Council has no business creating new job classifications and positions during a budget crisis

Especially when the idea is to create a whole new level of managers and supervisors at the Library (of all places). This kind of kingdom building is always suspicious, but during an impending budget crisis it’s positively irresponsible.

Let alone hypocritical — when everyone involved also keeps talking about how we all have to pull together and take our medicine during these times of trouble.

The council’s being asked tonight to create two new job positions (and attendant classifications) for a library supervisor. Even if they were truly necessary, these duties could be easily subsumed within the other existing job classifications down there, including that of the newly hired library director.

Even more telling, staff has apparently already budgeted next year’s money for these still-nonexistent job positions! Why and how did that ever happen? Talk about arrogance. We have that much extra money floating around?

We suspect that staff will try to claim tonight — if questioned — that these new job positions won’t involve any additional hiring. If so, this only means that the city wants to create some sweet and automatic job promotion for a couple of their existing library employees. Is this right and fair? Is it budgetarily responsible?

And isn’t this what happened last fall? Scott wanted to create a sweet new promotional position for an existing employee, for whatever reason; her fellow employees personally ran to the city council members and objected; the council members said “no”; and Scott then quit his job in a huff because he was being overruled and second-guessed. He thought he had the autonomy to do anything he wanted when it came to making these kind of individual personnel selections.

We all saw the results on that one. Will our city council be taking a different path tonight? Those jobs aren’t needed.





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11 responses to “Council has no business creating new job classifications and positions during a budget crisis

  1. Burbanker

    Well well well. They approve all kinds if big projects during a water crisis for their developer friends so why not create some jobs for some friends while they are at it.

    • semichorus

      Tonight’s a test for the council.

      If they go ahead and approve of the creation of these two new stupid jobs then it means they’re totally full of crap about there being a “budget crisis” next year.

      So what will it be? I suspect that as least three of them will GO OUT OF THEIR WAY to support the positions just because I don’t. That’s what we’re dealing with in this town.

      It also means that they have no problem with staff budgeting $150,000+ for jobs that DON’T EVEN EXIST YET and were not properly approved by them ahead of time. It means they have no problem with being treated as an afterthought, and not in charge of the show.

  2. Jay

    Is it just me or does Rogers go on and on talking and only he gets what the hell he is saying. Its amazing how he makes his jokes and only he laughs and everyone else goes huh ??

    • semichorus

      He needs an editor.

      It’s like that last thing he wrote at his unofficial web page, about the mayoral choice. It just went on and on. I couldn’t figure out what the solution OR problem was.

  3. Anonymous

    How many dogs do the TAPS sell per month? How much do they get per dog? $600? And she wants to raise 50 grand in donations? I wonder how much Risotti pays herself to run this monopoly, since she eliminated all the competition in town? BTW, she came off really rude, pushy and disrespectful before council.

    • semichorus

      That’s a good question. The info should be available from the state.

      Same goes for “Miss Magnolia.” She just got $20,000 from the city. How much goes to her?

  4. Bob

    So wait we conserved and the dude said because we did there’s enough water to go around for new developments? Never mentioned that maybe the residents that conserved could start flushing their toilets more than once a week?

    • Carol

      I agree it sounds like my yard has died so some developer can build and make more money. After they build more we will be forced to conserve more. If we keep this up none of us will get showers or sny water to drink and we will all die. They really are stupid bastards.

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