2,000,000 and still going



Just wanted to note that last Sunday marked our 2,000,000th page view here. Thanks!

Out of these many visits we had — according to our most recent stats page– over 189,825 completely separate visitors, which of course means that the regular number of repeat visitors here is much smaller. But at least a bunch of people must have looked in at times to see what was going on in Burbank, and quite a few stayed. The stats page also reveals something more than interesting: most of these visitors did not come from Google.

Which would figure, because we make no effort to do any kind of SEO on this site. In fact, if anything, our outside search results would be much, much higher if it weren’t for the repeated efforts of someone or someone(s) to Google Bowl our page-rank by submitting this WordPress URL to about three or four hundred different link farms and foreign porn sites in order to discredit the backlink count.

This is a common and quite popular practice if your competitors (or political enemies) want to sabotage your Google trust-ranking and condemn you to page 8 or 9 of the search results. It often works, but it really doesn’t matter to a repeat-readership blog like this. We could also care less about where we end up on Google. So keep trying, boys.

This 2,000,000 number doesn’t include the nervous repeat visits of the editors here of course, or the several hundred uninvited visits from those various third parties that the U.S. Justice Department discovered were working for the BPD’s attorneys back during the police mess. Apparently they were getting indirectly paid by the City to learn who our secret “police” sources were, but they only ending up getting found out themselves.

We heard it was a beautiful sight to see when they finally got caught by the FBI’s computer surveillance units, who had long suspected such an incursion and had carefully laid an obvious trap for these BPD morons. We didn’t hear about this stunt of theirs until much later, actually.

A bit of history. This blog started off as a political response to that usual crowd of local shills and boosters who had had it too good in Burbank for way too long, but it quickly morphed into a chronicle of the police mess. The timing on this was completely coincidental, believe it or not. Admittedly that national news story did help our hit count from the start, and some of our biggest and earliest fans in fact were city employees. It was unbelievable how much of our original readership could be back-linked to the City of Burbank’s own email system!

The City was such a popular source of readership for us here (and resultant info and tips) that Barlow and Company quickly banned us from their computers. One day all of the referrals from the city’s email system completely disappeared, and we were tipped off by an internal source almost immediately that the City of Burbank’s computers could no longer access our site.

The same was true of the Library’s computers as well for a time (is it still?) We have to admit that this was about the biggest compliment we could have ever received. Censorship is just so flattering when you’re on the transmission end of it.

Anyway, keep reading. There’s so much good material in this town that this stuff almost writes itself. Oh, and our stats page also shows that we’ve had a total of 42,960 published comments during these last seven years. (And not all of them were by Rogers and his friends trying to masquerade as idiots here so that they could then turn around and claim that our blog and its readership was a bunch of kooks and neanderthals. We heard some of them got paid for that as well back then.) So keep writing, too!

Remember this also: no new airport. Small is Beautiful!

And no blocks and blocks of “Burbank2035!” mixed use projects, either. This above all ye shall beware of.






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21 responses to “2,000,000 and still going

  1. chad

    Well done. And, thanks for the history on this site. I’ve never understood people who freely enter into the public arena but don’t expect to be criticized in that same arena. This blog serves a vital role in giving the public information, context and analysis that we simply don’t get from any other source. And, it is done on virtually no budget. I don’t always agree with Semi’s posts but I admire his demanding accountability and ethical voice which is in short supply these days in public discourse.

  2. Anonymous

    Congratulations for your huge viewership. Your site is so full of good information that it is astonishing. I think a lot of people who read it know that you (unlike The Burbank Leader) go after the truth in stories and it is not softened up. It’s called hard core reporting and people who are fed up want to deal with facts.
    Lots of times commenters go off the edge. It’s good to read that also. They might not be wording things in a socially appropriate manner but, they also have a story to tell.
    Burbank is full of “attitude and unfair politics” . Perfect city for your site!

  3. CornFused

    What was the most viewed thread?

    • semichorus

      The Burbank Music Department being sued for copyright infringement, from a few months ago. Followed by something about Doreen Lioy from 2011 or so. The thing about Coffee Bean asking “for here or to go” was also popular. Coffee Bean gives you the option to not pay sales tax on to-go items, which is your right in California. Starbucks sneaks it in without saying so, for everyone.

  4. BIG AL

    Congratulations to “THAT ANGRY BLOG!”
    For posting 2,000,000 responses!!!
    For running an open uncensored forum.
    Your blog has become the voice of reason for the city of Burbank!
    Day after day, week after week and several years later your blog never wavered or held back any punches!
    You Semi, are a true asset to Burbank!! You are the community’s true dedicated ” (Watch Dog)!”
    We Burbanker’s are so very fortunate and proud to have this blog covering our current local events with actual honesty and integrity!!
    This city is in such denial of reality!
    With all the unfair practices carried out at all levels of city held positions!
    That unless your a personal friend or relative, the wheels won’t turn in your favor.
    Isn’t it disgusting that half of the city’s employees are related to to each other?
    What’s up with that?
    Semi, your work you do is GREAT!! THANK YOU!!!!

