Puppy Love


Don’t you love it when someone brings puppies into the council chambers as they did last night? It’s such a humanizer!

Or so Shelley Rizzotti thought when she came down to lobby the council for more money for her (entirely charitable?) dog concern over on Magnolia. Councilman Rogers was touching as well. He loves the puppies too!

A couple of people later on though made fun of this sentiment during first orals. We too got this comment a few minutes later:

I’m still not understanding why you do not like the dog lady. It really seems amazing what she’s doing and she’s a nice person

It’s probably not a real comment, but it deserved a correct response from us anyway. There’s a good point to be made about this meanspirited, dog lovin’ rescue crowd of ours in Burbank. Here it is:

We’ve all seen Rizzotti in operation, and she’s definitely not a nice person. She’s a rather nasty type. Just like her ex-husband.

I also don’t trust animal lovers who use their concern for their four-legged friends as evidence that they are more lofty, generous, and just plain noble than the rest of us. She does that, and she does it all the time.

Rogers was dipping into that too last night. He’s such a sensitive soul — he just loves those puppies. And he has no problem publicly declaring his love for all to see.

I’ve known too many of these local dog rescue types who are in fact quite unpleasant and nasty personalities in real life. They’re cold and awful to the people around them, but just love their animals.

Wonder how the animals feel about them.

We actually hold the Cesar Millan view of dogs.  They’re not your personal friends and they’re not your children. And simply liking and caring about them doesn’t make you a more worthy, sensitive, desirable, or better person.

So keep them at home, and keep your feel-goodness to yourself.


Hitler and Blondie






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24 responses to “Puppy Love

  1. Anonymous

    Nice picture of Rugzodi in her boots with a dog in this story. Hey Rugzodi zig protectorates.

  2. Patrick G.

    For a whole bunch of us that know TAPS well.
    After hours of cleaning cages, the new owner Shelley Rizzotti treats us all terribly!
    Now Rizzotti, who ran off her partner the, original founder of TAPS, Christy!
    I can only imagine what went on between those two?
    Christy was the class act of the organization! She must have became tired of all the crap levied against the organization pertaining to Shelley’s business ethics?
    A whole bunch of us quit recently because of Shelley’s verbal abuse. Sometimes while potential clients were in the store.
    Shelley is a rude, self centered egotistical thug!
    If you check out how much it costs to adopt at TAPS?
    YOU would cringe!
    For Shelley to be asking for money? At the city council meeting, with a kudos from Will Rogers?
    I say NO!
    You are better off going to the Burbank Animal Shelter and adopting from there!!!!!

    • semichorus

      You’re right– Schelling’s not on the TAPS site any more. Hmmm.

      Rogers has always had legendarily poor judgement when it comes to people.

    • Don Reeves

      Yes you should Adopt from your Burbank Shelter if you can , or Any shelter! However for those Dogs/Cats who are Not picked by others TAPS does pull from Shelters all over. She saves lives every day. You just spew hate speech trying to be witty.

  3. Karen

    Shelley is rude and insulting. Christy Schilling was always kind to us.
    Volunteers work hard. Neighborhood people turn out in droves to help. People are highly offended by Shelley’s pompous attitude. Animals are being rescued left and right. The boat may be taking on some water right about now. Did Shelley ask for money at city council?

  4. Anonymous

    Shelley is an unmitigated control freak. She has a need to control everyone and abuse anyone who gets in her way or even offers a different idea. People who fall for Shelley’s oh I am such a generous person are very badly fooled and will in time discover just what a self interested and self serving individual she really is.

  5. Don Reeves

    Well it seems you are so very taken with the TAPS organization. Your blog seem to be filled with hate filled comments. I’m interested in how you describe Ms. Rizzoti with Anti Animal comments . As though caring for Animals and trying to find them homes is easy and some kind of a waste of ones efforts. As for the costs that TAPS charges is to ensure that people actually Want the Animal they say they do and don’t throw them out on to the streets when they have problems with the dogs or cats. Also people get animals for Bait dogs for dog fighting groups and will be put off at the expenses. Pet shops charge $1,500.00 for some puppy’s or more, but they also keep the puppy mill groups going ! So thanks for all your kind comments for the people who do Sooo much more for saving lives than you will in a lifetime.

    • semichorus

      When it comes to being a caring person, she’s a phony.

      • Denise

        Hurray Patrick for telling it like it is.
        Smelly Shelly is the attack dog of the group.
        Of course she runs off real caring volunteers.
        What a shame that her take-over of this group is now Public.
        Then again, maybe the truth hurts.
        She attacked this Blog sometime ago,even gave a nickname.
        How much did it cost to de-ball her husband?
        Or did a veterinarian volunteer for future referrals?

