Isn’t there supposed to be a budget crisis? Staff wants the council to approve an unnecessary job class that was already budgeted without their approval


Here’s some more bogus-ness. Staff wants to create two new top jobs down at the Library, which together would constitute a whole new layer of mid-management. But, they have to justify this request to the council on Tuesday night.

Here’s their rationale. Obviously, we don’t buy it:

The Library Services department operates Burbank Central Library, Buena Vista Library and Northwest Library up to seven days a week, offering book and media borrowing as well as offering specialized services focused on Adult, Teen, Children, and Literary Services. Traditionally each branch functions independently, sometimes resulting in a lack of uniformity. Although this practice has been sufficient in the past, as Library use grows and changes, staff has been working towards creating more unified policies and procedures to build a more integrated library system. Cohesiveness among all branches provides the public with a recognizable, outstanding level of service at each location.

Nonsense. They’re all on the same computerized circulation system, and its not like their other policies differ in much respect at the three locations in regards to “cohesiveness,” whatever that means.

Like what and where? They never say. They use different library paste or something?

As part of this effort, staff went before the Civil Service Board (CSB) on April 6, 2016 to revise the specifications for the classifications of Library Assistant, Librarian, Senior Librarian, and Supervising Librarian, as well as to establish the title and specification for the classification of Senior Library Assistant.

Now this is total and complete b.s. It’s just pretext to justify creating the two new well-paid jobs:

Currently, circulation policy and training is established by each library branch, but with the goal of creating a more interrelated Library system in mind, the establishment of Senior Library Assistant will focus on overarching circulation policy and training for all three branches.

They’re all on the same system and have the same policies. It’s not like Buena Vista is clueless about how long the books can go out. So who are they trying to fool here?

The paragraph continues:

As policies and procedures are established or revised, the Senior Library Assistant will ensure all staff receives similar training. This will create improved employee performance, satisfaction, and consistency amongst all three libraries. Patrons will understand the system regardless of which branch they visit, and staff can work at each branch with the same confidence and understanding of the systems and procedures. This will help create a positive public impression at each branch and encourage patron growth.

This is not just b.s., it’s a lie. Any dubious need for “consistency” can be provided by the head librarian. That’s their job, and these other branches already HAVE supervisors of their own. And again, there’s no disparity between the branches to justify hiring a new level of supervisor. There’s only three in total!

Staff needs to get a grip during this ongoing budget crisis — if there really is one. And any necessary PR work can be done by the city information office or the library head. That was another excuse for these new jobs, and it doesn’t wash either.

Now get this:

Two Senior Library Assistant positions were included in the Fiscal Year 2016-17 budget; therefore, there is no fiscal impact to the General Fund associated with this establishment.

Hold on! They’re seeking council approval for the creation of these two new positions, but already had them in the budget?

That’s either another lie in itself or an audacious act of malfeasance. They have THAT MUCH MONEY sitting around to be able to budget two jobs that don’t even legally exist yet?

And they’re not needed anyway!  (Notice as well that they first speak of this job in the singular, and then ever so matter-of-factly dump two of them on the plate.)

Do our Burbank City Council members ever read these staff reports closely? And then think them through?





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6 responses to “Isn’t there supposed to be a budget crisis? Staff wants the council to approve an unnecessary job class that was already budgeted without their approval

  1. Anonymous

    Those two positions a year will cost the one time roller rink upgrade. I wounder which “family” member needs a job.

    • semichorus

      And they’ve already been funded for next fiscal year!

      Not even created yet by the council, but staff found the money for them. Two useless super jobs.

      There’s obviously no budget crisis. So will the council be dumb enough to validate this reckless behavior by approving two new job positions that are designed to make the BIG super’s jobs easier?

      • DixieFlyer

        What’s this new librarian up to?

        Tuesday night we may find out, then again maybe we will need to put off the celebration of the departure of Ken Johnson to concentrate on this newbie appointee at the Library.

        • semichorus

          Obviously trying to get out of doing all of their new supervisorial duties.

          What was that we heard last week about everyone having to pull together and get through this “budget deficit”? So let’s create a whole new level of unnecessary supervisorial staff positions. Which we already have the money for, despite the impending deficit….

          Wonder which favorito or two will get the automatic promotion? But didn’t the council just veto Scott for trying to do the same thing — create a new job classification for old favorites — and which led to his suddenly leaving Burbank in a huff? How dare they supervise ME!

          The Burbank Library has been so mis-run the last 20 years or so that nothing surprises me. Remember how they once hassled an old library director into leaving because they thought she was too good looking for the job? She lasted about 8 months on the job.

          She also refused to be their institutional hatchet man, something the last one performed so well and so eagerly for too many years.

    • semichorus

      I thought she was pretty hot in those glasses. Didn’t she also have that rich guy in New York on the backburner, Sam Wainwright?

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