“The True Meaning of American Freedom”


And here’s a hint as to what that really is: it’s not celebrating the American military.

It’s more like this:



Whose birthday it is today as well.

One of the great radio stations in the country these days is WKCR from Columbia University. They’ve been spending the last 18 hours playing nothing but Louis Armstrong. We got our title from them above because that’s what they’re calling their celebration.

Sci-Fi just showed this now too:


This is about the real America. Not military parades and fetishistic honors that border on the morbid and the profane.





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22 responses to ““The True Meaning of American Freedom”

  1. DixieFlyer

    God Bless You, Mr. semi.

    Just like 5 cent ice cream cones at Sav-On, your sentiments are stuck somewhere in the late sixties-early seventies………of the 1900’s.

    But for the morbid AND profane activities at various times before and since those luscious Carnation ice cream cones, none of us would recognize the America we live in today.

    Nor could we enjoy the Liberty afforded by this Blog.

    The inherent risks associated with supporting our young government was recognized by the original Patriots.

    Those folks came from various backgrounds, and yet they banded together to create our United States of America, at great risk to themselves and their loved ones.

    We had a draft for many years, not all of us were subject to the draft.

    We didn’t DODGE it, we beat it.

    With parental permission, we JOINED before registration was required.

    After training,we joined with young men from throughout the USA.

    The bullets were REAL. The loss of blood was REAL.

    Death was FINAL.

    College students donated blood for delivery to NORTH Vietnam.

    Jane Fonda, famously delivered it. Then she posed for photo’s in the
    gun tubs of anti-aircraft guns.

    Those guns were aimed to shoot down our planes, and pilots.

    Those planes were flying to help US.

    Some of us never came home.

    Some of us, after time on the Hospital Ship USS Repose, came home.

    Those of us that are left alive can welcome the opportunity to celebrate
    the Birth of Our Country, alone or with friends and family.

    Please don’t begrudge us this Special Day.

    YOU are important, mr. semi.

    So are those of us who served.

  2. Chad

    Dixie, you might be surprised to know that I support mandatory military service for everyone before the age of 25. That way, then next time politicians send our military into battle, they may actually be sending their own kids into harms way.

    The second president, John Adams,wrote to his wife about the 4th of July, “I believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought to be celebrated by pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations from one end of this continent to the other…”

    I don’t think Semi is stuck somewhere back in the 60’s an 70’s. There are millions of Americans who share much of this sentiment today in 2016.

    • semichorus

      The Fourth turned into a military holiday between about 2001 and 2012 or so. Then it went back to what it’s supposed to be.

      All of a sudden though, THIS year it’s being turned back into a celebration of “our vets.” No coincidence there, really, because it’s a GOP election year. When the right-wingers say “Jump,” the media always asks them, “How high?” So does almost everyone else.

  3. Anonymous

    So the FBI is saying Hillary might not be a criminal, but she is an incompetent moron. “Elect me! I’m just dangerously dumb!”

    • semichorus

      The FBI’s just trying to look like they’re doing something. There were NO classified emails at the time. Certain types are now retroactively seen as such, but not when she sent them. The same was found true of previous Secretary of States.

      Comey btw had NO BUSINESS making the value judgement he did today about how some documents were “classified.” Neither he nor the FBI have any knowledge OR authority to make this decision. He was just trying to sound tough.

      He’s also a Republican. The media of course is ignoring this completely. They will do ANYTHING THEY CAN to turn this into a horse race for the ratings– (and to support the GOP). The thought too that Trump is considered to be “more trustworthy” than Hillary Clinton is just insane.

      • DixieFlyer

        According to the FBI, some SECRET and TOP SECRET items were transmitted and received on equipment that was not SECURE.

        Consequently, he could NOT verify if the items were COMPROMISED.
        For those without a Military background, the incidents are significant enough to place personnel (enlisted or officer) in deep KIM CHEE.

        These incidents occurred.

        • semichorus

          Comey also irresponsibly claimed that some info “might” have been hacked. He had no evidence of this. It was pure speculation.

          The FBI has no knowledge or authority to determine what is or is not worthy of classifying. And the Inspector General completely disagreed with this conclusion as well — which is being ignored by the media.

  4. 99 or 100

    Anonymous 3 speaks

    • Anonynous

      Well anonymous 3 sort of speaks the same way that he writes. Maybe it’s the Will Rogers Burbank school of comedy technique ?

  5. donkeypunch

    Nice punch to the Semichorus crotch region. And Jimbo took it like a man, mark this day.

    • semichorus

      Burbank’s still full of lots of trash now, isn’t it. That City of Burbank Facebook page confirms the bleak reality.

      • James

        Oh I see Anonymous 3 is into hood ornaments, no wonder he likes Rogers and Tell-the-monties so much after all they contribute about as much as a hood ornament. I think I saw anonymous 3 shopping at Walmart the other day. He was the guy buying the gold fish food in bulk

  6. Faux Fuddy Luddy

    a couple thoughts:

    flew into Burbank airport over weekend. Pilot nor flight attendants referred to it as the Hollywood Burbank . Blah , blah..SO that rebranding was a big waste of $$ . Also, despite all the talk about security on heightened alert, there was one Burbank Aiport cop, armed to the teeth, hassling an Uber driver… priorities ….

    We spent tons of $$ on exec search firm no find a CIty Manager.. Mark scott was a disaster. So we hire the same firm again…only to hire Ron Davis..No real prob with him, but did we really have to hire a firm, just to pick the most obvious choice???/

    • semichorus

      Love the airport story. Figures. Hollywood Burbank also sounds really dorky. Like what is this, 1967?

      They have no confidence in their opinions– that’s why they hire consultants. They hire consultants to make their decisions for them, and then attorneys to both correct the consultants’ mistakes AND go after the city’s enemies.

    • Larry

      That airport doesn’t know what to call itself and when I used the new tental car crap they don’t know how to do much very well either.

  7. Chad

    The woman playing the wife in the Twilight Zone episode is great.

    • semichorus

      Yeah. They used to call them “ballbusters.”

      Can you imagine a time when business was ridiculed so? It would NEVER happen now in this hard-sell, best-of-all-possible worlds.

  8. Chad

    Comey was part of the Whitewater investigation. Duh.

    • semichorus

      Yeah. His statement was deeply inappropriate. He was just trying to save face for his party.

      There is NO evidence that anything was hacked. Worse, the Inspector General said that NONE of those emails was classified at the time, or contained classified information for that time. And the FBI has no knowledge or (especially) the authority to claim otherwise.

      The media of course is ignoring this fact, and the contradiction with the Inspector General’s report.

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