        • Don

          Your comments are childish and just hate speech. Is that what this Blog is ? Hateful comments just breed more hate!

          • Elliott

            Maybe Don learned about breeding from Smelly.
            She approached the City Council spitting venom about this blog and called it the Angry Blog.
            Warmth and Love were the phony sentiments she attempted to convey by those “family” bus bench ads.
            Ah, parting is such sweet sorrow.

            • semichorus

              Those ads were so sinister looking. It looked like an ad agency trying to take over town.

              Which it kind of was!

  6. Don Reeves

    Well I know she has a hard side as well as a soft side. Many who deal well with animals do not often have people skills too. That being said I know she does well with many people but not all for sure. However every day she makes life of death decisions for these animals. Which to pull from this shelter or that shelter. Which dog can be saved today ! Which one will she leave behind ? Is it time for this dog to be put down to stop his suffering or pay for another Vet to run more tests? Don’t tell me she’s Not a Caring person she definitely is. She doesn’t kiss your butt and well that’s not who she is. She saves too much of her empathy for the Cats and Dogs, maybe too much. I’m also sure you couldn’t do what she does every day. She and the people of TAPS are Heros to the Animals they save every day.

    • semichorus

      She gets these dogs from shelters?

      No wonder she has so many pure and select breeds.

      • Don Reeves

        You talk as if you know what is going on, however your comment shows you do not. Pure breds are Not what you find in Shelters. Mutts is what they used to be called. Some are pure but the majority she finds are not. What they need is someone who will take them to safety. Shelters are where dogs and cats are Dumped!

      • Don Reeves

        Have you never been to a Shelter ? You rarely find pure bred animals . Most are mutts of every mixed breed. Before you put down the people who Save the Lives of these animals,just Go and see the heart ache and lost looks of no Hope that is there !

        • Howard B.

          Hey Don, It’s nice of you defending this woman.
          Why would Shelley get up in front of city hall council to brag that she’s the executive director? Shelley was so “Braggocious!”
          If I’m reading correctly that her former partner and founder of TAPS has no part in the organization anymore? Was she pushed out?
          Obviously this woman Shelley has a personality problem. Don, i also appreciate your dedication defending the animals!
          But, with Shelley lacking people skills, this is bad news.for the mutts!
          My wife decided to visit TAPS first hand because she was curious about all that has been said.She would never cause a problem for anyone !
          She came home and said everything said about Shelley is correct.
          Shelley should stay in the background, if she can’t develop better people skills. She should let the volunteers help with no attitude ,with a genuine smile on their faces and try to find a good home for the mutts!

  7. Mark A. Tree

    If you work for free, you deserve respect.
    If you walk into the rescue looking for an animal, you deserve respect.
    Usually ardent rescuers are criticized for being too neurotic. This individual sounds like she has more than a lack of people skills. How much skill does it take to be half friendly?
    Excuses, excuses, excuses.
    Rescuer: Stop being rude to people. You’re in animal rescue. The animals need the people you are offending!

  8. Nancy

    The sad reality is that Rizzotti is running a business and pretending its a non profit. If you get something for your donation its not a donation its payment for goods. They sell dogs and they don’t pay sales taxes right ? It is a sham group

  9. Kassy

    Interesting article and thread! I went into TAPS several months back in hopes of donating my time. I’m an animal lover (and vegan) therefore, I was truly excited to know they have a storefront location! After asking one of the volunteers how I could “sign up” to assist – she advised me to speak with Shelley. My conversation with Shelley was extremely off-putting. She was quite impolite and condescending that I decided to volunteer elsewhere. (Please note – over the years, I have volunteered at several animals rights organizations, animal adoption events, personally fostered animals and have rescue animals currently in my home.) While I understand the concept and idea are well intentioned – there seems to be the need for a softer spokesperson for the cause. As already mentioned — the humans volunteering their time, folks who walk into the storefront location, anyone who comes in contact with the organization, potential donors, etc… deserve respect. The ones who suffer the most from Shelley’s less than acceptable attitude are the animals she is trying to save! Something to consider…

  10. M.B.

    Shelley Rizzotti came under fire recently for her unethical practice as a “rescue” because she participates in auctions and bids against the public for animals that already have adopters. See the Facebook post here: https://www.facebook.com/marla.tauscher/posts/10153979392422312

    Shelley Rizzotti takes mostly the highly desirable, easy to adopt animals (puppies, kittens, purebreds, and little cute fluffy dogs) on the day they become available for adoption and does not help the ones who are truly in need of rescue (animals with medical needs or behavior issues, seniors etc.). People need to know the truth and decide if The Animal Protectorates is the kind of organization they want to support.

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