Kmart, again


After a preliminary hearing in 2011 and almost six years from the date of the original incident, the Kmart shooting suspect is finally going to trial.

While it would be nice if the Leader would make an effort to cover both sides of this case rather than just the city’s — and would also explain why it took so long to get this far — we thought we’d review some of the internal Burbank cop info that we received here at the time.

You’re not going to see this level of detail in the regular papers. Probably not at the trial, either:


Here’s the real info. Two officers go to Kmart to pick up a suspect already arrested for theft by store security. Once they take custody and start to walk him out, he grabs one officers gun and shoots him 4 times in the chest and once in the leg. The other officer tries to help gets shot in left hand. He (officer shot in hand) turns and runs, the original officer who lost his gun uses his taser on the suspect. Problem over.


You pretty much said the jist of K-Mart. Rookie officer walking out handcuffed suspect. Rookie officer had gun side near suspect as suspect was handcuffed with 2 handcuff sets together, which is very common when a suspect is to big for only one handcuff set. Suspect was able to get rookies gun and shoot the gun. I believe one shot hit the training officers hand and when the training officer ran behind patrol car and shot back he hit the rookie officer in the middle of his chest and struck his body armor. The rookie officer was still able to fight the suspect and get his gun back. Both officers were suspended many months later. Don’t forget LAPD and LASD have killed many suspects that took or tried to take an officers gun, with 2 recent incidents. This happens in every major and sometimes small departments. It happens so quick the officer is not expecting it. The LASD just had a Deputy hit and knocked out when he picked up his keys, so bad things happen all the time. The K-Mart was a training issue that Sterh failed to take action on after the McDonald’s incident. The department did not want to give any type of positive recognition to the McDonald’s officer for retaining his gun. The department could have had a training class to remind officers regarding weapon retention after McDonald’s but his arrogant and stupid childish attitude caused the K-Mart incident to take place.



Mags is right. If these were just fluke incidents that would be one thing, but these are incompetent officers who are now serving in roles and positions at the BPD that they are NOT qualified for. The officer who’s gun went off during the search warrant on Wednesday has NO BUSINESS being a member of the SWAT or search warrant team (formerly the SED) in the first place. He only got promoted to his current detective position because he’s coffee buddies with Mike Parrinello. Look for yourself, they get coffee everyday on San Fernando Rd, maybe they’ll buy you a latte?

The shooting at KMART involved a FTO and a young officer. What kind of message does it send to the young officer when the FTO shoots him 3 times and is hiding behind the squad car. Now we are all thankful nobody was killed in that incident, but in review, the FTO did not handle it properly and that goes back to the fact that officers are in positions or have been elevated to positions within the BPD when they have NO qualifications. They only have been promoted because Parrinello, Lassaco and the BPOA Boys have promoted them because they are BBQ or Coffee buddies. That is a FACT that can not be disputed because everybody within the walls of the station knows it!


Here’s the “McDonald’s incident” they’re all talking about:

This actually took place in Burbank in 2009. A White cop fought a black 21 year old mentally ill subject off his meds. The subject was inside McDonald’s on San Fernando and the police call went out regarding a black male wearing a pink shirt and the subject told a citizen inside McDonald’s that he had a gun. The white cop found the subject coming out of the bathroom and the subject pushed the officer against the wall and ran away. The subject was blocked by a citizen and the officer tried to pull the subject to the ground as the officer did not know if the subject had a gun. The subject then grabbed the officers gun, while the gun was still locked in the holster and all three subjects (citizen on top, subject in the middle and officer on the bottom) fell to the ground. The subject continued to try to take the officers gun but the officer held onto the gun. The subject was able to reach his finger inside the gun holster as the gun was still secured in the holster, and the subject pulled the trigger. The gun fired one shot but the empty casing did not eject as the gun was still in the holster. The citizen and subject got up and the subject ran out of McDonald’s and the officer followed.

The subject ran and the officer followed as he broadcast ed the incident on his radio. The next officer arrived as the subject ran down a driveway. The other officer tried to pull up ahead of the subject to get out but the subject ran to her car door and opened her car door before she was able to get out. The subject jumped into the police car and started hitting the officer and tried to take her gun. The following officer tried to physically pull the subject out of her car but was unable to get him out so that officer pulled out his tazer and tazed the subject. The tazer only got the subject out of the car. The subject then broke the wire connection and that officers tazer was useless. The other officer then tazed the subject but the subject again broke the tazer wires and that tazer was useless. A gun was pulled on the subject and the subject was ordered to the ground but the subject then ran away. That subject was not shot as he was unarmed but was still a danger to the public and other officers. The subject ran and hid in a trash can and was located without using excessive force. If a police officer cannot hold onto his/her gun then they are not qualified to be a police officer. This officer did not allow the subject to take his gun. So it can happen anywhere and it did happen in Burbank. Not only this incident where the officer retained his gun but K-mart where the officer lost his gun.

“Mags’ in particular was a great source of info, which explains why the FBI actually caught people from the BPD trying to infiltrate this blog to find out who our sources and “comments” were coming from.




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