Good Times


We were looking through an old copy of the local Chamber of Commerce magazine just now and found this interesting little ad from the past. It proves what a shill, boosterish outfit that “Leadership Burbank” group was from the beginning:


Screenshot 2016-07-01 at 9.25.48 PM


Check what their address was at the time. With that kind of mail drop they obviously weren’t training people to be community organizers.

We’ve always known that this outfit’s grandiosity and pretense about training local “leaders” was just cover for training local leaders in a certain way. You can be sure that instituting rent control or a slow-growth ideology in its enrollees is not a part of the curriculum.

Here’s another ad from the same journal. It’s a solicitation offer from that old and now defunct Burbank Redevelopment Agency. A financial giveaway to people with property, check out the disparity in requirements between what the “homeowners” need to have to qualify for this benefit vs. a landlord:

Screenshot 2016-07-01 at 9.29.40 PM


The homeowners need to satisfy a household income requirement in order to qualify for one of these loans or grants. But the landlords only have to satisfy a tenant restriction on household income (it couldn’t be the apartment owners of course, because have you ever heard of a low-income landlord?)

And check how much the landlord can get per unit: up to $25,000. What a giveaway. No wonder Brown and the Democrats wanted to eliminate this big-business gravy train a few years ago.

And which they did, ultimately, to much wailing and lamentation from places like Burbank. This town in fact kept all of the old CRA people on its city payroll, and then did as much as they could to maintain the old programs and reactionary pro-growth, pro-business philosophy.

Staff still runs the city’s development department like a quasi-redevelopment agency whenever they can, which means that they often promote the big and lucrative projects much better than the outside developers do, and quite often now in the name of “Burbank 2035!” That and “LEEDS certified!” is their open sesame.

This one below was cute too.– it’s in the same issue. Coincidentally, this outfit’s also got business in front of the City of Burbank at this very moment:


Screenshot 2016-07-01 at 9.26.39 PM


Those characters have kind of a shocked look on their face, don’t they? Like how did they end up here, and how can they get out. According to the signs in front of them there seems to be no alternative direction possible.

The map’s not very complimentary either.






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