Here’s the original news story


This is the original story from the Leader about that Kmart shooting in 2010. Now we know why the suspect waited six years for a trial with a public defender.

Notice what details Cadelago left out? He was an excellent reporter btw.


Burbank officers shot in front of Kmart

July 02, 2010|By Christopher Cadelago

The two Burbank police officers shot while responding to a shoplifting call were wounded after the suspect took one of the officers’ service weapons, law enforcement sources said.

Details of the shooting were still under investigation Friday evening, but sources said the man had been detained by Kmart security when officers arrived outside the store on San Fernando Boulevard. Though handcuffed, the man reportedly took one of the officers’ guns while being transferred into their custody and a struggle ensued, the sources said.

Police Sgt. Robert Quesada said he was unable to confirm or deny the sources’ account. However, he did say both officers and the suspect did not sustain life-threatening injuries and are expected to recover. One of the officers was shot three times in the chest-area of his bulletproof vest, Quesada said.

The officer also suffered injuries to his leg from a possible ricochet, but was able to fight back and hold the suspect down while backup arrived.

“Even though he was hit, he was able to fight back and eventually take the suspect into custody without having to revert to deadly force,” said Quesada, who did not identify the officers. 

A Taser was deployed on the suspect, though authorities would not identify who used the less-than-lethal device.

The other officer sustained injuries after being shot in the hand. He was also wounded in the leg, and underwent surgery late Friday. 

The suspect, a young, white, thin man was wearing a bloodied shirt when he was taken away in an ambulance. Paramedics worked on the handcuffed man, whom police did not identify. Police said he was caught trying to steal Blu-ray discs.

But as it is uncharacteristic of a petty theft suspect to threaten an officer, they said they would continue looking into the man’s record.

The suspect, who was met at the scene by a woman pushing a baby stroller, yelled out while being taken away.

“Meet me at the hospital,” he said.

A handgun was found on the ground in front of the store, while officers combed the area for evidence. Surrounding streets were closed off, as was the adjacent parking lot. Authorities at about 1 p.m. began escorting shoppers inside the store to their cars.

Police provided shuttles for those whose cars were blocked by investigators and the command center, which arrived about 1:15 p.m. Anush Mirzae said she was inside a nearby linen store when she heard two gunshots. When she ran outside, she said she saw one officer tackle the man.

The man continued to resist, and a second officer Tasered him, said Frank Galuppo owner of the Curves Fitness across the parking lot from the Kmart.

“He was yelling and cursing at the officers as he lay on the ground,” said Galuppo, flashing a handheld video of the suspect being carted away by paramedics. “He was resisting real bad.”

Who shot the officer three times?

You’d think the answer would have been obvious from the beginning  — if it had been obvious.

We know what the received opinion is now, but what really happened? Police sources from the beginning were telling us that departmental chatter indicated that the 3X officer was shot by the PTO and not the suspect. Cadelago’s reporting reflects this version.

Here’s an ending detail from the news story about the preliminary hearing in 2011.

Green testified that he was unlocking his patrol car from the front-passenger side door to place the things he had in his hands on the seat when he noticed pushing and shoving between Gutierrez and Willard, who were on the other side of the vehicle.

In a matter of seconds, Green said he heard Gutierrez say, “He has my gun, he has my gun.”

As Gutierrez and Willard struggled for control of the gun, Green took out his gun but said he did not have a clear shot of the suspect.

When Green reached for his radio to call for backup, he testified that Willard fired at him, hitting him in his left hand, which was holding the radio. He added that it was difficult to recall how many shots Willard fired.

As the radio flew out of his hand, Green said Willard looked like he was falling to the ground as the scuffle with Gutierrez continued.

It was at that point that Green said he returned fire, shooting at Willard’s lower body seven to eight times. Willard suffered only minor injuries before he was subdued.

He shot at the suspect seven to eight times and didn’t inflict much damage to him?

Where did those bullets end up?

Here’s some detail from the Leader news story about last week’s trial.

When he saw his partner’s pistol in Willard’s hand, Green drew his own and approached, pointing his gun at Willard.

He shouted for help on his radio while trying to get a clear shot, which was difficult because his partner and Willard were entangled.

During the scuffle, Willard managed to point the gun at Green.

With 5 feet between them, the pair made eye contact before Green saw a muzzle flash and smoke, and immediately felt a sensation — not pain — in his left hand.

The radio he’d been holding was gone, along with the watch that had been strapped to his wrist.

Wounded, he returned fire toward Willard, firing eight rounds toward the man’s lower extremities so he wouldn’t hit his partner.

That’s when he saw the gun Willard was holding fly through the air. He rushed to the radio in his patrol car and put out a broadcast, 29 minutes after arriving at the store: “Shots fired, officer down at K-Mart.”

Within a couple of seconds, another unit arrived on scene.

Green subsequently underwent four surgeries to reconstruct his hand.

Trial testimony is slated to continue next week.

Alene Tchekmedyian,

No mention of who shot the other officer with the Kevlar vest. So who did?

Again, the received opinion is that the suspect did, but that’s not what some of our sources were saying at the time.




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15 responses to “Here’s the original news story

  1. Dan

    Didn’t the one cop shoot the other cop a bunch of times ? That is what I remember hearing about that K mart shoot out.

  2. Bill

    It sounds like maybe the reason why I never ever see a Burbank Police Car drive down my street is due to the fact that they are busy shooting at each other at the K Mart ?

  3. Anonymous

    Pathetic. Incompetent BPD lies and covers up, and the Leader can’t report the facts.
    “the reader immediately felt a sensation — utter confusion — in his mind.”

    • semichorus

      Yeah, they really have become cocksuckers to the man lately, haven’t they? Evans wasn’t this obtusely mindless about the world around them.

      There is a very serious question about exactly WHO fired all the shots. The whole attempted murder rap revolves around it. The guy should be punished of course, but for what?

  4. W.R. T.

    The Cusamano’s are at it again !!! I wonder what property and other give aways the Cusamano’s will get from their good friends at city hall this time. Take a look at this massive project they want to shove down our throats now. Cusamano says there is a great demand but that is for housing people could afford and Cusamano housing is not affordable. I think we need rent control in Burbank and it should start on these Cusamano people.

    • semichorus

      I agree.

      This “We need housing!!” mantra is a fraud. Burbank has already provided PLENTY of apartment housing the last 30 years. So this town has no moral, legal, or ethical responsibility to build more apartments “for the people,” and anyone who claims the opposite is a liar.

      What Burbank needs is AFFORDABLE housing … which is NOT on the agenda in any form.

  5. Mike

    Quick lock your doors and close your blinds nd let the I love Burbank page know this guy is on the loose

  6. Burbank 10

    Hey Semichorus remember this group of complete crazies ?

  7. Sam

    I stopped shopping at Handi Mart the day I went to shop and found these pathetic people had invaded the front of the store with petitions and dogs they were trying to sell. I have never been there again and will not go back.

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