So why doesn’t the BPD have cameras?


It’s so that no one can document things like this, in Minnesota:



Can you imagine the cover-up that would have resulted absent this video?

On-board and body cameras on police officers are good things. You get to see what kind of consent was actually granted during a stop, what the PC was, and what really happened in an incident.

Which is why the BPD doesn’t want them, and have been actively avoiding their implementation.

They’re not alone — most police forces feel the same way. The difference is that many other towns have civilian overseers who are conscientious about these issues and insist on maintaining some kind of oversight.

Not Burbank.


BTW … they were pulled over for a “broken tail light”… which is classic bullshit PC for a phony stop and search. Burbank used to do this all the time in the 80s and 90s, and they may do it still. It’s PC 101.

It’s also harassment. Half the time that “tail light” or “brake light” isn’t really broken or burned out. It’s just an excuse to pull people over. The classic Burbank cop line at night back then was that your tail light was “blinking.”

The media of course is not asking about why these people were stopped in the first place. You can be damned sure too that if their tail light wasn’t broken to begin with at the time of the initial stop (which it probably wasn’t), it was definitely broken to bits by the time the tow truck showed up.

Don’t believe us? Ask any defense attorney. Especially the ones who used to be prosecutors.




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50 responses to “So why doesn’t the BPD have cameras?

  1. Y.E.

    so who remembers this peach from the past ?

    • semichorus

      She IS an idiot.

      And worse, she and her mother thought that they were the doyennes of ethnic relations in Burbank. Every issue or complaint had to have their approval before it was considered to be legitimate.

      The Burbank Establishment literally snuggled into the warmth of their embrace. If they thought you were Ok, you were.

      As such, everything slipped into the ether — at least until the FBI came in. She was so GROSSLY irresponsible and incompetent about the very matters she thought she was so swift about.

      It was a total and complete nightmare dealing with those two.

      • Orchard Drive

        Semichorus, watching council meetings on TV I have seen Ramos up there acting as if she is still important trying to tell us how she manages our water now. When I saw here my first thought was we are in trouble. From the things she did on the council and the problems she created the last thing we need is her in charge of water. I cringed when I saw her on television telling the city council all about water. I have zero confidence in her abilities after her council perfromance

  2. Chad

    That video may end being the national version of the Rodney King video. I think I’ve mentioned this before. I grew up in a violent, Black neighborhood in the 60s. That was really hard to sit through for many reasons but I lost it at end when the daughter said to her mother, “It’s okay, I’m here with you.” Jayzuz.

  3. Anonymous 3

    Money. There USED to be Federal grants which other PDs got, but they are all used up.

    • Sue

      More useless information, based on “inside” information.

      • Anonymous 3

        More of that high minded commentary that got past Jimmy’s moderation and so differentiates this site from City of Burbank.

        Hey, whose sock are you, anyway?

        • semichorus

          Nice try, A3.

          Some of this nutty comment stuff going on is obviously phony. Most of it, actually, because I can trace where it’s coming from through WordPress. It’s deliberately designed for guys like you to make a guilt by association case to help discredit the message. That’s why I leave it on — the phony misspellings too are always hilarious to see.

          This always happens when I begin to cut deep — such as question the BPD, or point out the bad faith tactics of the airport boosters, in this case the latest blatant violations of the express terms of Measure B. It’s no coincidence that every time I do hit hard against the local establishment these kind of off-topic “comments” you’re talking about suddenly appear.

          It began right away this week — like immediately — directly after I made the case that what the council and planning board are doing now is illegal. It always happens after I go after the BPD, too. So this week is a bonanza.

          At one time people actually got paid to litter this blog (and others) with nutcase-type stuff in order to discredit the topics that were being discussed. That’s when it first started. And they may still.

          So again, nice try in trying to change the topic. It won’t work. If you honestly think that my readership is composed of fools and right-wing nutcases you’re quite in error. It’s an old Rogerian tactic that doesn’t work any more, if it ever really did.

