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One of our most valuable correspondents back during the old police mess days was a guy named “Going Nuts.” He drove the city and their attorneys absolutely wild with grief because he was such a great, great source of inside information about the department.

Here was his version of the Kmart events:

Going Nuts
July 5, 2010 at 10:44 am

I am sick of reading the BPOA Boys and comments, I did not want to give the facts about what happened. Since Dixie is so interesting I will: Here is what is on the record…

Officer A and Ofcr B respond to a “484” Shoplift suspect in custody at K Mart.

Susp tells Ofcrs that his shoulder hurts, so the ofcrs are “PC” and use two pairs of cuffs, to give the susp room behind his back.

As ofcrs are walking susp to car (one ofcr on either side of susp), susp grabs ofcr A’s glock from his holster. Susp does not slip his cuffs…this is all with hands behind back.

Ofcr A fights for his gun and up to 4 rounds go off striking ofcr a in the torso. Kevlar works and stops bullets, but one fragments and skips into A’ leg.

Meanwhile, ofcr B enters the struggle and gets a round to the hand, which renders it non op. He takes cover and yells to citizens.

Ofcr A is still in the fight, controlling the gun, and manages to get his taser out of its holster and zaps the susp…it works and gun is dropped.

Ofcr A good job…ofcr B?

Ofcr C responds code 3 and sees the susp moving around and picks up the taser for another jolt.

Everyone including the susp is lucky to be alive. Gun take-aways are common and most end in tragedy for law enforcement. Ofcr A fought hard and probably saved lives, including his own.


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