Why aren’t subleases allowed in most Burbank rental contracts?


We said last week that if the Burbank City Council was truly sincere about wanting to both increase the number of available rental opportunities in town and keep what we have more affordable to the majority of our working tenants — as well as respond to the needs of the type of employees who are being attracted to the area’s current job opportunities — they would go out of their way to require ALL Burbank landlords to accept at least one “roommate” type tenant onto their existing leases.

This is the kind of law New York City has — we call it a “mandatory roommate allowance” — and it works fabulously. The landlords aren’t allowed to vet or discriminate against the tenant’s choice of co-habitant; the leaseholder is still required to maintain full responsibility on the terms of their contract; the landlord can’t retaliate against the leaseholder by raising the rent on them to try to edge in on the deal and cancel the financial advantages of having a roommate; and everybody stays peaceful.

Even better, people are encouraged to actively find someone to help out with the rent! And the amount of available and affordable rental space in town more than doubles. It’s a win-win for everyone who counts, and the landlords — squawk as they might about it, as they do about everything — don’t get hurt by the deal. It’s been proven in NYC.

The Burbank Landlord-Tenant Commission has this little factoid in their 20-Question brochure. Why is this still the case in Burbank?

2. What is a sublease?
A sub-lease is a separate rental agreement between the original tenant and a new tenant who may move-in temporarily, or someone who moves in with the original tenant and shares the rent. In most leases, a sub-lease is not allowed. Tenants should check their lease before entering into a sub-lease as a landlord has the authority to evict anyone that claims to have a sub-lease that is not allowed by a lease. If a sub-lease is allowed and executed, the original tenant is still solely responsible for paying the rent to the landlord (CA Handbook pages 35-36).


Subleases should be allowed in Burbank. Not just landlord-vetted co-tenants. This is the 21st century “gig economy” we’re living in — young people especially can no longer find nor afford their own leaseholder apartments.





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12 responses to “Why aren’t subleases allowed in most Burbank rental contracts?

  1. Nancy

    What is that horrid rinzoti woman doing to dogs at the council meeting ?? I am watching and that terrible woman is talking and ai hear dogs being tortured. Why is she at the council meeting anyway that woman is a terrible person.

  2. a Mother

    Hey Mayor Telamoron why is Rizzotti going in and on. It looks like now we need a law that these crazy dog women must stay at least 1,000 feet from Burbank schools. Don’t forget Rizzotti also tried to destroy young minds with her hate grouo called young life ? Rizzotti is just evil.

  3. Anonymous

    What the hell is Rogers ceaselessly chewing on throughout public comment? cud? ‘baccy? coca leaves?

  4. Anonymous

    Why are you hating on her. She’s saving dogs lives, and I’m sure all you haters are doing nothing for society. You loser fired janitor, semi go sweep a floor.

    • semichorus

      Coincidentally, they’re all quite attractive dogs.

      She’s such a life saver, yes. And so humble about it all.

  5. Anonymous

    As to Rogers. Tardive dyskinesia from taking antipsychotic medication? A common side effect.

    • Tom

      Rogers needs to chew all the time and seems to never sit still. He also garbles words and often looses his train of thought and what is wrong with his eyes when he looks in the camera ? Are these some kind of symptoms of something ?

    • semichorus


      It looks to me to be more the Bill Clinton/white guy thing. Early grizzledness.

      Thanks god I hope it stays away from me!

  6. Anonymous

    I’m still not understanding why you do not like the dog lady. It really seems amazing what she’s doing and she’s a nice person

    • semichorus

      We’ve all seen her in operation, and she’s definitely not a nice person. She’s a rather nasty type. Just like her ex-husband.

      I also don’t trust animal lovers who use their concern for their four-legged friends as evidence that they are more lofty, generous, and just plain noble than the rest of us. She does that, and she does it all the time.

      Rogers was dipping into that too last night. He’s such a sensitive soul — he just loves those puppies. And he has no problem publicly declaring his love for all to see.

      I’ve known too many of these local dog rescue types who are in fact quite unpleasant and nasty personalities in real life. They’re cold and awful to the other people around them, but just love their animals.

      Wonder how the animals feel about them.

      • Dennis

        What’s happening with the “original” folks and their efforts to rescue dogs?
        Has Rizzodddi taken over from them ?
        How has she forced out the rest of them?
        There’s a story here.

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