          Burbank is such a sleazy town at times. And it’s getting worse the more the stakes increase for the shills and boosters.

          • Anonymous 3

            Which is more amazing? Your puffed up sense of self importance, or your paranoia.

            They make an amusing cocktail.

            And your various socks are a hoot as well.

        • E

          lol ANONYMOUS 3 that city of Burbank page is a total circle jerk. A bunch of jerks sitting in a circle thinking they are better than everyone else.

          • semichorus

            That Facebook page is Burbank’s true Id. It is indeed the “real” Burbank. Its sponsors are right!

            And I just love seeing what’s on there. Talk about bigoted, paranoid a-holes.

            Burbank’s truly trash town again. It makes me almost HOPE that that stupid airport project wins the vote. These Burbank people truly DESERVE what’s going to happen to them with it if it passes, as well as those thousands of new apartments that are being foisted on them by city staff members.

          • Anonymous 3

            And this place is a swamp, sock.

            • semichorus

              I’m telling you, it must be the Delius. He’s so low class! He really mucks up this site.

              (Whatcha wanna bet that the only person at that City of Burbank LoveFest who even knows what a “Delius” is is Rogers? And I’m not too sure about that.)

          • Anonymous 3

            A circle jerk that little Jimmy is jealous of.

            Hey, whoever you are, Jimmy or Mike or whoever, do you think you could name your socks more imaginatively than “E”?

            It’s just lazy, I say.

            • semichorus

              Yes, I wish I had the time to go out and search for all those dangerous homeless people sitting on the bus stops. Or poor people begging at Vons who might be driving a Mercedes if I followed them around all day to find out.

              Do you even know what a sockpuppet is? The key intent is deception…

              Let me know when that City of Burbank LoveFest gets past 2,000,000 hits, ok?

  4. Chad

    About video cameras…BPD has audio recorders that you don’t know are on which is rather deceiving but legal.

    • semichorus

      A3, they didn’t apply for grants when they could. Because they don’t want them.

      Glendale has more than Burbank. So once again, you’re full of shit.

  5. Steve

    I am surprised to hear that every Burbank cop car doesn’t have a camera. It is the media capital of the world but we don’t have cameras ???

  6. Tom

    If somebody called her an idiot maybe she should have listened to the guy because he was right

    • semichorus

      City staff and the BPD would always lie to her and she’d take it all in as the truth.

      My favorite story about her in this area is “The Dr. Phil House” debacle up on Bel Aire and Cypress. Some day I’ll tell it again. They lied THROUGH THEIR TEETH about what was really going on there, and she’d repeat these claims to people as if they were authoritative — and so that’s that.

      • Tom

        taking in the lies sounds normal for Burbank City Council Members. I am convinced that the requirement to be a city council member is to be brain dead. Look at Rogers and Talamantes that is so brain dead there is no sign of life

        • HF

          I usually watch the council meetings a few days after they took place and I can’t tell you how many times I hear the city employees say something so absurd to me but I watch the council members ( except for Gordon) sit there and say see the experts said so this is how it is. I just want to throw something at them because what they have been told is such science fiction and we all know it but they do not seem to be able to grasp reality.

        • semichorus

          The word for them is “credulous.” Or in fact “careless.”

          Most of these council people are too lazy and too uncritical to think much about what goes on around them.

          Years ago McConkey told a great story about the old staff manipulation tactic of “surrounding you with love” when you first take office. It was true then and true now.

        • DixieFlyer

          When the Police Mess was going full blast, it was Marsha that our then Deputy Chief Taylor went to.

          Doesn’t that tell you about TRUST?

          Marsh IS doing a good job at MWD.

          Even a broken clock is RIGHT twice per day.

  7. Sustainability Genie

    Here is the Burbank City Council idea of how to be sustainable. Thanks you Councilwoman Luddy

  8. HF

    Why does it seem like the city is sticking video cameras all over intersections in town to spy on all of us but they don’t put cameras on themselves ?

