More meaningless hype from the BUSD


This is nothing new. It’s been going on for years.

It’s also terrifically disruptive:

When film crews set up cameras at local schools to shoot commercials, movies or television shows, students reap the rewards.

Under a new agreement that the Burbank Unified School Board approved earlier this month, the district stands to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars over the next few years by allowing crews to film projects using local schools as backdrops.

As part of the agreement with Film L.A., which is the company that coordinates the filming, crews will have access to about 20 schools from July 1 through June 30, 2019.

How many separate shoots?

During the most recent school year, filming at local schools brought in $116,000 in revenue, according to David Jaynes, assistant superintendent for Burbank Unified.

Fifteen hours of filming on local campuses will cost crews $2,500, while six hours totals $1,250 in fees, according to the contract, which states that the hourly overtime rate is $55.

Which, traditionally, the BUSD charges the permittee for, bigtime, but then ends up only paying about 1/3 of to the affected employees. If the shooting is on regular time, the facilities employees are required to squeeze it in on regular time. The District pockets the rest.

The district made $179,000 during the 2014-15 academic year, Jaynes added.

School officials have allowed filming on local campuses since 2006.

No, they’ve been doing it from Time Immemorial.

As part of the new agreement, 20% of the revenue will support arts programs in Burbank schools, 70% will be distributed to the budgets of schools where filming took place and 10% will go to the facilities department.

That part of the agreement has nothing to do with the clients. It’s just feelgood PR designed to soothe the feelings of the parents who won’t be able to get anywhere near the campus on filming day.

This is not, “For the Arts!” It’s for the district.

(Guess what school that is in the video…?)





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8 responses to “More meaningless hype from the BUSD

  1. chad

    What a great, original film. And, what a bad idea to have crews working when school is in session. Summer time? Sure. While class is in session? No.

    • semichorus

      I think I wrote about it once before, but Wenders shot this stuff at Jefferson right after school. I actually drove by one day and watched it going on around 4 p.m. He spent about three afternoons there I think.

      The Hillside house scenes were shot right across the border in Sun Valley. I love those ones where they’re looking down on the airport runways.

  2. chad

    And the top of that joke list is the Republican Party.

  3. Brad

    honestly I think the big joke is our president and the former secretary of state who have done a miserable job dealing with terrorism. They have let Americans die and they want to bring even more terrorism to our shores.

  4. chad

    Yeh, wasn’t it George Bush who said we need to fight them over there before they come here?

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