Happy Fourth




Someone needs to remind the City of Burbank that this is not a military holiday. We just had one of those.


Screenshot 2016-07-04 at 2.59.10 AM




What a horrible place this has become.  When did the Fourth of July become a celebration of our “vets”? Or militarism in general?

This is NOT what America’s about.







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9 responses to “Happy Fourth

  1. Cahd

    Hey I like my new name!!!!!

  2. DixieFlyer

    Memorial Day is for those not with us any longer.

    Fourth of July is to Celebrate the Independence of our Great Nation,
    it’s Birth and those who have kept it that way.

  3. Mike Hammer

    John Wayne and the Pledge of Allegiance

    • semichorus

      Who never served in the military. He took advantage of the available deferments for a father of his age.

  4. Chad

    That’s good stuff. ;-0

  5. Citizen Cane

    July 4th 1776 was when BRAVE men signed the Declaration of Independence, signing their own death warrants. The Colonial Army, Militias, and Maritme Sailors, fought England, defeated England and our founding fathers started the greatest nation on earth. I find it totally appropriate for our Vets to be recognized at a 4th of July event.

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