This means the DA wouldn’t take the case

Which the Leader won’t tell you about because it makes the story about 10,000 times less sensational. (See below as well for Albano’s big problem here.)

So an assistant city attorney has to be the spokesman instead. Are these just knocked-down, face-saving misdemeanor charges then?

A Lifeguard pleaded not guilty Friday to charges that he videotaped and photographed girls and women in a public restroom and an employee locker room at the Verdugo Aquatic Facility, officials said.

Arturo Montano, 22, denied two counts of annoying or molesting a child, as well as six counts of using a concealed camera to secretly record or photograph someone who may be undressed in an area where they have a reasonable expectation of privacy, according to Senior Assistant City Atty. Denny Wei.

May be undressed? What did the actual “videos” show?

It was an alleged Peeping Tom charge then. Because … a co-worker found his cellphone in his own employee locker room (?) That’s a long way from what they were hysterically telling us was going on last week.

A co-worker had reportedly seen the camera in a locker room and told a manager. Investigators subsequently served a search warrant at Montano’s home in Sun Valley and seized his computer.

They obviously didn’t find anything at home, because if they’d had they’d be trumpeting it to the high heavens.

And if they found nothing at home, and he was a six-year-long employee who had ample opportunity to engage in repeated behaviors, what was this really all about?

(Now you know why no prosecutor has ever allowed us on a jury. We ask too many questions! The local Burbank and Glendale police don’t like us either.)

Btw, the City of Burbank is in DEEP trouble here because of how this kid’s boss just grabbed his phone and searched through it for all of the supposed evidence based solely on hearsay, and then only afterwards called the police. Craig at MyBurbank was honest enough to relate this version of the story until the BPD prevailed upon him to change it to one less culpable for the City (and of course more creepy to the kid).

Parks and Rec should have waited for the police to show up and obtain a search warrant. The kid did own the phone, didn’t he?


Oh that’s right — it’s Burbank we’re talking about. (Glendale’s worse.)

Albano needs to make this one stick and she knows it. That’s why she’s pushing these dubious charges. Otherwise this kid’s going to end up owning McCambridge Park. Suppression of evidence is the least of her office’s problems right now on this one.





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24 responses to “This means the DA wouldn’t take the case

  1. Kyle

    I’m sure that supper sleuth er investigative reporter turned councilman is on this and will share all the facts of the case with us when he updates his very own calendar site. After all Mr Rogers always keeps it oh so real right ?

    • EUGENE

      Albano should impose the “Brown Act” on herself !
      Which she uses on more than a regular basis. To cover up anything that the viewing audience on Tuesday nights might find interesting !
      It would be a new ballgame if she did her job instead of covering up!
      She screws up constantly!
      We need a new city attorney!
      Albano should resign and take her super sleuth wanna be city councilman with her !
      The city”s public image is running amok ! It’s at an all time “LOW !”.

  2. Betty

    If Mr Montano is 22 and worked for Burbank for 6 years he started working for the city at age 16 ? Does the city hire 16 year olds ?

    • semichorus


      I have a difficult time believing that something like this would happen after six years of employment. Or that the kid — a more than familiar employee to them — would be IMMEDIATELY treated as a criminal and sex creep.

      There’s something else going on here. It sounds like either a setup or hoped-for pretext. Someone was LOOKING for this to happen.

  3. CornFused

    Another black eye for the powers that run our beloved Burbank. You’d think they were all new to this.

    • semichorus

      One concern I have about this story is pretty simple: Ok, the guy’s been there every summer working for six years. So why does the supervisor and co-worker suddenly assume that this sneaky-creepy stuff is true?

      I could understand them being freaked out if they’d found a stranger in the locker room, or if he was a brand new employee who no one knew anything about. But because he was a known quantity, why the immediate presumption of evil?

      I mean, I’ve never heard of such a thing with a long-term concurrent employee. There would NOT be an immediate jumping of the gun about such a claim in any other workplace that I’ve ever even heard of. So there’s obviously something else going on here with this dubious case.

