Aim high, Burbank



Burbank Scouts helping to prepare for the opening of @walmart in #burbank

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24 responses to “Aim high, Burbank

  1. Bob

    Wow… I can not believe this….
    From “Burbank Police have arrested a Burbank Park & Recreation employee after he was caught shooting cell phone video in the lifeguards locker room at Verdugo Pool.
    The man, identified as a current lifeguard at the pool, was caught by a staff member with the phone earlier in the day. After the staff member reported the incident to their supervisor, the man was confronted by the supervisor and his phone was confiscated which had the video that he shot still on it.
    According to a source that could not be identified, the employee has been with the City as a employee since 2009 and was promoted to lifeguard in 2010.
    Burbank police were asked about the incident and only confirmed that an arrest had been made and did not identify the employee and will be putting out a statement at a later time.
    The employee was put immediately on paid leave with the City Attorney’s Office is aggressively pursuing termination and charges.
    It was not immediately known if the person being taped was a member of the public or a staff member.
    There is also a possibility that the phone might have been placed in public locker rooms. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Burbank Police at 818 238-3000”

    • semichorus

      But it was his own locker room. So what’s the problem? It’d be like shooting pics in your office. What’s on the video? That’s what counts.

      There’s no reason to claim it was in the public locker rooms. That’s just fearmongering/fishing expedition time. The cops have little or no evidence against him, and so they’re grandstanding. Next they’ll try to have people squeal on him about anything in the world to help bolster their case.

      Unless there’s something bad on the video, we’re in clear Salem Witchhunt country.

  2. Irwin Fletcher

    Scouts helping promote a for-profit business? Why ?

    • DixieFlyer

      Well, let me ‘splain it to ya, Irwin.

      Some Business Enterprises donate money on a regular basis to youth groups and other non-profit organizations.

      Do your homework about Walmart.

      Sure hope you find your way to follow the Walmart example.

  3. Bobbie

    So upset today. We have a small shop in Magnolia Park. Tonight is Ladies Night. The Magnolia Merchant Association and the City of Burbank is allowing there to be filming starting at the same time as the event. The food trucks that pay to use the street are unable to park anywhere. There is not parking for people. It is sad that the businesses here in the Magnolia Park District are never given any consideration. Do they realize that we wait all month for this event? Do they know how much money we will lose tonight? Do they care about how unfair it is to our clients that come here? I am so upset.

    • semichorus

      They granted a film permit for the same evening?

      And just gave them xxxxx dollars to improve attendance? Who gets the money from the permit?

      • Casandra

        BTW, could it possibly be Romancing the Bean for filming?
        Is a new day dawning on Mz. Ashley that her pal Scary Kerry has been dominating parking for ages?
        How’s it feel when your concerns are flipped off?
        You are worried about ONE night.
        Business owners put up with her shit 7 days.

        • Alice

          Ashley and her groupies are disgusting. What, Kerry finally interfered in their income.? No way, please tell me no. The chosen few have had to taste being stomped on? Kerry is first and don’t forget that! We heard the movie people were totally turned off with all the immature antics going on. God forbid Kerry’s filming interfered with the Magnolia ladies’ lucrative evening. God forbid. But, Kerry’s entire block has been screwed for years with her parking takeover and then filming and party entitlement. Ashley, take your complaining somewhere else. How many people on Kerry’s block are members of your group? Kerry moved in and took over. The surrounding businesses were treated as though they were sour grapes. Ashley, you are not a leader. You are an opportunist. Kerry’s routine filming (for once) interfered in your Friday party (for a matter of minutes) and you went berserk. You self absorbed, selfish, leader of a group of merchants who need that party to make their rent. It is so pathetic! You need to move on.

          • semichorus

            So are Kerry and Ashley at each other’s throats now?

            First Christy and Shelley,and now these two. This is why I stay away from people!

    • Neighbor Ron

      Stop sniveling. City counsel just granted you guys 20 or 30 thousand dollars for your parties. We haven’t had any parking by our home for years because of businesses allowed on the block between Avon and Lima without sufficient parking. My family doesn’t care that your party started a few minutes late.


      Bobbie, don’t you think your gripe should be with the ruthless” Kerry Kroll” who puts her own personal interests ahead of everybody else! Also, whens the last time you saw a city parking enforcement jeep? After all the time spent by many to get one hour parking on the North side of the 3400 block. for parking turnover. It’s back to the way it was when there was ( 2) Hr. parking! The” trendy’s” hang out at the Bean for hours on their devices ! Also, trying to hook up! Wait until Kerry opens up her new eatery “The New Deal ! ” Now Quissenberry’s going to have a full time job policing his parking lot ! Good Luck on that !
      Again the city let another eatery, soon to be a wine bar at a location again with virtually no parking ! Kerry will coyly make changes to her new business to be a wine bar open to who knows how late ! the neighbors on Avon will be thrilled? More congestion? Just what this small area with virtually no parking turnover with no parking enforcement ! Sure, lets blame it all on the movie being filmed on the other side of the street Bobbie! this is a seven days a week problem!

  4. Neighbor Ron

    Filming was wild. Kerry’s neighbors all went wild. They were fighting amongst each other. I walked down to watch and I heard more arguing than I’ve heard in years on Magnolia. The movie people were laughing and disgusted at the same time. One guy was having a major hissy fit. I heard he sells food but I don’t know where. Another guy said that it’s always like that when they film and people are fed up. A lady said that she couldn’t figure out why people were so upset because they were paid—“For a change”.

