Rogers left out the rest of the story: Carolyn Berlin was on the Planning Board during the Measure A campaign


As he often does, Councilman Rogers tonight left out an important part of the story behind Phil and Carolyn Berlin supposedly refusing to endorse “Measure A” back during that old and contentious era.

We won’t get into why he specifically brought the now Georgia-loving Berlins up during tonight’s meeting, but in order to make a derogatory point about their position on whatever the issue at hand happens to be, Will has a long, long history of trying to make anyone in the old Burbank anti-establishment crowd out to be dumb and dumber fools and hypocrites. He doesn’t like them and they don’t like him. And so he often prevaricates about these people and then hopes that no one who knows anything is watching.

But we were.

Carolyn Berlin was on the Burbank Planning Board back then — in what would have been a key agency in any terminal reconstruction effort — and so it would have been deeply inappropriate for either of them to have taken a public stand on the Measure A vote.

In fact, if she’d had, Rogers would have been all over her for potential conflict of interest. He would have accused her of doing the very same kind of thing that she was ethically condemning in others. If Phil had gone public instead, Rogers would have accused him of being the family shill and public mouthpiece for his wife’s true feelings.

So they didn’t, if indeed they stressed this refusal about their position on Measure A as much as Will now claims they did. We don’t remember it being a big deal either way. Carolyn had already been seriously hassled a bit earlier for just being near the situation, and so (unlike Rogers) we don’t blame them for their reticence over Measure A.

Like Rogers would have kept quiet about them back then? Barlow had had her up to her neck about the airport and phony conflict-of-interest accusations. She’s gonna make it worse by endorsing the anti-airport Measure A?

Phil Berlin was on the Burbank Airport Commission from 1995-2001, right before Measure A. Carolyn Berlin was on the Burbank Planning Board from 1994-2003. The Measure A vote was in 2001. Rogers’ comment tonight came from out of nowhere, and it was directed at both Nolan and Piroli for some kind of alleged inconsistency and foolishness on their part.

Again, Rogers left out the whole story tonight. The Berlins had a very good reason to do what he’s now mocking them for doing. He was mocking them back then too, for almost everything, and then making up or modifying the evidence just like he did tonight. But that’s for another day.



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11 responses to “Rogers left out the rest of the story: Carolyn Berlin was on the Planning Board during the Measure A campaign

  1. Anonymous

    Wow this is good

  2. Reese Place

    I have been a long time resident and have seen and read Rogers for years. Rogers is and always has been a very vindictive person. He has always had a hard on for some people and the Berlins are two of those people. Funny but to me over the years Rogers goes after anyone who is smarter than he is. Unfortunate for Rogers many people are smarter than Rogers is.

  3. Gary

    I feel Piroli and Nolan certainly know more about the airport and week after week Mr Rogers just seems confused and delusional about everything ?

    • semichorus

      I’m not sure why Will even brought them up last night– it appeared mighty gratuitous — but he stepped into it royally. The Berlins at the time had NO business endorsing Measure A, and he would have been the FIRST person to be screaming to the high heavens about them if they’d had.

      For heavens’ sake, Barlow back then almost wanted to have Carolyn Berlin arrested just because her husband was on the airport commission. She had to go to the AG to get an Opinion clearing her as a planning commissioner. So they’re both gonna electioneer for ROAR? Or even Measure B a year earlier?

  4. Anonymous 3

    What a pity your endorsed Rogers and got him elected. Or so you claim.

    • semichorus

      Didn’t endorse. Recommended him over Rizzotti.

      And yes, for one, the Young Life thing (which I brought up first) helped Rogers immeasurably.

  5. Anonymous

    I think both Cris and Shelley Rizzotti we busy promoting the young life ant freedom agenda Shelley always thinks she knows what is best for everyone else

  6. Burbank Voter

    Not sure what Roger’s new craziness over the Berlins was about tonight and don’t think I missed anything but didn’t get to watch his rantings this evening. Maybe they were caused from his 11 hour ordeal on the floor unconscious before the paramedics revived him.

    Anyway, I heard the reason Rogers’ gets his panties in a wad over the Berlins and Ted McConkey is because he was friendly with Ted and the Berlins before Susan Spanos entered the picture. When she was on the Council after beating Carolyn Berlin, she accused Rogers of sexually abusing or assaulting her and had him arrested or something like that. He seemed to think and probably still does that McConey and the Berlins supported Spanos and her claims. Only the 2 of them, Rogers and Spanos really know what happened. I don’t think Ted or the Berlins really knew anything but Rogers sure started going after them and he has never stopped.

    Maybe there was more to what happened all those years ago and he just can’t quite move on. Anybody know anything about it?

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