Sustainability? Let’s talk about green space instead


If you really want to get staff and their developer friends nervous about the latest over-expansive condo and apartment projects that were being planned behind the scenes for so long, just ask them what they’re going to do about Burbank’s serious deficit in what is known in the industry as “green space.”

For instance, none of these proposed Downtown mega-projects contribute to the solution or provide an adequate allotment of green space of their own. So why isn’t this on anyone’s radar?

Remember, Burbank has long been cognizant of their deficiencies in this area, and they were even sanctioned for it at one time. Why do you think that in the 1990s they engaged in the mickey-mouse practice of trying to pawn off the old Miller School playground as a local “community park,” or played games with the AYSO fields at Luther by trying to convince people that they were in fact real and authentic “open space”?

You know what else Burbank has tried to pawn off as bona-fide open space in order to get out of this longtime problem? The city’s future building pads in the Verdugos, and even DeBell Golf Course (!)

But of course that’s not what anyone is talking about when it comes to authentic green space. Burbank doesn’t have enough parks and green space as it is, and they’re certainly not requiring their developer friends to improve the situation. Quite the opposite.

Anybody else notice? Green Space is the new buzz term that none of these planners and developers want you to get used to using. That’s because it’s a losing issue for the City of Burbank, and they know it.





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23 responses to “Sustainability? Let’s talk about green space instead

  1. DixieFlyer

    BTW, the last two issues of our Burbank Follower are two of the worst.

    What local Community News paper sells page 3, all-of-it.?

    The poor coverage of Burbank makes this Blog more significant.

    Please keep up your efforts, semi.

    Father Grainger, of the Death March, must be proud of you.

    He cared about us, we can keep it up!!!

    • semichorus

      Ah, Bob Grainger. Burbank’s 1930’s wild child who became a saint.

      Father Grainger was always spoken of in hallowed tones in my home. Thanks Dixie.

  2. Tye

    Open space like the Cusamano land grab king is proposing for first street ? Look at how dense and how large this is and there is no open space at all. I wonder what Fruitos and friends will give the Cusamano guy to get this one built so that we can have more traffic and more congestion

    • semichorus

      Yeah, open and “green space” legal considerations could easily kill these two projects.

      Which is why staff will NOT be talking much about this issue.

      Burbank ranks just horribly in green space allotment. They’ve always had a serious deficit in this area. And those two downtown mega-projects will make it far worse.

      • 91505

        That picture the guy shows looks like it belongs in downtown Los Angeles and not in Burbank. The man who wants bike lanes is a turd. Nobody will ride a bike down there in all that traffic and give me a break people won’t drive through neighborhoods. Once the streets are congested and it will be congested everyday people will turn into residential streets to get out of the traffic.13 or 14 stories does not belong in Burbank period.

  3. Sandra

    I honestly think that most of our council 9 all except Gordon) would give the parks away to the Cusamano’s for development and they would more than likely give the parks away for free if the Cusamano’s wanted to develop them into big high buildings.

    • semichorus

      Most of them wanted to give Franklin/Thornton away to the Boys and Girls Club.

      • Klye

        Mr Semichorus you are so right it was outrageous that most of our city employees and most of our park board and most of our council would even consider giving park land to a private group called the boys and girls club. That group needs to do like the rest of us and purchase their own facilities and not expect us as taxpayers to just pay for whatever they desire.

  4. MJ

    When the city talks about things being sustainable what they really mean is that they are doing things that are not sustainable at all so where does the water come from if we build more housing and bring more people here ? They are already turning Burbank into a desert with dead grass and flowers and trees everywhere you look.

  5. Burbank News

    Councilman Rogers asks the million dollar question, do we have enough water for hundreds of new apartments in towers ? The answer is simple, we have the water it will just cost more. So folks Cusamano lives outside of Burbank, Cusamano builds more and more and guess who will get to pay higher rates for water to provide for his buildings ? You got it YOU and ME and do most of our council care ? NO

    • 91505

      That’s right water like anything is available if you pay enough for it and you are right these projects will drive up demand and then we will al get to pay more to help pay for the water needs of these massive projects. That is just wrong and not at all sustainable.

  6. Sustainability Genie

    Can we make Mr Cusamano learn this song ?

    • semichorus


      A once good idea has become a total joke. This is what happens when business co-opts the good things in life. Sustainability now means let’s get bigger and bigger.

      It’s just profane what’s happened to the concept. It’s like using Ansel Adams photos to sell building plots in Yosemite.

  7. Dianne

    Yes to more open green space and NO to more big buildings that ruin everything that is Burbank that’s how I see it. Oh and no bigger airport either. Burbank is a small city and we can’t handle more big buildings

  8. The Green Menace

    I’ve always thought of the Greens as a cloud of noxious farts. The sort that lingers and follows you around, but if we can use the left wing green eco-nut terms ie. “green space” to stop the destruction (over building) of Burbank by the governing class, I’m all for it.

    Now, if you can just figure out a way to use the same the left wing green eco-nut terms to take down the airport expansion that would not only be a hat trick, but you might just get a bronze statue of yourself placed just below Dr. David Burbank at 5 points.

  9. Anon

    #echochamber #suckinginownbathwater #circlejerk

    • semichorus

      There’s something seriously wrong with you, isn’t there?

      You’re the same one who once said that you “didn’t give a fuck” about the BUSD having to pay out $3.2 million for a school employee who they’d repeatedly screwed over. That level of cynicism and lack of concern is mindboggling.

  10. Chad

    The level of arrogance in that Cusumano video is unreal. He operates knowing the City Council and Board will just rubber stamp. Pathetic.

    • semichorus

      Lack of adequate green space is a great way of taking these projects down. The area itself already has a deficit.

      The city’s known this for years.

  11. Tom

    It always seems like the Cusumanos own most of the city council in Burbank. Wonder how fast Frutoes will jump on the band wagon to give Cusumano whatever he wants for this big project ??

  12. Norm

    Bob Frutos best friend Cusamano

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