  5. chad

    That survey is pretty revealing…unfortunately.

  6. 91505

    Congratulations and I am feeling it — Mizz Luddies helped your ratings with her very effective ad asking people not to log into this blog lol

    • semichorus

      There’s been a deliberate attempt lately (especially lately) to completely marginalize me and pretend that I don’t exist, and that I never have. People have actually been urged not to view this site and give the issues we talk about here any kind of attention at all. As an example, someone told me recently that ALL references to “Semichorus” or anything about this blog are immediately removed by the site owners of that “We Love Burbank! Facebook page.

      Remember too how Rogers warned people last year (in a letter to MyBurbank) about how they shouldn’t comment here (he wouldn’t name the blog of course) because it might subject them to getting pulled into a police investigation? That’s the creepy level this crowd is at.

      You should also hear the whispering campaign that’s been going on about me lately. It’s so willfully dishonest that it’s laughable. They get absolutely everything wrong.

      This new “We Love Burbank!” Facebook site is a perfect example of the real Burbank booster crowd. That’s why I love hearing about what goes on there. All these petty hatreds and prejudices (and neighbor hate) on view for all to see. The level of paranoia about even the most common of events and local problems is so perfectly, typically Burbank.

      It’s never about politics over there. It’s about personal intolerance towards others. And lots and lots of fear.

      • CornFused

        Some of the people in this area are so trusting of the people in charge.

        I was at a party not long ago put on by one of my kids/friends/parents. The conversation started about the City council and one of their dealings. I mentioned this site as a different viewpoint, and you could hear a needle drop. The main response was a look of disgust followed by a “I never go to negative sites, and that is a horrible place. People are just so negative about everything”. I asked about what she read. No answer and haven’t been invited back since. I’ve seen her shopping and she just looks right through me. I think it’s great.

        I would like a T-Shirt for just such occasions.

        • semichorus

          What I love the most is that this “We Love Burbank!” Facebook site is just so terrifically hateful about absolutely everything. Somebody just showed me a posting there about those horrible “homeless people” in town that are using the bus (how dare they), and apparently there’s one now that warns the ladies about some boyfriend who left them with the bill at a local restaurant.

          Sure, I’m negative about local politics and all the various fatcats we have around here who are always ruining things — and especially any combination of the two. But I have no animus against the little guy, or especially towards my own neighbors and locals. I also don’t use this site as a warning against old girlfriends!

          (Hmmm…maybe I should. There’s quite a famous porn video on the web right now that showcases the delights of one particular Burbank flake I used to know… She was such a bitch that she has it coming to her.

          Maybe I will some day, for a special treat….)

      • Dylan

        It has become my favorite reason for checking Facebook.

        The best so far has to be the guy thanking burbank for giving him walmart, complete with a pic of his receipt for proof of his savings gratitude.

        Which is also funny. Posts about Walmart in abundance are followed by posts requesting no more walmart posts which are then followed by posts decrying negativity and calls for positivity which lead to “I love burbank cuz” posts which then lead to referential posts…some kind of meta, ouroboros forum. Fun stuff.

      • Anonymous

        Your site is full of facts and good reporting.. Sometimes I think you take it to an interesting edge, but you’re just inviting thought. Personally, I think if you softened the name (that angry blog). and encouraged commenters to tone down just a wee bit,( but still get their thoughts across) your viewership would blow the roof off and down the street. How many people are missing this great site because trivia deters them? That might take some of the fun out of it but then again, it could be a blast growing at an even faster pace! Your site stirs thought, dares to be blunt, and gets the stories out there.
        Rogers and Luddy intimidating people not to read Semichorus is just typical. They should encourage people to respond and get good dialogue going. You put all the posts on so, let’s get people talking things through.

        • DixieFlyer

          From what I can tell, the expression “that Angry Blog” was earned.

          Those who “awarded” the moniker had no idea how provocative
          their words were.

          Where are they now?

  7. 91505

    Don’t forget that Golonski was a big promoter of the blog, because whatever he says is a lie and we all do the opposite of dictator Golonski

  8. chad

    That’s pretty damn funny, 91505.

  9. Carl

    Isn’t it funny that these people dismiss legitimate comments as personal attacks. It is the best they can do if you disagree with them after all if you disagree with them you must be a racist or something worse right ?

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