and just why does the Clinton Foundation receive millions from countries that kill gays and force women into slavery ?

    • semichorus

      Which means the Clintons are big gay killers and enslavers.


      • Bryan

        Hillary has flipped flop by convenience on the gay rights issue for years, and of course she lies about it counting on the fact that many people have short memories

        • semichorus

          I am SO touched by the GOP’s sudden concern for LGBT rights.

          As well as the rights of women in general. This was the same crowd btw that tried to get a Constitutional amendment together to ban gay marriage outright.

          You’re all such fucking morons and phonies.

          • Bryan

            Excuse me but President Bill Clinton signed DOMA into law while first lady Hillary went around talking about the protection of marriage and making sure it is sanctified by being only between a man and a woman

    • Der Spiegel

      I would lay money on Nolan backing Clinton. Nolan has a nack for backing losers. Maybe its the Hawaiian shirts.

      • semichorus

        You’d lose.

        • Der Spiegel

          Since Semichorus and Nolan are one in the same person I will bet Nolan supports Hillary

          • Alex

            Well, they both need haircuts.
            And, they love Burbank–the real Burbank.

            • Morgan

              Not speaking German or being a fan of catalogs, it’s hard to figure out
              the point of Der Spiegel.

              Knowing Nolan from working on campaigns over the years (or when I
              tagged along with my dad) here are just a few:

              Jack Whitney
              Charlie Compton
              Dallas Williams
              Dr. Jarvey Gilbert
              Mary Lou Howard
              Mary Kelsey
              Larry Tate
              Jim Richman
              Al Dossin
              Stacy Murphy
              Tom Fusselman
              George Haven
              Byron Cook
              Bob McKenzie
              and others my dad can’t remember.

              The Mike Nolan we know also registered voters on a regular basis.
              Dad says Mike was Honored to be a Pall Bearer for Jack Whitney.

  2. Jerry

    Hillary laughing at all those people who have fallen for her lies and her deception

  3. Chuck

    When I watch Hillary Clinton I feel like I am watching Emily Luddies, sorry but that right there turns me off

  4. Anonymous Burbanker

    We are Americans and we are being sold out by our leaders who are bringing in terrorists to our country from terrorist countries. Orlando, San Bernardino, Paris, Brussels and the list goes on shows that we must be prepared to protect ourselves we can not count on our leaders to protect us from much of anything and REMEMBER BENGHAZI and fellow Americans allowed to die with no support and no help.

    • Carlos

      We need to learn what is happening before it is too late and more people die.
      Gun free zones are the most dangerous places in America

  5. Eileen

    In my humble opinion Hillary has always claimed to be the champion of the poor and minorities and of women yet in reality she has never done anything that did not profit herself ever. I do not believe she cares about anyone but herself.

    • Doug

      Hillary wants to disarm Americans but she has not disbarment her own security. I say disarm your security first Hillary and then we can talk about it

      • 91501

        Exactly take down the fence around the white house and get rid of armed security, get all guns out of the hands of security at the capital buildings and show us just how safe a gun free zone really is corrupt politicians

  6. Ellen

    I am a woman and I am voting for Trump. It is time to get serious and protect our country and Americans. Trump is a successful businessman who has created many jobs while Hillary has cost jobs and American lives. For me the choice is very clear.

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