Because if they’re Black, they’re probably the ones who committed the crime

zzz1-preview (1)
Check out the underlying bias behind this so-called “investigation. At best, all this does is establish that they were in the general area of these crimes (but not even that if you read the story carefully…)

The article does a poor job of establishing the validity of these arrests. There’s no evidence these suspects committed the crime but that — because they were Black — it was probably them. No recovered goods and no physical evidence. And because their cellphones were also “allegedly” operated in areas of recent burglaries in Southern California — which is most Black neighborhoods btw — it’s gotta be them.


White people don’t get subjected to these same kind of automatic presumptions and linkages. But Blacks in Cadillacs do. And we all know of course that they don’t belong here and so they’re probably up to no good.




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