    • Handle Bar Hank

      Neighbor Ron,
      I was there too.This filming event was indeed a wild one to say the least.
      The merchants on both sides of “Romancing The Bean” were out of control ! They forgot who to blame? ( Kerry Krull) the owner of R.T.B. without any respect or conscience for her neighbors. She keeps filming on almost a monthly basis without any objections from Norma the city of Burbank filming licencing division.Then poor little money grubber Ashley,
      miss M.P.M.A. causing a stir because her beloved food trucks had to wait 30 minutes to set up. Too bad ,so sad! Big deal. We now have two self proclaimed queens of the blvd. the second just crowned by Talamantes and Fruto’s at the city hall budget meetings, who gave Ashley $30 thousand dollars for Ladies Night Out trash pick_up, and misc. with no accountability on the grant ! So now both queens are making money hand over fist at the same time! I hope Ashley doesn’t choke on her Latte’ next time she’s in R.T.B.? With her poor public attitude walking up and down the street, it was disgraceful! Demanding that the film crew quickly finish up so she can let her food trucks in! So she didn’t have to refund any deposits for a food truck parking slot on the 3400 block!
      Ashley is a self centered,money grubbing , hypocritical , no conscience piece of poo-poo !! I pray that Fruto’s and Talamantes get voted out next election for showing favoritism for a selected few ! and with under the table politics!
      A concerned Burbank resident for 40 years!

      • semichorus

        There is a strict limit in Burbank as to how many times someone can use their facility for filming. I think it’s no more than 2X a year, if even that.

        • CHERYL

          where did you come up with a maximum of ( 2 X a year) times you can film at a facility?
          Romancing The Bean has filmed at least (5) times since the first of the year.
          !) a major H.B.O. movie
          2) A Major motion picture starring Zac Efron
          3 & 4) A major clothing manufacturer’s “Catalog Shoots” TWO DAYS!
          5 Mistresses a major T.V. series shot (last week)!
          Semi, it’s still only June!
          I’ve checked with “NORMA ” who handles filming permits in Burbank, she said quote: ” no limit on film shoots!
          What can we do to stop the filming on practically a monthly basis?

          • semichorus

            There used to be two maximum per location. I remember Glendale had that rule as well, because they were always nailing that house up on Bel Air and Alameda for excessive filming.

            Glendale also has this provision in their Code, which Burbank should insert as well. Might be time to go to the council again:

            The Filming Permit Neighbor Verification Form must be signed by all residents and businesses within 300 feet of the proposed filming site, and all residents and businesses whose property is in fronted by the requested parking. Residents will be asked to indicate on the form whether or not they object to the filming. This information will be used by the City in evaluating the potential inconvenience to the neighborhood when reviewing the application. The applicant will also be required to complete a Filming Permit Neighbor Notification Form and provide a copy to each applicable resident. This form provides information on who should be contacted if any problems arise associated with the filming.

            The City limits garage sales to two a year. But not film permits any more? Gee, wonder who that benefits…


    Ashley can take “Ladies Night Out”and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine! this event is a blight to the neighborhood. Only A few merchants are doing well on that night. Who cares if the food trucks do well ! People are there to stuff their faces. They could care less about shopping ! Ashley doesn’t care about the big picture ! She just wants to put money in her bank account.
    Stores are dropping like flies, unless your A business targeting the “hipster/ millennial crowd ! selling brand new cheap items. The crowd isn’t interested in the older established specialty stores.
    Ashley is now the new privileged one , Second only to Kerry Kroll ! Who dictates to city hall her wishes ! So now with the “under the table grant” for trash pick- up, for an event most businesses “Don’t Want”. It kills it for the regular potential buyers who can’t find a parking spot.
    For the majority of businesses “Ladies Night Out” is a total loser !
    Thank you Ashley, you self righteous, self proclaimed guru!

  6. Edith

    Nothing but SILENCE from Fronnie on Media City Groove.
    Now that her Sweet Shop will open in August(?)
    She put a sock in her own word processor.
    Last time she wrote about Mag Park she threatened her comenters.

  7. Kassy

    I’ve lived in the Burbank area for over 4 years (not long compared to the folks who have been here for decades) – yet long enough to see some patterns… While I understand the concept of Ladies Night Out – I am not entirely certain (1) it benefits the permanent businesses or (2) the locals attend and/or appreciate the event. I do know it brings a lot of riff raff (not to be impolite) and trash (literally) to the City. And, many of the folks who don’t reside in the immediate area, don’t seem to want to (1) support the local stores or (2) pick up their waste! They head right to the food trucks — eat, loiter and litter — while taking up parking on the residential streets. I have been advised the event provides “extra trash cans.” Has anyone seen them? Also, does anyone have any data from the businesses to confirm it’s beneficial to hold the event? (Or dare I ask – who does it benefit?) Does the City profit from allowing the food trucks access? Is a fee of their revenue collected? Or a flat rental amount charged? I’d love to understand more about why this event occurs when it seems to be such an inconvenience on so many levels.

    • Anonymous

      Is it politically incorrect to agree with Kassy? This event is not fair to neighboring homes. Too many homes in proximity. Too many trucks. Event is too big. I see people I don’t normally see and a lot of pot smoking. Why can!t they find a huge parking lot away from homes and allow merchants to set up tables? Then it would be safer and easier to contain and not so many people up our streets after dark. Seems like some people are opposing this.????
      Why would the city feel this is appropriate in a family neighborhood? How many councilmen live right next to this event that is becoming more bothersome monthly? Some of our neighbors think it is fine but most would rather it discontinue. We’ve lived here almost 14 years.

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