Quick! To the streets!

Because we always like to keep up with the competition, here’s some recent cullings from that lovable City of Burbank Facebook page.

This one stood out. It’s always good to see our Burbank moms conscientiously doing their community monitoring jobs down at Sprouts, because it looks like we got a potential welfare cheat on our hands…

Screenshot 2016-06-30 at 10.31.58 PM



…as well as a bad date who looks suspiciously familiar…


Screenshot 2016-06-30 at 10.34.02 PM

Wait a minute. He DOES look familiar, doesn’t he?

If you have any information on this guy, please go to the site and report it immediately. Ladies, beware.



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34 responses to “Quick! To the streets!

  1. Anonymous

    Please. Semi. Chris John-John’s eyebrows are so much more meticulously “manscaped.” Looks like both got their hairplugs at the same 99 Cent store. Or maybe Dollar King . . .

    • Judie

      Taps got him his hair plugs.
      Then Shelly dumped him from Foster Care.
      Now he wants free meals from potential sleep overs.
      Check his chip.

  2. Taxpayer

    sure lets make the taxpayers pay for a dog park for shelley’s taps to use right ?https://youtu.be/SjW7-JdXyfg

  3. Dan

    Remember when Mr Rogers came to city council with his umbrella ?

  4. Anonymous 3

    It really burns you up to see a community other than this swamp.

    • semichorus

      Ha — ha ha ha ha ha ha.

      So what is it, too much classical music here? Maybe it’s all the 19th-century references?

      The more-than-literate links?

      That other place is so incredibly low class as compared to here that the only explanation for your utterings right now is that you’re trying to make a funny. That typically Burbank crowd of scaredy cats and interpersonal fearmongers is angry about the frigging time of day.

      They see a Mexican hanging out at Vons — or a homeless guy waiting for the bus to get out of town — and they go positively apeshit in their outrage.

      Hello, Happy Burbank! You all belong with each other.

      • Anonymous 3

        Yeah, you’re bitter.

        • semichorus

          It beats me how anyone could look at that Facebook site and not say, “Burbank’s STILL a bunch of provincial morons!”

          That crowd has no political sense, and so they direct their hatred and intolerance toward each other. It’s classic.

          • an Anonomous Burbanker

            They are and all must be like the ‘Stepford Wives” and their dream is to get a mention in that inspid writing of Laurel in the Burbank Leader as a part of the who is who and who did they pose with in a picture crowd.

  5. Anonymous 3

    The umbrella lie above is evidence enough to prove my point: this is a swamp.

    And the childish prattle about hairplugs above is further evidence to lock down my point.

    A swamp. That you moderate.

    That swamp blog.

  6. Anonymous

    We are so fortunate that A3 has a heart warm enough to stop by, from time to time, with her gentle proffer of enlightened solicitude. Blessed be!

  7. Anonymous

    Semi, I have a question. Are you finding that more and more Burbank residents are starting to admit that there are strange politics, alliances, and hanky panky in Burbank? I have seen some pretty weird things lately and I’ve heard lots of comments.
    City council members are so rude to each other. Talamantes is shocking.
    Luddy follows with poor attitude. Frutos has too many allegiances and can’t be fair. Rogers is in denial and masquerading as Bozo. Gordon is treated like Mr. Negative while all the goody two shoes scorn him.
    Damn. Even the dog rescue (Taps) has infuriated people after all the good intentions.

    • ROGER

      WRONG ! TAPS has not infuriated people . Shelley Rizzotti has !
      The dog rescue is not a total loss !
      Just Smelly Shelley is the “ROTTEN APPLE'” !!!!

      • Ashley

        Just about one more month until her pal Fronnie opens her Mene Sweet shop in Magnolia Park.
        Where ya gonna park?

        • Norma

          What sort of sweets ? Do they plan to make chocolate candies and chocolate covered fruits and veggies there ? Chocolate covered veggies are very hard to find here in So Cal

          • Ashley

            Last word was muffins and peanut brittle.
            You, Norma may be just in time to “sweet talk” Fronnie about veggies.
            But let’s not get too syruppy.

  8. 99 or 100

    WAIT is this the infamous anon 3 speaking at the city council ???

    • Don

      OMG what is anonymous 3 even talking about ? Anonymous 3 you are really on the Burbank Face Book page, I have read your comments its funny to listen to you speak.

    • Anonynous

      What is anonymous 3’s point ? He likes Prius cars or what ?

      • E.M.

        I watched his video and I think he is making the case that it is ok to drink and drive if what you drive has a solar panel and hood ornament. No wonder this guy is a fan of Mr Rogers they kind of sound like twins.

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