      I smell retaliation of some sort.

      Bottom line though is that this boss should NOT have “confiscated” and searched that private cellphone on his own. ESPECIALLY as a public employer.

      Albano knows this, which I why they’re going to be absolutely vicious to this guy. The City MUST win this case or else.

  4. chad

    And what about his reputation? He’s a young kid with a potential black mark of this variety. Not good.

  5. Mike

    I was just at the city web page is there no city council meeting tonight due to the fact they don’t want to answer questions about the employee in the girls locker room, or the pictures or is it the shoot ’em up at McDonalds or maybe all of the above ? Why does the city web page say no council meeting tonight ?

    • semichorus

      Because they didn’t want to have one. That simple.

      No one nowadays is going to ask about the locker room thing. If anything, they’d come down to congratulate the force on a job well done, and then ask why we need to have a trial.

      Did you see the comments attached to the Leader article? It was all about how Mexicans always do these things, and good job City. Nothing about presumption of innocence.

      • DixieFlyer

        Actually, our Shitty Council begged for less meetings, with full encouragement from staff.

        The new schedule makes the Luggage Lady clap with Glee.

        With the Agenda posted by Thursday PM there is no acceptable reason to avoid a Tuesday PM meeting.

        The Monday holiday in no way interferes.

        Less contact with the Public, more confusion about when Council meets.

        City Manager yields to Council majority.

        Public looses.

  6. Rosie

    Verdugo Pool management, Parks Department management, Burbank Police Department management, City Employee’s Association and then our illustrious City Attorney.
    All had an opportunity to exercise Judgement.
    The truth WILL come out.
    Ultimately, who is the victim?
    The parents and children are alarmed.

    • semichorus

      You know, someone asked me about this today and I didn’t have an answer.

      The presumption here is that this “co-worker” was female. But are male and female employees actually SHARING the same employee locker room? Is it a dressing room as well? If it’s not a dressing room, exactly what sex angle is there?

      Is it a MALE co-worker instead? If so, is the suspect gay? Is Albano prepared to prove that he is?

      If he’s not, what’s the sex angle there as well?

      Good questions.

      The BPD also admits that the supervisor took away the personal cell phone when he was NOT a witness to the allegations. And then he or she searched it as a third party non-police-department public employer. Not good when it comes to the Fourth Amendment. This isn’t Wal Mart, or some video store.

  7. Irwin Fletcher

    Somewhere on Facebook, someone claimed that the witness was their daughter or their neighbor’s daughter, I can’t remember which.

  8. Anonymous

    Once again the curtains are pulled back to show that Burbank is not what they work so hard to make it appear to be. The rotten under belly of city hall just keeps getting exposed and all Rogers, Telamonte and Fruto can do is smile and say how great everything is.

  9. Robocop

    It doesn’t matter which dressing rooms anyone uses anymore. Obama saw to that. The point is moot.

  10. Gary

    Government and government officials can not be trusted anymore and the media can not be trusted to tell us the truth either. It is a sad mess we live in when government has become so corrupt that is is the number one threat to us all.

  11. Anonymous

    Hearty congratulations on this significant milestone, Semi. We’d be lost without you! Right, Will? And Jess? Amelia? Fuddy?

  12. Bruce

    Wonder Boy Claudio could clarify the basic facts.
    Why hasn’t he?
    He’s part of the Thugs that haven’t retired yet.
    This Occupational Force has no respect for our Community or those who pay to live here.
    This is the same BPOA that ran the phony “survey” of their members.

  13. Victim Of The City Of Burbank

    Fuck Denny Wei. He needs to be investigated as well as Deana Chuang as well as the police department. They’ve make up lies and do whatever it takes just to fuck innocent people over, and I know first hand.

    Hey semichorus, any chance we can exchange some emails? I’ve got some stuff MyBurbank and the Leader won’t report that I’m sure you’d love to hear.

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