    • semichorus

      Are there traffic cameras now at selected intersections?

      A number of years ago the council elected NOT to have them in Burbank. Are they being slowly sneaked in?

  9. Get Real

    “…Paranoia strikes deep…into your heart it will creep…”.

    Just cuz you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.

    If the cams keep the “HFs” in their cellars on their ‘pewters’ and off the streets, so much the better.

    • Jerry

      Not sure something is paranoia when it is right there and visible. Paranoia is more a result from things that can not be seen yet are believed.

      • Just Sayin'

        Actually, your premise is contradictory to the fact that any citizen can view real-time, large multi-screen images of many intersections at the Public Works building on the South side of Orange Grove at Third Street. Oft, the archived “footage” of these busy intersections has acted as a crystal clear “trier of fact” to assess fault of traffic collisions. Many of the HF ilk think they are red light cams (a-la L.A. City Fail), but a trip from the cellar to PW may make even the most devout admirers of Buffalo Springfield lyrics migrate to some coherence in their thinking. Just sayin’…

        • semichorus

          Yeah, I haven’t heard anything about red light cameras in Burbank. The council made a decided “no” decision about them years ago. I think LA still has theirs deactivated. The traffic control cameras have been here for years.

          I’ll print any paranoia/rumors that come in here, because most often they’re refuted, like now. Thanks for the info.

  10. 91505

    Just had to share this exchange from the Burbank Page that anonymous 3 thinks so highly of

    George Young Your job is to report don’t confront , some people get very angry . Changing times people are quick to fight or who knows what they will do . Just saying !!

    Like · Reply · July 5 at 3:32pm


    Robert Whitford

    Robert Whitford Well when 3 pit bulls are all off leash and attacking my leashed dogs fuck you!!! I’ve been attacked by off leash dogs and one of my shepards almost killed one of them who fault is that !!!!

    Like · Reply · July 5 at 4:37pm


    Robert Whitford

    Robert Whitford Your job is to report fuck off you pussy little bitch when my safety is at risk I fucking act

    Like · Reply · July 5 at 4:38pm

    • semichorus

      I love it.

      That “City of Burbank!” Facebook page is so much worse than the critics of this blog (and their complicitous trolls) could possibly fantasize about this one. Even their phony plants here don’t get as good as the natural Burbank insanity and idiocy that’s being regularly displayed on that one!

      • Jan

        I am left to wonder if the three unleashed pit bulls are walking with Shelley. After all Shelley does believe dogs have more rights than people.

      • Toad

        Oh wow can I report that they are using foul language and bullying people on the Burbank page ? Who can I report it to ? Maybe anon 3 takes the complaints ?

        • semichorus

          They can do whatever they want there. But when fans of that site pass judgment about what goes on over here, it’s rather silly. The content bears no comparison.

          I was really surprised the first time someone showed me what goes on at that We Love Burbank! Facebook site. It’s like a parody of the historical worst of Burbank.

      • Terri

        As usual Semichorus Mr Rogers needs to go look in a mirror and see the red plastic ball on his clown nose.

    • Anonymous 3

      I bet the moderator erased that pretty quickly. Unlike Jimmy.

      And I only say that CofB is superior to this swamp. Not saying much.

  11. Chad

    Can anyone recommend a good product for flea prevention? Is it me or are the fleas really bad this season? My dogs are having a rough time.

  12. Anonymous

    20k for ladies night would buy a lot of body cams. 😐

    • Edith

      Remember the reports of anger when the Garbage Wagons showed-up before the Movie Trucks left on the “last Friday of the month”?
      It seems only s o m e of the businesses were compensated.
      Ashly, the fearless leader of Mag Park Merchants, failed to demonstrate her ability to lead that night.
      How much money did that day generate?
      How much did Scary Kerry get?
      How many times did they shoot in the last 6 months?
      Now, why are we taxpayer’s paying for trash pick-up?????

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