Budget deficit? Except for Gordon, the rest of the council doesn’t think there is one

Nice to see that Gordon’s the only one tonight who’s asking about those two items on the consent calendar that involve either giving people a nice raise and promotion or creating a whole new job classification that isn’t needed.

Gordon wants to know the same thing we do about those two non-credentialed library supervisor jobs being proposed by staff. He’s not buying the new library director’s insulting gobbledy-gook tonight about not wanting to harm the “children’s division” and our 21st-century community’s sense of “satisfaction” because the head people might have to do some of the proposed work instead.

The new director also seriously double-talked about whether or not these two new jobs would be filled by current people (through a nice automatic promotion) or by recruitment from the outside. Her final words indicated the latter.

Nice work hiding behind the kids that way too, btw. We can see why she got the job: she’s obviously a bullshitter and master phony. Perfect for modern management. But Gordon’s more right than he knows about the serious non-need for these two new $50,000+ jobs. They’re not necessary, staff didn’t make a good claim for them in their report (the branches are so confused about their 30-year-old circulation policies!), and whatever training needs there are down there can all be performed by the current management and supervisorial employees.

Just like they’ve always done, 21st century or not. It won’t hurt the kids if they do them either. What an insult to our intelligence to try to bring the “childrens’ division” in as such pious backup. We’re surprised Rogers didn’t bring up a puppy or two as well to help cheer her on.

Gordon’s also good tonight about those BWP promotions and salary increases, as well as a topic we didn’t get into yet: the lax master schedule that’s being set up for next year’s council calendar. Basically they’re going to be sticking to the statutory minimum of two meetings a month.

Bottom line? Next time you hear staff or any of the council members besides Gordon talk about a budget crisis or budget deficit, don’t believe them. Tonight they will be approving a broad array of salary increases, automatic job promotions for current employees, and several new and unnecessary management/supervisory positions at the (supposedly underfunded) Burbank Public Library.

Tightening our belts eh? What insensitive hypocrites these council-majority folks are. And as always, their obvious annoyance over Gordon’s questioning was almost palpable across our computer screen.



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6 responses to “Budget deficit? Except for Gordon, the rest of the council doesn’t think there is one

  1. 91505

    Watch them approve tons of new apartments and say what water shortage? too.

  2. Norm

    The only one who cares about the spending is Gordon because he knows what they spend is paid for by us.

    • H.K.

      I think there is lots of double talk with this airport stuff. Can I build a new home and get my friends to be the building official for my building ? Can I get some free land to build on too ? I think I want to build an airport they better approve my new airport because I already have a runway its called Burbank Blvd.

  3. Bob

    Emily said to Dr Gordon you know about the closed session meetings where they told us the budget is all hunky dory. But she couldn’t say it in public and the Dr should shut up and vote for raises?

    • Carmen

      Oh, Bob. the Luggage Lady was praised by Smelly Shelly.
      You know, the one that hijacked the dog rescue operation.

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